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Published on August 25, 2008

Author: gattusai


Body Language says it all : Body Language says it all Chitra Parthasarathy Is it true? : Is it true? Yes, say experts. Body language can reveal a persons inner-most thoughts You don’t have to say things verbally, your body does all the talking It is a tell-tale of a persons traits Even a simple gesture can be a complete giveaway of a person’s thought process Special Bonding : Special Bonding It is the first language that develops a bonding between mother and the infant Our entire body has a language of its own It instantly tells you about the state of mind of a person Every person has a distinct body language that is different from others Nothing verbal about it : Nothing verbal about it When people converse, body language forms as high as 60% of the communication The remaining is divided between voice and intellect To enhance the effect of your communication, you must enhance body language The Stars know : The Stars know Models, film stars, sports-persons and politicians are well aware of the important role played by body language People keenly notice a model’s composure, ease and poise which all come from body language In sports, a wrong gesture can demotivate the entire team and can lead to match losses Killer instinct is shown both in performance and through body language Research indicates … : Research indicates … We have a vocabulary of 1,38,000 non-verbal and visual cues We can only control 150-200 of them; and that too only for about 15-20% of the time What you say counts for 7% of your credibility Non verbal cues, such as the tone of your voice count for 38% Visual cues – facial expressions,gestures, pupil dilation,etc – make up a massive 55% of your credibility rating Don’t give the game away : Don’t give the game away You can rehearse the details, but chances are that non-verbal cues such as hot flushes, sweating and fidgeting will give the game away Fidgeting is irritating – it is also distracting; pen twirling, hair tossing, finger flexing, leg shaking etc Don’t let them know that you feel intimidated The good news : The good news You can train your body, at least in some vital ways to behave itself Remember when your mother told you to stand up straight and keep your shoulders pushed back A confident stance when you walk into a room makes for a strong personal presentation Attending meetings : Attending meetings Prepare well for the meeting Practice before a friend, spouse or even a mirror – this will help to get your body language in sync with your statements Have your papers in order, know your facts beforehand and have a little time to spare before the meeting – body will project a positive image Leaning slightly forward will make you look alert and attentive Also : Also Breathing slowly, making eye contact projects an interested, in-control image Make a conscious effort to keep those fidgets down If a monologue is on, please nod to show that that you are not sleeping with your eyes open Remember : Remember Remember that a meeting is not a war zone (at least not physically). So please drop those defensive barriers – the briefcase on your knees, folded arms or crossed legs If being interviewed : If being interviewed A natural smile, a firm handshake and a brief exchange of pleasantries are safe ways to start the interview Observe the interviewers communication style and respond similarly – people are more at ease around others with the same approach If there is more than one interviewer, look at the one who is talking Above all, be natural

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