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Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Bianca


Interscholastic Sports:  Interscholastic Sports SS 271 Dr. Jack Watson Topical Outline:  Topical Outline Educational mission Involvement Patterns Predications about the impact of sport on athletes and schools Consequences of H.S. sports Problems related to H.S. sports Reforms suggested for H.S. sports Summary Discussion Questions Why Were Interscholastic Sports Created, and Why Do They Still Exist? :  Why Were Interscholastic Sports Created, and Why Do They Still Exist? What are the educational goals of most high schools? How do sports fit into a schools goals? How do sports benefit schools? How do sports benefit athletes? How do sports socialize individuals into society? Involvement Patterns:  Involvement Patterns 6.5 million boys and girls involved in high school sports (59% male) Sports are run through the schools, not clubs, as done in Canada and Europe Money given to sports Popularity of sports Emphasis in school’s mission Predicted Effects of Participation in High School Sports on Athletes:  Predicted Effects of Participation in High School Sports on Athletes Grades? Socialization? Popularity? Opportunities? Money? Self-Concept? Sports in U.S. High Schools:  Sports in U.S. High Schools Importance Related to academics Attention Bringing students together Participant effects on athletes Popularity and other effects on athletes Consequences of H.S. Sports:  Consequences of H.S. Sports Schools Raise money from community for resources Brings students together (unity) for common cause or collective goals Promotes school pride (“we” talk) Forces commitment to rules (creates role-models), promotes social control Teaches societal/school values Stops students form questioning the rules Drains energy and diverts attention Students Fame and acclaim Gifts/Money Social/Sexual Popularity Always good for males Can be good for females, with “in-group status” (changing) Character Who benefits and how? Common differences in boys include higher Self-esteem, aggression, and irritability, less honesty, independence and self-control In girls, related to increased perceived popularity, educational aspirations Adjustment to Failure Consequences of H.S. Sports on Students:  Consequences of H.S. Sports on Students Enjoyment of students Participation may be expected of students Lower moral development and reasoning Academic Benefits Can detract from academics Overall, grades are better Why might this occur? Reasoning for higher GPA’s Minimum grades needed for participation Selection of those into sport (some may choose not to participate) Causal relationship? Problems and Controversies Related to Interscholastic Sports:  Problems and Controversies Related to Interscholastic Sports Cheating is Rampant Not consistent with academic goals of sport Autocratic Coaches Control all aspects of players lives “Win at all costs” Attitude Sport is treated as work, not play Teaches the cheating is acceptable Promotes Specialization by athletes Corporate sports (Friday Night Lights) Lots of $ spent on sports (stadiums, equipment, travel) Exposure and commercialization Channeling athletes into pros (early recruiting) Coaches paid much more than teachers Problems and Controversies Related to Interscholastic Sports (Cont…):  Problems and Controversies Related to Interscholastic Sports (Cont…) Demanding Schedules: take time away from school work. Begin too early: serve as a feeding ground/minor league for H.S. sports. Reinforcing Gender Roles: 900% increase in female participation from 1971 Budget problems schools charge for right to play sponsorship is accepted Elitism (only the few play) how is this educational Reforming Interscholastic Sports:  Reforming Interscholastic Sports Reduction of corporate sports Reduce schedules and travel Raise educational standards for athletes Let everyone play Increase student involvement Bring coaches back to faculty Topical Summary:  Topical Summary Educational mission Involvement Patterns Predications about the impact of sport on athletes and schools Consequences of H.S. sports Problems related to H.S. sports Reforms suggested for H.S. sports Chapter 5 Discussion Questions:  Chapter 5 Discussion Questions Can a system be developed that allows all interested H.S. students to participate in sports? If so, how would you do it? If not, what factors would make doing it impossible? What is an interscholastic coach’s role in fostering character development among players? Is this role consistent with educational and athletic goals? What differences, if any, exist in the sport programs of public and private high schools. What role, if any, do H.S. athletic coaches have youth sport development?

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