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Published on December 13, 2017

Author: cpsglobalschool


International Curriculum School : International Curriculum School Benefits of international curriculum school : Benefits of international curriculum school Expose your child to a broader outlook with international curriculum school. Give them an opportunity to study and work abroad, and secure their future. International schools offer a viable option to growth and excel in your field of interest and master them in style. Enjoy the advantages of global education by understanding the culture and people from across the globe. Slide 3: What is global education ? Embrace the perspective of others and engage in problem solving to develop better relationships. An International Curriculum School educates about various culture and how to respect the diversity, thereby helping you flourish in a new land. Global students are skilled to investigate the world, communication their ideas, recognize various perspectives and express their ideas. They do not hesitate to take action. Slide 4: Developing global competencies through Critical thinking Collaboration Creativity Cross cultural understanding Digital literacy Communication Computing International Curriculum schools promote a cultural, ethical, racial, religious and language diversity. They engage students to prepare for the tough challenges of the 21 century markets. International Schools make them a thorough global citizen with a broader outlook to life. Slide 5: Developing international focus through international curriculum Drives economic competitiveness Helps meet global challenges Address national security concerns Create a diverse society free of hatred and difference Empower students through International Curriculum School by creating interdisciplinary connection helping them participate in the society and making them fluent in a foreign language, creating technological skills and literacy. Slide 6: Assets of CPS International Curriculum School Creating a community of racially and ethnically diverse community Learning through a foreign language gives the students an edge Students are given an opportunity to travel abroad Exchange programs from various countries across the globe. Providing a global dimension to problems Valuing inputs Engaging students through creating and modeling Slide 7: Phone: 044-26812400 044-26812404 Email Id: website :

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