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Information about International SEO and Beyond - Miranda Gahrmann, Digital Rescue Rangers

Published on November 9, 2019

Author: digimarcon



2. 2 International SEO Miranda Gahrmann

3. 3 Who am I?Miranda Gahrmann

4. 4 Short intro • Bachelor in International Business & Management • Master in Digital Marketing • Master of Brand, Reputation and Design Management • Google Analytics & Ads certified • 11 years experience in Search Engine Marketing • Based in Dubai About Miranda Gahrmann Global eCommerce Consultant

5. 5 Global vs local International SEO

6. 6 Give that local feeling • Think globally, act locally • Give the user the feeling it’s a website from their country • More trust means higher conversion rate Main purpose of international SEO International SEO

7. 7 Localize content • Website in local language • Appropriate use of images • Usage of capitalization • Use local currency • Provide local contact info • Check for local laws • GDPR in EU, not US What to localize? International SEO

8. 8 Localize content • Also differences in the English language, both grammar and use of words • Soother vs Pacifier • Nappy vs Diaper • Trainers vs Sneakers • Lorry vs Truck • Lift vs Elevator Differences within the same language International SEO UK spelling Example US Spelling Example re centre er center our colour or color ise apologise ize apologize vowel + l travelled l traveled ae leukaemia e leukemia oe manoeuvre eu maneuver ence defence ense defense

9. 9 Tone of voice • Relevant for content as well contact with local markets • Employee of the month works in the US, not in Japan • Use Culture compass to compare your culture with another country Better understanding of other cultures International SEO

10. 10 Search engines International SEO

11. 11 Research your market • Google has a 92% market share globally • 88% desktop • 95% mobile • 91% tablet Which search engines to keep in mind? International SEO

12. 12 Research your market • provides insights in the search engines per market • Keep track on trends Which search engines to keep in mind? International SEO

13. 13 Why important? • Get more accurate insights in keyword trends • Use the search engine’s webmaster tool • Know where to advertise • Know the guidelines and restrictions per search engine Difference between search engines International SEO Google Bing Naver Yandex Baidu Main area Global Global Korea Russia China Webmaster tools Google Search console Bing Webmaster Tools Naver Webmaster Tools Yandex Webmaster Baidu Webmaster Tools XML sitemaps Multiple, max 50k URL and max 50MB Multiple, max 50k URL and max 50MB One, max 50k URL and max 50MB Multiple, max 50k URL and max 50MB Invitation only, max 10 MB Hreflang Supported Not supported, use content- language tag Not supported, use content- language tag Supported Not supported, use content- language tag Structured data JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, Microformats JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, Microformats All formats, must be submit to Baidu Webmaster Tools Meta keywords No ranking factor Ranking factor Ranking factor No ranking factor Ranking factor

14. 14 Research your market • Also research device usage • Relevant for if you want to launch an app Research the device types in your target markets International SEO

15. 15 Site setup International SEO

16. 16 Choose the right setup • Are you targeting specific markets? • Use ccTLDs, or • Use subfolders for countries • Is your website in multiple languages but not targeted towards specific markets? • Use subfolders Best domain setup International SEO

17. 17 Use language folders International SEO

18. 18 Implement hreflang tags • XML sitemap • Preferred way as easiest for governance and updating • Automate to save time To keep in mind • Hreflang tags only work if the locales refer to each other Rank the correct locale in each market International SEO Hreflang tags in XML sitemap <url> <loc></loc> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-ae" href="” /> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang=”ar-ae" href="” /> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang=”ar-sa" href="" /> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="x-default" href="" /> </url>

19. 19 Another locale ranking in your market? • Are hreflang tags correctly implemented? • Is another page providing a better answer to the user intent? Rank the correct locale in each market International SEO

20. 20 Use a Content Delivery Network • Improves the user’s experience by faster loading times • Reduces server load • Quickly scalable during times of heavy traffic To keep in mind • For China, local hosting is highly recommended Faster loading time International SEO

21. 21 Average Internet Speeds • Create AMP pages to enable faster pages • Faster loading time • Lower bounce rate • Higher conversion rate • Load content in the background for markets with unstable internet Faster loading time International SEO

22. 22 Content International SEO

23. 23 Create global keyword research • Provide insights in global popular topics • Input for global content strategy • Example how to perform a keyword research Which topics are popular amongst your target audience? International SEO

24. 24 Content creation • Drive content from global • Create content on local level • Based on popular local topics or events Create content in an efficient way International SEO Create global content Share content calendar Share content with markets Localize Share with other markets Create local content Global team Local team

25. 25 To keep in mind • Certain languages consist of longer words • Free shipping and fast delivery • Gratis verzending en snelle levering • Kostenloser Versand und schnelle Lieferung Certain languages take more space International SEO

26. 26 Organizational structure International SEO

27. 27 Global Local Global vs local • Content and outreach require local market knowledge Important • Organize knowledge sharing sessions • Have resources available for implementation How to organize SEO? International SEO OutreachContent Technical SEO

28. 28 Use local market expertise • Outreach should be executed on local level • Better understanding of landscape • Approach sites in local language To keep in mind • Provide training and guidelines to ensure good quality and white-hat practises • Perform regular checks Earn quality backlinks International SEO

29. 29 Scalability • AMP templates instead of separate pages • Automate hreflang tags • Optimize meta title and description logic • Buy [brand] [product] [identifier] online | [site name] Go after quick wins International SEO AMP Logic Auto generated pages Hreflang tags Training

30. 30 Recent updates International SEO

31. 31 AMP stories • Create AMP stories with visual narratives and tappable interactions • Can appear as universal result in Google’s results pages Create stories for your website shown in the search results International SEO

32. 32 Takeaways International SEO

33. 33 Global vs local • Give that local feeling • Technical SEO should be managed on global level, for content and outreach local expertise is required • Drive content from global, and when possible local to global Takeaways International SEO Technical • Choose the right domain setup • Use language folders • Implement and review hreflang tags • Use a Content Delivery Network Mobile • Create AMP pages for faster pages and higher conversion rate • Create AMP stories

34. 34 THANK YOU! MIRANDA GAHRMANN @mirandagahrmann

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