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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: chelseascherer



International students at Humber College are being denied on campus work due to budget limitations.

SOCI 252 January 27th, 2014 Identity Piece Chelsea Scherer International students at Humber College are being denied jobs because of budget limitations preventing them from earning Canadian work experience. A work-study program has been set to allow full-time students to work on campus between their studies but it does not incorporate international students. Humber College employers often only accept work-study eligible students putting international students at a disadvantage when applying. “There are a lot more students on campus than jobs, and the jobs go very quickly,” said Kristina Mathias the international student advisor at Humber College. This year there are more than 19,000 full-time students enrolled at Humber College and about 16 per cent of them are international students. “I think as an international student they often need time to adjust to their new surroundings and get familiar with campus,” said Mathias. The work-study budget only supports the employment of domestic or permanent resident students, where as, if an international student is hired the money comes completely out of the departments’ funds. “Another issue they face is timing. They show up on campus a day or two before classes start so they are not aware of on campus jobs,” said Linda MacDonald a Humber College career advisor. Oftentimes, students employed have kept their jobs from previous semesters and the turnover becomes infrequent. “If the international student does not have their [English] language skills and communication skills up to par then that might also be an obstacle,” said MacDonald. She said that the application process is the same in regards to submitting a cover letter, resume, and timetable, but whether or not they are work-study eligible is when the employer decides if the faculty can subsidize for the student. “Although, recognizing the international students’ previous experience is always applicable,” said MacDonald. ShivanieMangal, a third year student from Guyana, South America, disagrees.

SOCI 252 January 27th, 2014 “Employers on campus did not count any international experience I had. However, when a department is looking for a diverse team they look for international students. Quite unethical in my view,” she said. Mangal has already graduated from the American University of Peace Studies in Georgetown, Guyana with two diplomas and two certificates. “It makes me feel as if I lack something. It is always disappointing when I see a position for which I qualify for and it says work-study only,” she said. For the past two years, Mangal worked for the‘First Year Experience’ program, which helps to integrate new students into Humber College when she was turned away from a promotion. When the program was hiring a new senior peer mentor to work throughout the summer months, she applied hoping her previous contribution to the program would be enough. She was denied the position because she was not work-study eligible,which was a requirement to be hired. “It feels like taking a trophy away from someone after they have won it,” she said. International students can work on campus for the first six months of study, to which they can then apply for an off campus work permit and work up to 20 hours a week.

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