Internationalization of the University Functions Programs

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Information about Internationalization of the University Functions Programs

Published on February 24, 2014

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Presentation about the Internationalization of the University Functions Programs


What have we done at UADY ?

International Topics



INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE UNIVERSITY FUNCTIONS PROGRAM Institutional Priority Program (no. 9) Attributes (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13) 1. Train citizens to high school, undergraduate and graduate level for them to become highly competent at national and international standard … 4. Owning an educational model that promotes the integral formation of students under a multicultural, multi, inter-disciplinary approach... 7. Being a center of national and international reference for scientific, technological and cultural development... 8. Being an open university, with social responsibility and global perspective that actively participates in international networks...

INTERNACIONALIZATION A comprehensive process that aims to incorporate an international dimension and perspective into the mission and vision of the substantive functions of the institution, such as teaching, and research and extension, so that it develops into an inseparable part of the identity and becomes part of the political and institutional culture. Internationalization of the University Functions Program

International Dimension. It refers, firstly, to the characteristics that educational programs must meet to meet international quality standards and, second, to the components that should be incorporated into these programs to cover the global problems and multiculturalism, so that graduates are competent to understand and perform professionally and personally in any cultural, social and economic environment.

Within Internationalization IT IS NOT THE SAME Individual Effort Involve some students Aisolated Policy Institutional Compromise Include all students Institutional Policy

How do we put together the puzzle of internationalization? Deans’ Office: vision Directives: will DES: participation GCCI: management

Areas of Internationalization

PIFU Work Proposal

GENERAL GOALS  The internationalization of teaching : Efforts to bring internationalization as a crosscutting theme in educational programs under the guidelines of the Educational Model of Integral Formation.  The internationalization of research : the creation of conditions for the networking of academic collaboration, consolidation of Academic Bodies, lines of knowledge generation, accreditation of the programs listed in Graduate Studies and Research System.  The internationalization for extension : activities and operations under Revaluation Program Extension to promote the integration of international issues to the attention of the global and local.  The internationalization of the instrumental functions of the institution : Professionalization of the administrative staff of the institution and regulatory frameworks.

Foreign Students Scholarships Student Mobility Curriculum (international dimention) Acreditations Programs with international standards Teacher profiles Language Programs Teaching Extention Entailment enterprise/society/state Social Projects Continuos Education Research OAG -Normativity DGRH – UADY professional profile SG – Administrative Office Collaboration Networks Academic Bodies Joint Projects / Financial Funds General Coordination for Cooperation and Internationalization Agreements /affiliations Internal and external management Digital Platform Information and dissemination Programs for teachers and administrative staff

SPECIFIC GOALS Contribute so that the institution has policy frameworks that integrate the international dimension and trained personnel in this regard Aspects: • policies that explicitly integrate internationalization • Regulations that integrate internationalization Work in: • Review of guidelines that apply to foreign students • Review the processes used for the recognition of the subjects / internships / placements abroad • Review of international criteria for the promotion and evaluation of staff

SPECIFIC GOALS Link UADY with foreign institutions and organizations to contribute to the institutional development and performance of its functions Aspects: • Agreements with networks, associations and institutions • Membership in networks, organizations, consortia internationally • Records of UADY in financial organizations Work in: • Identify strengths and areas of opportunity for the Campus and DES • Identify HEI interested in establishing strategic alliances • Report members / non-formal (non-institutional) networks and document practices in international DES

SPECIFIC GOALS Collaborate in the internationalization of educational programs Aspects: • Internationalized curriculum • Languages • Presence of foreign students • Educational programs with international accreditations Work in: • Enabling teachers • Identification of subjects / space to internationalize the curriculum • Definition of number of foreign students who can participate in educational programs • Quotas, calendar • Identification of courses taught in other languages

SPECIFIC GOALS Assist in the creation and improvement of tools that support the acquisition of skills in both teachers and students to perform better in international contexts Aspects: • Visiting professors • Mobility and internships for students • Mobility of academic UADY Work in: • Identification of candidates • Identification of experts

SPECIFIC GOALS To assist in the internationalization of academic labor, collaboration networks, the generation of lines of knowledge and Academic Bodies Aspects : • International academic cooperation projects • Externally funded projects • Academic bodies Work in: • Identifying priorities and DES Campus • Identifying pairs • Establishing lines of research • Participation in events, workshops, conferences

SPECIFIC GOALS Keep up to date a promotion campaign to strengthen the presence of UADY in international contexts and create an information platform for agile identification, analysis and dissemination of activities and achievements in aspects of internationalization Aspects: • International events • Shares, publications Work in: • Collaboration with notes and information about events, publications, visitors, promotions, certifications, etc. • Dissemination among members / academic community UADY • Notification of changes in programs, etc..

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