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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: dougvfloyd



Internet of Things Leading Platforms

Doug Floyd @DougVFloyd 312.502.3113 (cell)

 Internet of Things (IoT)  Consumer Products  Platform: Google  Platform: GE  Platform: Qualcomm  Platform: Samsung  Platform: Apple  Key Points  Contact Information

 Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things is known by several names, including the Industrial Internet (GE), Internet of Customers (Salesforce), and Internet of Nouns (Silicon Valley VC)  Smart House  Security (alarms, motion detector, CO detector, doors, windows  Connected appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer)  Temperature (HVAC systems)  Lighting control (each room)  Electronics control (TV, DVR, stereo)  Smart Car  Connected driving  Automotive majors forming alliances with Silicon Valley & tech giants  Fewer accidents, increased safety  Less traffic congestion

 Mobile Payment: Consumers have already embraced devices that can transmit vast quantities of data.  Smartphones  Multiple sensors  Accelerometer, compass, GPS, altimeter, light, sound, touch/vibration  Wireless hub  Connected gadgets (smart watches)  Universal remote controls (TV, DVR, stereo)  Mobile Health (mHealth)  Patient monitoring devices  Telemedicine/telecare devices  Data collection software  FDA & insurer approval  Physical fitness (Fitbit, Jawbone, FuelBand)

 Google Leading the Charge: Google is the first large mover and has invested the deepest in IoT technology.  Android operating system  Vast majority of IoT devices use Android (defacto free software standard)  Google Beam  NFC support (limited reach of several inches)  New support for BLE (Android 4.3, reach of 50 meters)  Google Now  Intelligent personal assistant (natural language processing)  DeepMind purchase  Connected Home  Nest purchase (thermostat, smoke alarm)  Develop software API’s for all Google products  Chromecast TV integration  Connected Ecosystems Initiative  Open Automotive Alliance (connected cars)  Google Robots (Boston Dynamics, Redwood Robotics)  Contact lenses (tiny wireless chip & sensors)  Google Glass

 Google Industrial Internet: GE is spearheading the introduction of industrial sensors and optimizing the industrial complex.  Industrial Internet  Intelligent machines  Big Data transmission (data analytics)  Operation optimization & predictive modeling  Empower technicians (productivity gains)  Multiple industries (power, aviation, railways)  Healthcare solutions ($2B investment)  Integrated clinical care  Track patients between primary and acute care  Track patients between hospitals and home care  Global alliance  Pivotal software, Oracle, Cisco, AT&T, Intel, Accenture

 Qualcomm Alliances: Qualcomm has established an industry alliance to promote interoperability and has manufactured the leading mobile chips for Android devices.  Industry Alliances  AllSeen Alliance  23 companies pledging to use Qualcomm protocol  Interoperability among connected products (system services)  AllJoyn Alliance (protocol)  Open source universal software framework  Linux Foundation  Digital Sixth Sense  Snapdragon system on a chip  Industry leading mobile chipset (Android phones & tablets)  Qualcomm Life  Medical device connectivity  Wireless data management & transmission  Qualcomm Gobi Connected Cars  Toq smart watch

 Samsung Smart Home: Samsung is creating an ecosystem to connect all appliances in the home.  Smart Home  Targeting to become largest appliance maker by 2015  Customized device control  Smartphone & tablet controllers  Home lighting & security  Cloud-Based Smart Home Server Platform  Support for 3rd party services & products  Smart Customer Service  Google weak spot  Tizen  Unified operating system & ecosystem development  Enhanced customization of interface by carriers & manufacturers  Open source software

 Apple Technology: Apple has integrated new IoT technology into its product offerings and is quietly expanding its network capacity.  iBeacon (iOS 7)  Indoor positioning system  Low cost, low power transmitters  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart)  BLE proximity sensing  NFC competitor  iOS & Android compatible  Targeting retail & home markets  Point of Sale (POS) systems  Heartbeat sensor patent  iCloud  Internet infrastructure network  Bandwidth upgrades for large content volume delivery  Expanded online delivery needs  Link data centers to larger networks  Connect all Apple products (Apple TV product integration)

 Current Trends  2014 tipping point for corporate adoption  Substantial cost reduction for core components  Big data opportunities (tremendous volumes)  Proliferation of alliances & ecosystems  Limited operability standards  IPv6 deployment, BLE, Networking WiFi vs ZigBee  Coming Soon (Near Future)  Multiple trillion dollar industry by 2020  Emergence of overarching interoperability standard (security, privacy)  Mainstream awareness & adoption  Machine intelligence (IBM Watson vs Google DeepMind)  Extended battery life technology (Li-Ion battery software)  Expanded focus into 3D printing, robots, drones, neuroscience  Smart City

Doug Floyd Business technologist specializing in program execution and driving transformative growth through digital technology strategies. SlideShare Presentations:  Digital Leadership  Digital Money & Payment  Internet of Things  Next Gen Agile 3.0  Next Gen Lean 3.0  Next Gen PMO 3.0 Doug Floyd @DougVFloyd 312.502.3113 (cell)

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