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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: nathalieagnewMCIPR



This is a brief introduction to PR for start-ups looking for inspiration before dipping their toe in the water.

Introduction to PR Nathalie Agnew

@mucklemedia / @theweeagency Image credit: SLB Communications

We’re going to focus here on some easy win media relations ideas to get your started… @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

How can media relations help a start-up? • A half page black and white advert in The Sunday Times costs…. @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

How can PR help a start-up? • A half page black and white advert in The Sunday Times costs…. £19,500 • In simple terms PR and media relations can be used by start-ups to get a product or service in front of your target audience without paying for advertising @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Creativity in PR.. • Some of the best and most creative ideas are actually very simple • Big ideas can be scaled back • Just because it’s wacky and people might write about it, doesn’t mean it will help your business • What’s the call to action of the creative idea? • Would you talk about it in the pub? Or by the water cooler @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Creativity case studies The Olympic Torch Relay. The IOC’s world famous Torch Relay, has been executed in the months before the Winter and Summer Games since 1936. @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Creativity case studies Calendar Girls. In 1999 a group of eleven members of the Women’s Institute (in Yorkshire, UK) stripped to create a calendar to raise money for charity. The original calendar featured the women posing nude – obscured by baked goods and flower arrangements. 800,000 copies were sold worldwide. @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Creativity case studies Best Job In The World. To bring tourist attention to their region Tourism Queensland took an advert to recruit an “island caretaker” willing to spend six months exploring the land and waters around the Great Barrier Reef for £70,000. @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Creativity case studies To mark the release of The Simpsons Movie in July 2007, Fox Theatrical created a 70m x 50m chalk Homer in his underpants on a hillside to mirror the famous, 250 yr old chalk Giant Of Cerne Abbas and brandishing his very own magical symbol, a doughnut. @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

WHAT IS NEWS? • But also could be: – A new recruit / appointment – Job creation / expansions – A big contract win – Financial results – Charity work – Award wins @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Press release writing • • • • • • Headline (sub head) Summary Detail Quote Notes to editors – about the company / media contacts @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Meeting the needs of journalists • • • • • Need stories Deadline driven Images help Think about their audience Ultimately, though they aren’t there to write about your business, they are there to write interesting news and features that interest their readers @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Integrating PR with social media • Follow journalists relevant to sector / local media • Tweet news • Monitor for comment opportunities • Share coverage through social channels @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Feature pitching • • • • • • • Forward features search Reviewing synopsis Drafting a winning pitch Expert comment Supporting facts Customer case studies Something they can’t get elsewhere @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Being a thought leader / being an expert Securing speaking opportunities Guest blogging Winning awards • • • • • @mucklemedia / @theweeagency Trade / sector awards Product awards Leadership awards Best place to work (look at the competition)

Developing a PR plan • Objectives o o o o o Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-measured • Strategy o Overarching approach to meet objective • Tactics o How to go about it • Evaluation o How to measure results @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Exercise • This about your business and identify an objective that tactical PR could help you to achieve • Think through the steps in the handout and draft an idea • Discuss with the person sitting beside you • Share with the group at the end if you’d liked @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

Business objective Strategy Story What are you trying to achieve? How will you get there? What makes this something media will want to write about? Biggest / smallest Game changing in your industry Pitch angles How can you adapt the story to suit different media? Financials Quirky Person led Market insight Target audience Who are the potential customers for your product or service? Who influences these prospects? Target media (to reach the Broadcast (look through the Radio Times) audience) National / Regional / Local Consumer lifestyle Trade Business Timing Embargo / exclusive / news agenda Collateral Approach @mucklemedia / Press release and links Branded images Spokespeople including any third parties Sample boxes for selected press Case studies – media love them Develop the materials and content Identify key media Discuss by @theweeagency phone, follow up with email, be persistent in chasing them to achieve the coverage

Contact us Twitter: @mucklemedia LinkedIn: Website: Telephone: 0131 463 1312 Email: @mucklemedia / @theweeagency

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