Internet Browsing Security Risks

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Information about Internet Browsing Security Risks

Published on April 26, 2014

Author: SwiftTechSolutions



Many people browse the internet at work to research a certain topic, make transactions, use social media, and much more. To enhance the website experience, programmers add features, such as videos, slideshow animations, sign-up forms, and search boxes. However, adding a feature to a website lowers the browsing security for the visitor by potentially adding a security hole a hacker can enter. These cybercriminals concentrate on searching for vulnerabilities on the most commonly used website and browser features. Once the vulnerabilities are found, the hackers can steal your information, destroy your data, take over your computer, and track your online activities. These attacks can result in slowed work processes, lost work time, increased risk of identity theft, and possibly a ruined business reputation.

By SWIFTTECH SOLUTIONS Internet Browsing Security Risks

risks What are the when browsing online?

1 2 3 Where hackers comein How they take advantage Howto prevent attacks

1 Where the Hackers come in

special features Websites will add to their pages…

…that create holes for hackers to enter.

These features include… Slideshow animations Sign-upforms Search boxes

2 How hackers take advantage

Common security risks…

Enabling JavaScript for all sites Fake security alerts Not clearing browser cookies

3 Tips for Prevention

Take steps to protect your computer

Next Generation Firewalls…

Anti-virus software…

and regular Windows updates!



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