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Published on November 21, 2018

Author: braydenmarco


International and Global Business : International and Global Business AllAssignmentHelp Introduction: Introduction One of the major banks of Australia is National Australia Bank which has been serving its customers for almost 160 years. The National Australia Bank was founded on 1 October 1981. The Headquarter of the National Australia Bank is in Docklands, Melbourne, Australia. National Australia Bank is also one of the largest banks in Australia regarding customers, earning, and market capitalization (Bartlett, 2015). National Australia Bank was ranked 21 st & 41 st largest bank regarding market capitalization and total assets in the world in 2014. Differences in the Structure of Each Market: Differences in the Structure of Each Market France In France, the banking industry is one of the major economic sectors. In the year 2015, there was a total of 383 banking industry in France. In France, the contribution of the banking industry and financial corporation to the total value is 4.9%, which also includes approx. 60% banking industry. In case of Tier 1 Capital, amongst the 35 largest banks in the world, there are five French banks (Meyer et al., 2015). Brazil The banking structure of Brazil is the biggest and most refined in Latin America. In the 1980s, Brazilian banks effectively navigated through many parts to make a broad network to take advantage of float, while they have adjusted to a more steady condition in the last decade. Potential Size and Profitability of Each Market: Potential Size and Profitability of Each Market France The economy of France is a sixth largest economy in the world. The GDP of France in 2016 was approx. $2.43 trillion. The economy of France is developed. The government of France is also promoting private enterprises in the economy. Apart from this, there are more than 90 million customers in the economy. Brazil Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in the area but 8 th largest regarding Nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. The estimated nominal GDP of the country for 2017 is $2.14 trillion. But the growth rate of the economy is being declined continuously. Potential Problems in Selling to and Supporting Each Market: Potential Problems in Selling to and Supporting Each Market France There are several problems associated with the market of France because France strictly follows regulations of the European Union. The regulation of European Union forces the country of European Union to trade more with the member countries. This is not ideal for the Australian company to operate in France. Brazil Doing business in Brazilian market requires deep knowledge of the environment of the local market which includes the cost both direct as well as indirect. One of the major challenges of the Brazilian market is its infrastructure. Future Development: Future Development Various big-players have reshaped the banking sector. Expectations of the customers, Technological capacities, administrative necessities, socioeconomics and financial aspects are the reason for the change. In the next era, banks will need to compete for all these difficulties and get a win again.

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