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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: wangjunsjtu



Today, Internet Thinking is changing enormously our traditional business, thinking in internet is the tendency of future business.

Business Internet Thinking Student: Jun WANG Teacher: Chris Yukna English Presentation Option: software engineering

Have you ever seen these scenarios ?

Technology is changing our daily life, how about our traditional industries?

Plan Changes in different domains • Film and television • Manufacturing • Finance • Education Conclusion

Film and television • Work thing replaced by Product thinking Work thinking--thinking from the author, focus on the work itself and depends on author’s talent Product thinking – thinking from the needs of clients, generate a brand and of cause depends on a team. However, at any time, the work of high quality always needs talent and innovation, a good story will never lack market. From this point, computer can never replace our artists. • Project-driven replaced by Audient-driven Traditional ones are always driven by projects, and there may be no relation between projects. And for advertisement, they’d like to choose print media or television. New ones prefer to establish a product chain according to their goals, and for advertisement, they choose object oriented methods, for example, for the youth, they will use mobile or pad. • Subjective decision replaced by big data What kind of film should choose what kind of director and actors, how to adjust the story to the audients’ appetite.

Film and television The most popular series ‘house of cards’ is not only the most clicked series on the internet, but also been nominated for 9 Emmy awards! But, you know what? >This series is invested by a video site called Netflix, and is only broadcast online. From director and actors chosen to plot set, all based on analyzing users’ data of the site. >Forbes said that, it may shake American traditional television industry, and revolution would start from ‘house of cards’. >By analyzing users’ age, education level, film habit, pay habit, and then produce the right film or series. It will, no doubt to be popular. And those advantages are owned by internet companies, not our traditional ones.

Manufacturing Electronic commercial has ranged the logistics, informations and capitals, reduced the Intermediate links, and reshaped the commercial chain. Thanks to internet of things, mobile internet and big data, it’s possible to realizer real time collection, monitoring, which makes the exchange of information much rapid and makes the cooperation among companies more efficient. Pushing manufactory combine with service industry. Companies can produce what the clients demand, which makes the personal products possible and give more chance to try new technologies. Build own websites and logistics systems. provide more channels for consumers to know and get their products.

Manufacturing Tesla car and Philips wake-up light are both good examples. They are consumer oriented. Focus a certain consumers’ needs, and produce products for them.

Finance Internet finance – use internet and mobile communication technologies for financing, payment. support : Data generating, data mining, data security and search motor. Cloud computing and behavior analyses and security technologies reduced both the risks and trading cost. Tendencies: a) Mobile payment replace traditional payment. In Kenya, mobile payment system M-Pesa’ Remittance business has overridden the total of other finance institutions. b) Everyone loan replace traditional loan for middle or small companies. Modern information technologies reduced much of the information unbalance and trade cost, which make everyone loan possible. LendingClub company started in 2007, to the middle of 2012, it has helped 690 million dollars’ loan among its members. c) Collective raising. Take kickstarter as an example, it is has been evaluated as the best innovation and website by Times. And in April 2012, American passed an act called JOBS(Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act), which allow middle or small companies to raise money by this method.

Paypal and Square, the total mobile payment is about 5 billion dollars in 2013. Alipay, deals with about 2.8 billion transactions with an amount about 150 billion dollars ! With the support of NFC, dimensional code, Bluetooth, finger print payment … it has been used in shopping centers, metro, cinemas … Finance

Education Traditionally, we cannot ensure everyone can get educated. Personal education, learn what we need. according to students’ age, gender, background, hobbies to choose the right method and context. Break the time and area limit, help the to the resources best used. A big amount of internet users, and most of them are young people. Flexibility and conveniences, more cost effective. More beneficial for students who work full-time and have additional family responsibilities university High school Middle school Primary school

YouTube joint with many of the most famous universities, created many educational videos, so everyone can learn the courses of Harvard, MIT or Stanford… Online schools, over 7 million students are now taking classes online. Education

Conclusion  Internet thinking is data based decision.  Consumer oriented service  Market-driven strategy  The tendency of future


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