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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Quintino


INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES:  INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Presented by: Career Resource Center University of Florida CAREER WORKSHOP SERIES Slide2:  Examine the basic components of the interview process Explore pre-interview preparation activities Learn tips for successful interviewing Identify post-interview follow-up activity INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Learning Objectives Slide3:  Two-way communication process Convey your abilities and skills Collect more information about the employer Remember-- this is a two-way process. You are interviewing the company too! INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Purpose of an Interview Slide4:  Analyze your Strengths and weaknesses Career vs. personal goals Personal background Academic preparation Work and leadership experience Talents and hobbies Other skills INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Preparing for Your Interview Slide5:  Know what YOU want Research the employer The competition and the industry Salary information Products and services Training programs Organizational structure and locations Growth and problems INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Things to Know Before the Interview Slide6:  Be on time….be EARLY First impressions count Be prepared Be yourself Be positive Be honest Understand how you handle stress INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Make the Interview Work for You Slide7:  Professional behavior with support staff Forms of address Firm handshake Maximize use of body language and tone of voice Dress for success Supplemental materials INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES General Interview Etiquette Slide8:  Dress conservatively, avoid fads Attire Women: Skirt or pant suit Men: Suit or sport-coat and tie Personal grooming Conservative hairstyles Avoid heavy perfumes or colognes Don’t smoke or chew gum Be sure to check out our Dress for Success Workshops INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Dress For Success Slide9:  Personal Impressions Appearance Communication skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal) Maturity and integrity Career Goals/Job Interests Aptitudes and abilities Initiative and adaptability Qualifications Academic preparation, leadership and work experience Skills, hobbies and talents INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES The Interviewer Looks for… Slide10:  Traditional Interview Structured, formal meeting Employer seeking detailed profile of experiences and accomplishments Sample Questions Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your short and long range goals? INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Types of Interviews Slide11:  Behavioral Interview Past behavior predicts future behavior Questions designed to determine work related behavior STAR technique is the key to success S What was the SITUATION you faced? T What TASK were you assigned/assumed? A What ACTION did you take? R What was the RESULT? INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Types of Interviews (cont.) Slide12:  Sample behavioral questions “Describe the most pressured situation you have dealt with in the past six months and how you handled it.” “Describe a time when you included others in your decision making and how you incorporated their input.” “How have you used your knowledge of work with diverse people to solve problems?” “Tell me about a time when you were disappointed with the results of your efforts.” INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Types of Interviews (cont.) Slide13:  Screening Brief, 15-30 minutes Ex: phone interviews, Career Showcase Group Candidates are interviewed with other candidates Employers looking at interpersonal skills of candidates Site Interview Typically second or third interview Candidate visits location of possible employment Frequently all day long including meals INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Types of Interviews (cont.) Slide14:  INTRODUCTION STAGE Very brief First impressions count Biographical questions Follow the interviewer’s lead INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES The Interview (Stage 1) Slide15:  DISCUSSION STAGE Expand resume information Evaluating Communication skills Problem solving abilities Experience with diverse clients Matches the candidate with the job INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES The Interview (Stage 2) Slide16:  CLOSING STAGE Expand on any “missed items” Ask interviewer questions Inquire about decision timeline Ask for business cards from recruiters Exit gracefully- Last impressions count too! INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES The Interview (Stage 3) Slide17:  “How will my responsibilities be prioritized?” “Please describe the training and evaluation process.” “What are the opportunities for career advancement?” “What plans/projects are being developed to increase….?” “How does your company measure success?” “What is the work atmosphere like at your company?” INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Sample Questions for the Interviewer Slide18:  Critique The company Your performance Follow-up with any requested materials Send thank you cards or emails Attend the Job Search Correspondence Workshop Attend the Negotiating Job Offers Workshop INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Post-Interview Checklist Slide19:  INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Interview Success Obstacles Late for interview Poor appearance or demeanor Ill-defined career direction Inability to communicate Insufficient knowledge of company Lack of enthusiasm Over-qualified Poor environmental fit Slide20:  INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Legal / Illegal Interview Quiz How many years of experience do you have? L: question directly relates to job qualifications What language is spoken in your home? I: question has no bearing on work requirements Do you want to be addressed as Mrs., Miss or Ms? I: question has no relevance to work performance Can you perform the essential functions of this job? If not, what reasonable accommodations do you need? L: question directly relates to job performance Do you identify in any way other than heterosexual? L: currently sexuality is not included in Title VII nationally Slide21:  Illegal topics include: Age, Marital status, Personal characteristics, Disabilities, and Health **Some EEO clauses also include sexual orientation** Not illegal if the question is related to the job you are seeking Three options Answer the question Refuse to answer the question Examine the intent and respond to that Contact a CRC employee INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Managing Illegal Questions Slide22:  Mock Interview Program Career Library INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Other Resources Slide23:  INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES Questions? Thank You For attending this CRC Workshop! If you are interested in attending other workshops or would like to request slides or other information, please contact the CRC at (352) 392-1601

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