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Published on June 25, 2012

Author: aSGuest138106


Intranet & Extranet: Intranet & Extranet Suremya Intranet are used with in the organization for following purposes:-: Intranet are used with in the organization for following purposes:- Access manuals, contracts etc Post personal web pages Access product, customer data Post job offers , memos Revision, validation and approval of documents Access database Access schedules, plan, calendars etc Access employee database Applications of Intranet: Applications of Intranet Sales & Marketing Intranets Research & Development Applications Improving Customer Service and Technical Support Human Resource Applications Accounting Applications Extranet: Extranet Extranet is an intranet for outside authorized users using same internet technology. The outside users are trusted partners of the organization who have access to information of their interest and concern. Business to business , E-commerce is growing on extranets. Companies gain competitive advantage through speedier transaction and access to newer markets, as also by simplified and faster distribution of information, products and services. Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS): Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS) ECS is a type of information system which enable people to work together more efficiently, effectively and easily. These system help people in the organization, outside the organization without barriers of locations to communicate, co-ordinate and collaborate for achieving the goals PowerPoint Presentation: Enterprise Collaboration System is a combination of :- Groupware Internet Intranet Extranet Management Information System (MIS): Management Information System (MIS) MIS is a computer based information system. Its purpose is to meet the general information needs of all the managers in the firm or in some organizational subunit of the firm. A Management Information System is:- * An integrated user-machine system * For providing information * To support the operations, management, analysis and decision –making Functions * In an organization Components of MIS: Components of MIS Data Gathering Data Entry Data Transformation Information Utilization Role of MIS: Role of MIS To assist managerial decisional process and control. MIS based on relevancy with respect to diverse needs of management at different levels Timelines of information Eliminate data redundancy and thus provides effective data storage. Flexibility in information system to incorporate future requirements of management on need basis. Decision Support System (DSS) : Decision Support System (DSS) DSS is a computer based information system that provide interactive information support to managers during the decision making process. DSS use:- * Analytical models * Specialized database * A decision maker’s own insights and judgments. * An interactive , computer based modeling process to support the making of semi structured and unstructured decisions by individual managers.

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