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Information about Intro (presentation) - Marcus,Morgan,MengTao,Shreyas,Minh,Carlin

Published on February 10, 2014

Author: MarcusLee_mnimlms



Methods of introduction

Ways To Start A Story A presentation by: Marcus, Morgan, Meng Tao, Carlin, Shreyas and Minh

5 senses As I walked down the quiet street that was once roaring with activity , I looked up at the star-studded sky.The stars winked at me as I continued forward.The fresh scent of roses which smelled like perfume one would wear to a wedding banquet , filled the air .As the cold wind brushed against my face,I sighed, as the wind cooled me down.I felt the cool condensation against my lips as the wind rushed by.I could almost taste the sweetness in the air as water droplets condensed on the leaves trickled down to earth like a professional orchestra.

Starting with the climax PROS -This is always an exciting way to start a story - It presents a unique challenge for the writer. - It introduces adrenaline and sets a pace in the story

Starting with the climax CONS -It is difficult to continue as readers expect an actionpacked story -The introduction must be relevant with the story.(All else it will go horribly wrong) -Out of the ordinary way to start a story

Starting with the climax An example Jeffery fired once and the man's leg shattered in a spray of blood and bits of flesh. He tumbled instantly, screaming. The adrenaline in Jefferey’s bloodstream pulsed through his ears; he wasn't sure if this was the silence of agony, rage, hatred or if it was just the after effect of the gunshot. Now, he had slowed him down, he was dragging himself along the floor, enraged but whimpering a like an animal that senses its own impending doom That's what you are, Jeffery thought, a beast ...

Starting with Action As I dodged the incoming punch from the raging bully beads of perspiration trickled down my forehead. I soon recalled the series of events which led up to the present moment . How I wish I could turn back time.It all started like this...

Example I was only four years old when I saw my mother load a washing machine for the very first time in her life. That was a great day for my mother. My mother and father had been saving money for years to be able to buy that machine. And the first day it was going to be used, even Grandma was invited to see the machine. And Grandma was even more excited. Throughout her life she had been heating water with firewood, and she had hand washed laundry for seven children. And now she was going to watch electricity do that work. My mother carefully opened the door, and she loaded the laundry into the machine, like this. And then, when she closed the door, Grandma said, “No, no, no, no. Let me, let me push the button.” And Grandma pushed the button, and she said, “Oh, fantastic. I want to see this. Give me a chair. Give me a chair. I want to see it.” And she sat down in front of the machine, and she watched the entire washing program. She was mesmerised. To my grandmother, the washing machine was a miracle.


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