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Published on September 25, 2018

Author: IssabellaAva


slide 1: Interior Designer Write for Us Opportunity Are you enthusiastic about interior design Do you love decorating homes offices and whatever space you can get your hands on Maybe you are a Write for Us Home Improvement and want to share your work with us Can you write quality content that is exciting to read And if this feels like we are talking about you – we want you to be our guest blogger. Us slide 2: It’s quite simple actually. The place you grew up spent college years or went on a trip. Remind yourself of that special place with one of our beautifully designed custom massif you have an exciting article idea about: gift tips/ideas Home decoration tips House design tips Requirements Our site visitors are pensioned interior designers home decoration lovers and just ordinary people who are looking for some amazing gift ideas and/or cool interior design tips. So make sure your article can grab our readers’ attention: Make it relevant make it actionable and interesting. If this is something that can make our readers live beautifully – it’s something that we would love to publish. The last thing internet needs is another half-baked blog post. So the aim is 900 – 1 500 words. Make it SEO friendly – Sounds do-able Then write for us. Steps Here are the steps to make it happen. Pay attention because if you follow these steps for us it will be a lot easier to publish your blog post. Help us to help you: Step 1: Check out blog and see what we are missing. Step 2: Submit 2-3 topics and a quick summary of each headline how the post will look like. Step 3: If you have done a good job congratulations. We will invite you to present the draft. Bring your A game. If we don’t see how our readers could use the information provided we will reject you from proceeding to the next step. Step 4: Together with the final post send 1-2 sentence author bio and a picture. Step 5: We will publish your post and make sure that all our readers see your article. slide 3: Click Here: Compose For Us – Interior Design Gardening Decor DIY and Home Improvement Website

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