Internet and Social Meida - presentation by Prime Point Srinivasan at NITTTR on 2nd June 2016

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Published on June 2, 2016

Author: prpoint


1. Internet and social media NITTTR, Chennai By Prime Point Srinivasan 02 June 2016

2. What we will discuss • Global internet scenario • Internet tools • Advantages and challenges • Protecting from social media

3. Global Internet scenario • Out of 7.3 billion population, 46% use internet globally • 30% internet penetration in India • 32% in Bangladesh

4. Internet tools • Websites • Wikipedia • Blogs • Podcasts

5. Internet tools • Online groups • eNewsletters / eMagazines • Social Media

6. Three era • Before arrival of internet (Aug 95) • From launch of internet to emergence of Facebook/twitter (1995 to 2004/2006) • Post Facebook /Twitter

7. Websites • 1.5 bn Top Level domains (TLDS) com, org, net, info, biz, us • Country specific domain names • How to book your domain name? • Search Engine optimisation

8. Wikipedia • Wikiwikiweb by Cunnigham in 1995 – editable website • Wikipedia Started in 2001 – 5+ M articles in English • 292 languages – 38 M articles

9. Wikipedia • 62 M registered users • 500 M unique visitors per month • Generally considered accurate, controversies remain

10. Blogs • Blogger and WordPress platforms • Best for improving the writing skills • Declining blogs after social media

11. Podcasts • Audio and video blogs • Narrowcasting • Simple tools needed • Ideal for education purposes

12. Online Groups • Yahoo groups and Google groups • Earlier, the groups were used by Universities for exchange of views • Online groups are ideal for education purposes

13. eMagazines / eNewsletters • Concept of Digital only magazines emerging • Easy to handle and distribute • Ideal for education purposes

14. Social Media • Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn • YouTube • Google+

15. Social Media • 500 million status updates / day • 300 milion emails per day (80% spam) • 250 millions photo uploads / day

16. Internet is a double edged weapon

17. What are the advantages of social media?

18. Social Media Advantages • Easy connectivity • Plenty of resources and information • User generated content • Viral effect • Any more?

19. What are the challenges and negative aspects of social media

20. Social Media challenges • Used mostly under age group of 30 • Youth getting addicted – Spending unproductive time • Not able to differentiate between real word and virtual word

21. Social media challenges • Social media has killed the writing skills of youngsters (using 140 character tweets) • New social media language has emerged.

22. Social Media challenges • links sent through facebook or twitter messages may contain virus. • Marketing people believe the ‘likes’ shown in the FB page. (they are exaggerated) • Negative comments on FB page.

23. Social Media challenges • Defamation / character assassination through social media. • Spamming – sending unwanted and irrelevant junk messages

24. How to protect ourselves • Keep complicated password – do not share with others • Young ladies can avoid posting photos and contact details

25. How to protect yourself • Do not share private details like date of birth, family members name, etc. • Review your friends in FB every month and remove unwanted friends.

26. How to protect yourself • Avoid linking with apps in social media – you are allowing access to your data through apps. • Confine within your limits • Do not share your passwords with anybody

27. You cannot stop the technology and growth of social media. You can enjoy the full benefit of social media by planned usage. How to do it?

28. Avoid addiction to internet -treat social media like shoes – use only when you need

29. Thank you K. Srinivasan Prime Point Foundation 91766 50273

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