Internet Safety by Carter Home Team 3

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Information about Internet Safety by Carter Home Team 3

Published on November 19, 2009

Author: inmanlab


Slide 1: By : Mrs. Carter’s Kids 6th Graders Chase, Kris, Nick, and Braden Internet Safety Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. ©November 2009 All Rights Reserved Surfing the Net : Surfing the Net What Surfing is: Surfing is looking at websites for the information you want, and for fun. How to stay safe: Ask a trusted adult whether or not to go on a site, also DON’T open ads, contests, and pop- ups unless you have parent permission. Also don’t give out info like where you live and your name. Chatting Online : Chatting Online Chatting is talking to somebody online like (Face book, MySpace, or Twitter.) One thing about chatting is that you never want to give out personal information like; first name, last name, address, phone number, or more personal info. Stuff you can give out is your nick name, pet’s name, favorite food or color! Somebody can act like your friend. If you know if your friend has a pet and you know the pet’s name, all you have to do is ask what their pet’s name is. If the pet’s name doesn’t match your friend’s, don’t talk to him or her. Pet food Remember be safe, have fun but don’t be scared of chatting online. Slide 4: Netiquette is your behavior on the internet. Respect others on the internet.. Emoticons are when you use pictures to show your feelings. Flame wars are online arguments. To avoid a flame war tell an adult right away if you get a hateful e-mail. Do not spell a word with all capital letters. It looks like you’re yelling. You could start a flame war if you do that. :) ;-) :D emoticons Netiquette? What Is Don’t start a flame war. Internet Safety - Spam Safety : Internet Safety - Spam Safety What is spam? Spam is unwanted e-mail and advertisements that might have bad pictures and can have a virus. Why is spam bad? Spam is bad because it can mess up your hard drive and crash your computer. Slide 6: What should you do if you receive spam: If you get spam you should tell an adult. Delete it! don’t open it! Resources : Resources Kris S. …………..Spammer Sam Chase K. ……….Surfer Steve Nick W. …….….Chatting Chris Braden H. …....Netiquette Ned Clipart by MS Office Online information provided by… Remember ! Be safe online!

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