Interfacing BLE with android based device

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Information about Interfacing BLE with android based device

Published on January 27, 2016

Author: IEIGSC


1. All India Seminar on Internet Of Things (IoT) Trends that affects Life 22-23 January 2016 At Bhaikaka Bhawan, IE(I), GSC, INDIA Day 2 – Session: 1 (10:00 AM to 10:45 AM) Interfacing BLE with an Android based Device by Prof. Hemal Shah Professor, Ganpat University

2. Outline • Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – What is LE Device? – Why BLE? – Role of BLE in IoT • Hardware Samples - Beacons – Estimotes • Accessing BLE Devices • Interfacing with Android based device – Read from and Write in to Device Module – Demo – Output 1/27/2016 2

3. IoT- Architecture 1/27/2016 3 Figure:1 Architecture [1]

4. 1. Perception layer/Physical Layer : Information origin and the core. All Information perceived and collected in this layer. Ex : BLE ,wireless sensors network (WSN),RFID, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth etc. 2. Network layer : Access network and core network, provides transparent data transmission capability. Ex: IPV4 and IPV6 Networks 3. Service layer : Application layer, includes data management sub-layer and application service sub-layer. Ex: Smart Health, Smart Transport, Smart Home, Smart Crowd sensing IoT- Architecture (Continue…) 1/27/2016 4

5. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Protocol Stack Bluetooth Low Energy device is Hardware and Software. 1/27/2016 5 Figure:2 BLE Protocol Stack [2] Assigned numbers are used in GAP for inquiry response, manufacturer- specific data, advertising data, low energy UUIDs and appearance characteristics, and class of device. ATT is a much lower level mechanism that basically defines how to transfer a unit of data (an attribute). GATT is built on top of ATT and defines how higher level services are composed and the framework for operating on those services.

6. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) (Cont..) Role of Perception layer: • Manage Device Role (Master/Slave) • Enabling Advertisement Channels • Discoverability and convertibility modes • Advertisement of Interval and Data • Connection Interval, timeout, Slave Latency • Output Power 1/27/2016 6

7. Why BLE? [3] Bluetooth LE NFC 1/27/2016 7

8. Technolog y NFC RFID BT BLE Wi-Fi Zigbee WPAN WiMa x 2G-3G Power Low Low Low Low High Low Low High High Speed (Kbps) 400 400 700 1000 10000 0 250 250 10000 0 5000 Distance covered in Meters 0.01 3 0 30 50-70 15 300 800 50000 Cellular Network depends Cost to Build IoT Less Less Less Less Averag e Less Less High High IoT Target Applicatio n Payme nt Applic ation, Share Details in short Distan ce Product Identificat ion, Tracking Segments Data Exchan ge in Mediu m distanc e, with mediu m scale of data Fitness Tracking, Health Monitori ng Interfa ce with Intern et, IoT Server comm unicati on Automoti ve product support, Sensor Interface, Home Automati on Automoti ve product support, Sensor Interface, Smart City Automati on Interfa ce with Intern et, IoT Server comm unicati on Interface with Internet, IoT Server communica tion Figure 3 : Comparison of Different Communication Technologies [3]1/27/2016 8 Comparative measures of BLE with other Communication Technologies

9. Bluetooth SMART READY support was Apple with their iPhone 4s. Since then, all of their devices iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and Apple TV too support BLE. Samsung Galaxy series, Sony Xperia series and Google Nexus also started providing BLE functionality with the release of Android 4.3 API that came with BLE support. BLE wearable Devices are: • Heart rate monitors • Smart watches • Fitness trackers These devices send their tracking details to smartphone app of the wearer or other necessary party such as a personal physician. Link1 Link2 1/27/2016 9 BLE Applications

