Intersectional Feminism--A Pocket Guide

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Information about Intersectional Feminism--A Pocket Guide

Published on December 4, 2016

Author: MackenzieMcAnally


1. Intersectional Feminism A Pocket Guide Mackenzie McAnally ENGL 484 Dr. Davis-McElligatt

2. Where are we? O Feminism in 2016 is still: O Largely “second-wave” O Exclusionary O A lifestyle not activism O Ignoring other forms of oppression

3. This is nice, but what about Latinas, Chicanas, Native Women, and others? What about Transgender women? Disabled women? Men? Those who identify as LGBQA?

4. Let’s start with some facts: O Male supremacy is not the only system oppressing women O What about: O Racism O Classism O Capitalism O Colorism O Language Bias O Politics of Appearance O Heteronormativity

5. Goal of Intersectional Feminism To solve such a complex problem as the systematic oppression of women: O One must take into account other systems of oppression O One must separate the microcosm from the macrocosm and look at the different intersections of another’s situation to combat oppression. O Be able to identify how your own instersections of privilege and oppression align with the broader systems of racism, classism, etc.

6. Goal of Intersectional Feminism O One must not consider feminism a lifestyle or a character trait—it must be activism O One must understand the nuances of oppression and be compassionate while also advocating for the deconstruction of that oppression.

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