Intermolecular Forces & Properties

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Information about Intermolecular Forces & Properties

Published on May 13, 2010

Author: kwarne



A set of slides created to teach Intermolecular Forces & Properties to learners at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town.

Intermolecular Forces and Physical Properties K Warne For FULL presentation click HERE >>

Intermolecular forces • Two different types of bonds occur in water. • Intramolecular – Between hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms inside the molecules Covalent bonds H + H O - • Intermolecular – Between two different water molecules Hydrogen SAMPLE bonds ONLY SAMPLE ONLY For FULL presentation click HERE >>

Molecular solids Strong covalent bonds Iodine - I2 PROPERTIES • Low melting points • Brittle • Soluble in non-polar solvents • Non - conducting Weaker intermolecular bonds Covalently bonded molecules held together by weaker intermolecular bonding. SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY For FULL presentation click HERE >>

Intermolecular Forces Hydrogen Bonds Ion-dipole Ion-induced Dipole Van der Waals Forces Dipole-dipole Dipole-induced Dipole Momentary Dipole (London) For FULL presentation click HERE >>

IMF vs Mp & Bp Molecular Mass (Mr g.mol-1) Flourine 19 x 2 = F2 pale yellow gas 38 Chlorine Cl2 pale green gas 35.5 x 2 = Bromine 80 x 2 = Br2 red volatile liquid 160 Iodine 127 x 2 = I2 purple solid - sublimes 254 71 Mp & Bp increases with SIZE and molecule MASS .. Halogen : X . X2 (diatomic) . . Mp / Bp (oC) -220 / -188 -101/ -35 -7 / 59 114 / 184 For FULL SAMPLE ONLY presentation click HERE >> SAMPLE ONLY

Viscosity • Viscosity is a measure of how thick (viscous) and sticky a liquid is. • Viscosity reduces the ability of a liquid to flow. • Liquids that flow readily (water) have a low viscosity. • Viscosity is a function of (depends on) the attractive forces of the molecules of the liquid. • Strong forces – high viscosity • Temperature also greatly affects viscosity: as temperature increases, viscosity decreases. SAMPLE ONLY Kinetic energy enables particles to overcome forces. SAMPLE ONLY

WarneScience Hi… This is a SAMPLE presentation only. My FULL presentations, which contain a lot more slides and other resources, are freely available on my resource sharing website: (paste into your browser if link above does not work) Have a look and enjoy! Keith Warne For FULL presentation click HERE >>

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