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Published on May 19, 2007

Author: PaoloFerrara



This was my presentation at European Haemophilia Consortium Conference 2007 in Parma. You can find this presentation also at

Internet fundraising Tips and tools for the global conversation age

Why the Internet • The Internet is the first global media • allows you to reach a global audience… • …Younger and wealthier than the average audience • The average gift is higher than the offline donation… • … and the number of online donors (and activists) is growing faster than offline donors (and activists) • Your website is a gateway open 24/h a day Paolo Ferrara 2

How to use the Internet • Raise money • Spread your word • Engage your members and staff • Build your brand • Engage your volunteers • Build your network • Empower your beneficiaries • Offer services Paolo Ferrara 3

Before all, you need a strategy • Simply having a Web site is not a strategy • On average, online donations are larger and the transaction costs are significantly lower than through more traditional channels • A relatively small number of nonprofits have taken the lion’s share of online donations, while hundreds of others struggle to design, implement, and execute successful campaigns using the Web. • After investing in market-leading Web technology, many otherwise highly successful nonprofits have received little traffic and few, if any, donations Paolo Ferrara 4

Not only an Internet strategy • Why have so many nonprofits had so much trouble? • In each of these situations, organizational strategy - not just Internet technology - was the key to a successful use of the Internet • The key of online results is not the Web site, but a strong brand presence and a strong mission Paolo Ferrara 5

Seven Elastic Rules of Online Fundraising 1. Change organizational culture 2. Use the Web site as a response channel. 3. Develop a strong e-mail fundraising program. 4. Integrate online and offline media. 5. Communicate from your Web site the opportunity to “live” the experience of being part of your organization. 6. Use online media to foster the relationship with donors. 7. Test. The history of online fundraising is being written and boundless discoveries are there to be made. Paolo Ferrara 6

Fundraising tools • Email marketing • Online auctions • Virtual gift catalog • Online merchandising • Fundraising events • Widget (giving circle) • Membership and renewal Online • Pay per click • Pledge • Pixel fundraising • Fundraising toolkit… Paolo Ferrara 7

Examples Paolo Ferrara 8

12 tips to start with your web site 1. Content is key. 2. Keep your site up-to-date. 3. Collect email addresses. 4. Give visitors reasons to return. 5. Think from the outside-in, not inside-out. 6. Engage your user. 7. Make it easy…to find, to act, to give 8. Ask, ask, ask and give a reason to give 9. Be transparent about privacy. 10. Build your back-office ready to act 11.Be web 2.0 12.Integrate, integrate, integrate Paolo Ferrara 9

Everything start with… “E-mail is more important than my Web site!” The Gilbert E-Mail Manifesto Paolo Ferrara 10

Build your own email list • on your site • through search engine optimization • all printed materials • events • in phone calls • in person • mailings • premiums and contests • buying a list Paolo Ferrara 11

Email is the focus of your web site • Let’s the email catching be the focus of your web site • Put your form where people can find out it • Give your user a reason to sign up • A compelling content is the best way to engage your users Paolo Ferrara 12

Use your list • monthly e-newsletter • create special editions • create other editions by segmenting your list (i.e. journalist, volunteers, activist, doctors, patients…) • send a direct mail massage • integrate with your blog Paolo Ferrara 13

Integrate your communication to generate lead - eBook by Brian j. Carroll Paolo Ferrara 14

Your web site is a direct response channel DRTV Press ads Events Billboards TMK Free postcards Activist Press Insert and flyers release Testimonials Direct dialog Radio • Be coherent in your online and offline communications • The URL is a key part of your ads • A URL should be easy to remember • Make your site simple, creative direct site! Paolo Ferrara 15

Lead generations is… Lead generation is a conversation, not a series of disjointed campaigns. Paolo Ferrara 16

What is Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is a set of economic, social, and technology trends that collectively form the basis for the next generation of the Internet a more mature, distinctive medium characterized by user participation, openness, and network effects. Tim O'Reilly, “Web 2.0: Compact Definition?” Paolo Ferrara 17

