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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: sumijlawrence


Introduction to Geriatric Nursing Sumi Mathew BSc N, MSc N, RN,RM

OBJECTIVES • Define gerontology and geriatrics. • Enumerate factors influencing aging. • Discuss the common needs. • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

OBJECTIVES • Describe major characteristics of today’s older population • Defining terms

•Aging: • A Natural Process… NOT a disease!

DEFINING OLD AGE • Chronological age – Exact age from birth • Biological age - Age determined by physiology rather than chronology • Functional age – Age in terms of functional performance

FACTORS INFLUENCING AGING • • • • • • • Heredity Nutrition Health status Life experiences Environment Activity Stress produce unique


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Basic: • • • • • Bathing (hygiene, grooming) Dressing Eating Toileting Transferring (mobility)

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Instrumental: • • • • • • Light housework Preparing meals Taking medications Shopping for groceries or clothes Using the telephone Managing home

Characteristics of Aging Population • Typical” older person? • Age 65 start of “old age?” • Energetic, vibrant, influential, diverse • Gerontology identifies common characteristics, problems, disease processes, & concerns • Nurse must consider individual differences & characteristics when planning & implementing care

Definition of Terms • Ageism - Prejudice, negative stereotyping based solely on age • Geriatrics - Branch of medicine that deals with problems & diseases of old age, aging people

Definition of Terms • Gerontology – Comprehensive, multidisciplinary study of aging process & problems of older people with holistic focus, including biologic, sociologic, psychological, spiritual, & economic issues

Definition of Terms • Senescence - Process of aging within cells and organs accompanied by loss of organ function.

Definition of Terms • Primary prevention – Activities directed toward the protection from or avoidance of potential health risks • Secondary prevention – Activities designed for early diagnosis & treatment of disease or illness

Definition of Terms • Tertiary prevention – Activities designed to restore disabled individuals to their optimal level of functioning

Gerontology: Complex Field Encompassing Three Levels of Complexity • 1. Normal aging changes • 2. Chronic conditions associated with aging • 3. Acute exacerbations of chronic conditions

Important Qualities of the Gerontological Nurse  Ability to form a therapeutic relationship with elderly adults Appreciation of the uniqueness of elders  Clinical competence in basic nursing skills  .

Important Qualities of the Gerontological Nurse Good communication skills  Knowledge of physical & psychosocial changes that occur with age  Ability to work with & supervise others  .

Therapeutic Communication • Ongoing, continuous, dynamic process. • Includes verbal and nonverbal signals

Nonverbal Communication • Nonverbal communication composes up to 80% of information exchange – – – – – – Body language Position Eye contact Touch Tone of voice Facial expression

Verbal Communication Guidelines  Do not yell or speak too loudly to patients – Yelling into a hearing aid can be disturbing and painful  Try to be at eye level  Minimize background noise

Verbal Communication Guidelines  Touch if appropriate and acceptable  Supplement with written instructions as needed  Avoid complicated explanations

Verbal Communication Guidelines  Ask how the patient would like to be addressed  Avoid demeaning terms such as sweetie, honey, or dearie  Use caring responses and careful listening

Verbal Communication Guidelines  Use open-ended statements – “Tell me more…” or “How does this affect you?”  Avoid misunderstandings by clarifying – “I’m not sure what you mean…”  Encourage reminiscing

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