10. What are Beacon? • Beacons are Hardware Devices that can Emit and Receive BLE Signals [3]. • Beacons are BLE devices that can be placed throughout any ‘target’ area that emit a signal that can be detected by other BLE enabled devices. • Depending on the beacon device and how frequently it sends out a signal, the battery life can last for a year or longer. • Certain mobile devices themselves can also act as a beacon that can both emit and receive signals. 1/27/2016 10

11. BLE Samples & Proximity Estimotes Beacon Micro Chip RN 4020 1/27/2016 11

12. Estimotes Beacon • Estimote Beacon is a small computer [3]. • 32-bit ARM® Cortex M0 CPU with accelerometer, temperature sensor. • 2.4 GHz radio using Bluetooth 4.0 Smart. • Beacons can last more than 3 years on default settings on a single CR2477 battery. 1/27/2016 12

13. How we should access BLE? Purpose of accessing BLE Device:- • Setup & Configuration of the UUID, Major, Minor values •Discovery of Nearby Smart Device •Connection Management & State Management of Smart Device •Retrieve, understand and use characteristics •(Read/Write/Notify/Advertise) through Generic Attributes and Services (GATT Services) •Naming and Addressing Devices •Measurement of RSSI values of Nearby devices for Energy Modeling and Calculation for Energy Estimation 1/27/2016 13

14. Accessing Estimote Beacons There are three ways to access: 1. Estimote App (Ex: NRF Master by Nordic) 2. Estimote Cloud ( 3. Estimote SDK ( 1/27/2016 14

15. • Then on the Android Phone run any BLE app from • BLE Checker • BLE Scanner • BLE gatt • Nrf Master • These all applications have the GATT Characteristics that is mainly supported by the BLE • Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) is built on top of the Attribute Protocol (ATT)[2]. • GATT defines two roles: Server and Client. Accessing Estimote BLE using Android APK 1/27/2016 15

16. 1/27/2016 16 Checking BLE Support with Android Phone using BLE Checker

17. 1/27/2016 17 Discovery of Nearby Smart BLE Devices using BLE Scanner

18. 1/27/2016 18 NRF Master Control Panel – GATT Server Configuration

19. 1/27/2016 19 Sample GATT Server Configuration

20. 1/27/2016 20 Generic Attributes (GATT) & Services – Clients (Node)

21. 1/27/2016 21 Generic Attributes (GATT) & Services – Server(System)

22. 1/27/2016 22 Generic Attributes (GATT) & Services – Server(System)

23. Renaming Estimotes name using Android 1/27/2016 23

24. 1/27/2016 24 Renaming Estimotes using Android

25. 1/27/2016 25 Renaming Estimotes name using Android

26. 1/27/2016 26

27. Android Code of APK 1/27/2016 27

28. 1/27/2016 28

29. 1/27/2016 29 Estimotes Setting through Estimote Cloud

30. 1/27/2016 30 Estimotes Setting through Estimote Cloud (Cont..)

31. References [1] Xiaolin Jia, Quanyuan Feng , Taihua Fan, Quanshui Lei, “RFID technology and its applications in Internet of Things (IoT)”, Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet), 2012 2nd International Conference, IEEE, April-2012. [2] [3] ”BLE/Beacons/ibeacon, Internet of Things”, Tim McKendrick ,Director of Project Management | Vectorform [4] An introduction to beacon, Locolo,Beekn, [5] [6] Microchip RN4020 (Bluetooth Low Energy Module)- Guide, 2014 Microchip Technology Inc. , Advance Information ,DS50002279A. [7] Saminath.V, Jung Su ,”Understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) and Experimental Approach using WICED Sense in Android Platform “, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2015, ISSN 2250-3153. 1/27/2016 31

32. Acknowledgment • Prof. Rahul Shrimali, Ph.D Scholar, Ganpat University • Prof. Umang Shukla, Asst Professor, SAL Engineering College • Ms. Jinal Patel, M. Tech. Scholar, Saffrony Institute of Technology 1/27/2016 32

33. Thank You Reach Us: 1/27/2016 33

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