Internet ,merits demerits, features

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Information about Internet ,merits demerits, features

Published on March 28, 2014

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Internet ,merits demerits, features

Introduction Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind. It is the world’s largest computer network, the network of networks. The internet may be defined as a global collection of computers linked together by telephone lines, radio or satellite links. It is an effective and inexpensive way of communication. The internet is therefore, a giant global network. It is in fact an amorphous collection of networks and millions of computers across the globe.

Internet terminologies  World Wide Web(WWW)  Internet Service Provider(ISP)  Servers  Browsers  Protocols  HTML  SEARCH ENGINE: They are the special websites that provide facility to internet users to search information on the internet. Google , yahoo etc. are examples of search engine.

 MODEM: The word modem is derived from modulator /demodulator . This is used to connect the computer with the outside world. A modem is a computer peripheral that allows to connect and communicate with computers via telephone lines. Modem converts digital data to analog data and vice versa over the telephone network.

Features of internet  Simplicity  Economy  Flexibility of communications  Speed and availability  Accessibility  Resource sharing  Security  Synergy with other media

internet services  Electronic mail (e-mail)  Net news  File Transfer Protocol(FTP)  Telnet  Online chat  Usenet  Various entertainments  Social networking medias  Searching

ADVANTAGES  Sharing information  Communication  Entertainment  Advertisement  News  Customer support and service  Feedback from users  Collection of information

disadvantages  Viruses  Theft of personal information  Immorality  Wastage of times  Pornography  Spamming  Language problems

CONCLUSION The internet, a group of worldwide information highway and resources, is enabling the world to become truly an information society. Anyone can open an account with any Internet Service Provide (ISP) who will provide an Account Number for a monthly fee. The user can access the Internet and avail any Internet service like e-mail , chatting , searching etc.

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