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Information about Interpreting Graphs

Published on June 5, 2008

Author: sunnyrain43229


Slide 1: Making Sense of Graphs Slide 2: Making Sense of Graphs Making Sense of Graphs Slide 3: Take a look at the bar graph on this screen. It shows the heights of six tall buildings in North America. Look at the y-axis of the graph and notice how the heights of the buildings are indicated in feet. The heights labeled on the y-axis increase by increments of 500 feet. Now notice how the names of the buildings are located along the x-axis of the graph. What “story” does this graph tell you? The graph provides information about six buildings in North America. It allows you to compare the heights of various buildings in relation to the others. Imagine trying to provide the same amount of information using words instead of a graph! Reading Bar Graphs Slide 4: Interpreting Data Use this graph for the questions on the following page. A copy of this graph is also in your Power Point print off Slide 5: What information can you get from the bar graph on the previous page? Try to answer the following questions using the bar graph. Interpreting Data Slide 6: Line graphs are used to show a change in something over time. For example, you could use a line graph to show how temperatures changed in your area over the period of a year. Line graphs can also be used to show trends. You could use a line graph to show how consumption of soda changed in the period from 1950 to 1990 Reading Line Graphs Slide 7: Pie charts, or circle graphs, are used to show data as parts of a whole. Use the pie chart on this screen to answer the following questions. Using Pie Charts Slide 8: Answers Cookies were the favored dessert Pie was the least popular dessert First, let see how much of the graph ice cream and dessert takes up? That is half the graph. So the fraction is 1/2 ½ of the people chose ice cream or cookies for their dessert. Slide 9: Interpreting Data Use this graph for the questions on the following page. A copy of this graph is also in your Power Point print off Slide 10: Answer the following questions using information from the line graph on the previous screen or in your packet. Interpreting Data . Slide 11: Answer the following questions using information from the line graph on the previous screen or in your packet. Interpreting Data Jolene shoveled the most snow in week 4. It snowed a lot in week 4. Jolene earned $38 in her 5 weeks of shoveling snow. Jolene shoveled no snow during weeks 2 and 3.. The weather might have been to warm for snow. Slide 12: How do you spend your days? Think about how you spent your day yesterday, and answer the following questions. Out of 24 hours: Using the answers to the above questions, you are going to make a bar graph and a line graph to show how you spent your day. Remember, the total of all your answers can’t be more than 24! USE THE BLANK SHEET IN YOUR POWER POINT PRINT OFF Your Turn! How many hours did you sleep? How many hours did you play or exercise? How many hours did you spend reading or doing school work? How many hours did you watch TV? How many hours did you spend doing other things (chores, eating, and so on)?

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