Paolo Ferrara 18 Web 2.0 is a lot of things…

Il web 2.0 are you! 1982 2006 … where the user is the star Paolo Ferrara 19

Engagement 2.0 Web 2.0 is about engagement Paolo Ferrara 20

10 ideas to enter the web 2.0 1. Create a page at 2. Go in-world with Second Life 3. Share your videos at 4. Share your photos at 5. Start your own blog and vlog 6. Archive your organization at 7. Start podcasting 8. Share your link at 9. Join 10. Bring the Social Web to your site Paolo Ferrara 21

Blogs 1. It’s easy to keep them up-to-date 2. Search engines loves blogs 3. You can become a trusted source 4. Blogs help you to build a strong brand 5. they show the world that you have nothing to hide 6. Blogs help to put a human voice to your charity; 7. Blogs help to engage customers in conversation, and help in building relationships 8. help your constituents to share their stories 9. You can use a tons of media 10. Blogging encourages you to find out what others are talking about you 11. They help your internal communication 12. Blogs are great crisis handlers 13. They can make you different 14. The sum is more than the part Paolo Ferrara 22

Vlogs 1. Share stories of your non-profit’s programs or work 2. Communicate with others 3. Viral distribution 4. Affordable and easy to use 5. Build awareness 6. Increase donations 7. Build an online community Drew Kochera on YouTube Paolo Ferrara 23

Second life Why Second Life? • it could be the new dress of the Internet • it’s a good place to make tests • you can easily set up an event on hemophilia and get a good coverage from medias • you can easily set up a meet up with your volunteers, donors and constituents and open a help center • you could reach over 6 millions users Paolo Ferrara 24

Flickr Why Flickr? • You can share tons of photos, posters, desktops of an event, a campaign, your last meet up or testimonials • allows your donors and members to join your campaigns in a creative way • allows you to set up a closer relationship with your donors showing them your face • you can use photos for your Public Relation • Flickr is going up very fast and is reaching a very high target Paolo Ferrara 25

MySpace Why MySpace? • it’s the most important place on the Internet • more than 150 millions users and 40 milions monthly page views • you can reach the younger target on the Internet • your constituents can share videos, photos, posters, ideas and tell stories about their life as hemophiliac or parents of a hemophiliac • they can gather friends from all the world Paolo Ferrara 26

Everyone could turn into a fundraiser Let’s start with a few easy questions: - what’s your campaign’s mission and goal? - What are you raising the money for? - Who are your prospects? - What’s your timeline? - How can you bring people to help you? 1st STEP Listen your users 2st STEP Set up your campaign’s goals (they must be S.M.A.R.T. - Specifics, Measurables, Achievables, Realistics, Time based) 3st STEP Define the ASK, that is… - the WHY (why you care about a cause and then link to the cause) l na ng - the call to action (is what you want people to do… and people o rs isi want to help people… so focus on people). Pe dra n fu Paolo Ferrara 27

Everyone could turn into a fundraiser 4st STEP Define your prospects: -virtual face-to-face through the Social Network: Skype, Flickr, LinkedIn, MyBlogLog, YouTube (and, of course, Outlook) 5st STEP Materials (some of them): ChipIn widget a campaign blog two personal blogs emails photos videos 6st STEP Take action and say always Thank You l na ng Results: over 53.000 Dollars o rs isi Pe dra n fu Paolo Ferrara 28

Personal fundraising according to NEF Paolo Ferrara 29

UGC AdSense Toolbar Peer to Peer Net Tv Fundraising 2.0: what’s going on? Podcast Game Vlogging Second life Ad Words Newsgroup Siti Internet Widget Mail Mailing list Forum Digg IM Banner Blog Vod:pod YouTube Squidoo Map Skype Slideshare Linkedin Metacafe IPTV RSS Technorati Yahoo Answers …

Internet is about community eBay wasn’t a hobby. And it wasn’t a business. It was – and is – a community: An organic, evolving, self-organizing web of individual relationships, formed around shared interests. Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay Paolo Ferrara 31

Contacts Paolo Ferrara Slides Communication and Fundraising manager at Terre des hommes Italy Email M +39 347/3050752 Skype jambeeitalia Paolo Ferrara 32

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