Internal Success and Growth Mindset

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Information about Internal Success and Growth Mindset

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Internalsuccess



Help our students develop growth mindset and emphasis on personal growth

Melissa Koh Shona Schwartz

"Everyone has a talent...."? "We are all winners...."? “Everyone is smart in their own way…”? How do kids interpret these messages?

"The result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities; the mean." "Synonyms: Adjective: Ordinary, Medium, Mediocre..."

• We are created in the image of God • Feeding the needs of our soul-our internal essence • Accomplishing our mission for self-improvement

So what do we mean....? Internal: External: Effort Values Persistence Kindness Giving Integrity Grades Money Looks Job Home/Car Charisma

* Hedonic treadmill vs. feeding the soul * we control internal success * The value: internal success = stronger self identity = external failures put in perspective

Clip from the movie happy: -People want to achieve happiness -Hedonic treadmill and its pitfalls-are we really happy -Focus on internal growth and meaning actually makes people happier

* Growth: intelligence is earned --> resilience, collaboration, leadership * Fixed: intelligence is innate --> cheating, lying, anxiety, depression

(play 4:44-5:44)

Start at 2:20

Our students need to hear consistent messages to internalize growth mindset and value internal success.

Examples: • Emphasis on effort (internal growth) is important- both for success and failure • Check, do not assume a student’s effort! • External success is enjoyable, internal success is what matters! • Self-worth is measured by internal successes

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