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Published on February 24, 2008

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Slide1:  InterEngineering 101: Sustainability UW-Madison March 5, 2007 Background:  Background Tonia Firnstahl:  University of Wisconsin – Madison B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2004 UW Marching Band Work Experience SC Johnson Polymer, ChE Co-op GE Healthcare, Chemical Management GE Infrastructure W&PT, OMLP Tonia Firnstahl Lauren Barbir:  University of Notre Dame B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2006 Society of Women Engineers Work Experience GE Infrastructure W&PT, Commercial Intern GE Infrastructure W&PT, OMLP Lauren Barbir GE W&PT: OMLP Operations Management Leadership Program:  GE W&PT: OMLP Operations Management Leadership Program Sourcing:  Sourcing Transportation/Packaging EHS Concerns Product Inputs Supplier Process LEAN:  LEAN Minimize Waste One-Piece Flow Poka-Yoke Kaizen Shop Ops:  Shop Ops Production Team Leader Employee Reviews Implement LEAN Manage a Process Customer Fulfillment Engineered Sustainability:  Engineered Sustainability Video:  Video What is Sustainability?:  What is Sustainability? The ability to sustain. What does that mean? To support, uphold, keep up, or keep going Sustainability of What?:  Sustainability of What? Natural Resources Quality of Life (dependent on natural resources) 7th Generation to Come Different thought process than short-term, market-driven decisions Sustainability for How Long? Why is Current System Unsustainable?:  Why is Current System Unsustainable? Over-Consumption of Finite Resources Driven by: Population & Economics Example: Freshwater Availability Environmental Impacts of Consumption: Decreasing Environmental & Human Health Climate Change, Declining Biodiversity & Pollution Solutions?:  Solutions? Solutions:  Solutions Reduce Consumption Better efficiency Less per person consumption Problems Redesign Materials & Processes Business & Engineering opportunity Chance to completely re-think established processes Engineering Challenge:  Engineering Challenge Historically Cradle to Grave Need for Cyclical Cradle to Cradle Products Algal growth chambers on top of coal stacks Book pages that can be re-used by “erasing” print Packaging made from corn by-product polymers Cradle to Cradle Remaking the Way We Make Things By William McDonough & Michael Braungart Trends: What Does this Mean to You?:  Trends: What Does this Mean to You? Trends … next generation:  Trends … next generation 3,000+ chapters Environment twice as important as economy 54% require courses on sustainability Engineers for a Sustainable World Business schools Trends … more, tougher regulations:  Trends … more, tougher regulations European Union RoHS WEEE Airport noise Emissions Trading United States Energy Star Tier 3-4 Rail PVC Replacement India National environmental policy China Renewable incentive Trends … view of green:  Trends … view of green “… being a good steward of the environment and … being … a profitable business, are not mutually exclusive … they are one in the same.” – Lee Scott “… add available energies for a world concerned about the environment, and … do so in a way that will yield robust returns.” - Lord John Browne “… building cars that are in tune with our environment is not only GOOD business; it will be our TOTAL business.” – Jim Press Trends … population grows 1B+ by 2020:  Trends … population grows 1B+ by 2020 Transportation Energy Water One billion first time flyers 3,000 new aircraft 3B in acute water scarcity $60B desalination equipment 650 GW electricity growth 1000+ power plants GE’s Answer::  GE’s Answer: e•co•mag•i•na•tion:  e•co•mag•i•na•tion (n.) GE’s Commitment to Imagine and Build Innovative Solutions that Benefit our Customers and Society at Large. Video:  Video ecomagination commitments:  ecomagination commitments Double revenue from $10B to $20B Improve our energy efficiency and lower our GHG emissions Increase R&D investment from $750 MM to $1.5B Keep the public informed on progress 1 2 3 4 Two Fundamental Criteria:  Two Fundamental Criteria Environmental performance Operating performance Significantly and measurably improving + A Breadth and Depth of Solutions:  A Breadth and Depth of Solutions ecomagination product portfolio:  ecomagination product portfolio 32 products certified Aviation GEnx GE90-115B LM2500+ CFM56-3* Upgrade Consumer Finance Earth Rewards Card Consumer & Industrial Energy Smart CFLs Energy Star Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washers & Water Coolers/Dispensers T8 & T5, Diamond Precise & Halogen HIR Lamps Ultra Motors *CFM International is a 50/50 joint company between GE and Snecma Plastics Noryl Wire Coating Paint replacement Water Desalination Pure Water Membrane Advanced Materials Silwet Superspreader NXT Silanes Rail Evolution Hybrid China Evolution Russia Modernization Energy Wind IGCC Solar H Turbine Jenbacher CMM, Biogas & Landfill LMS100 26 more in process Advanced Materials Low VOC PU Foam SPUR Flex PU Foam Surfactants Roofing System Rail SmartBurn Plastics VALOX PBT Freezer Film Auto Glazing Body Panels Non-Halogen FR Lightweight Composite Solvent Reductions Solutions Oil & Gas PII Ultrascan Duo Energy Max 9 PulsePleat Hydro Environmental Services Fanuc Proficy Plant Applications Software Consumer & Industrial CMH Lamps LEDs Hybrid powertrain Eco Home Water Cooling Solutions Fuel Treatment Predator Demineralization with RO GE Water’s Hamma Delsalination Plant:  GE Water’s Hamma Delsalination Plant Algiers, Algeria Provide Water for Drinking, Agriculture, and Industrial Applications 200,000 m3/day (53MM US Gallons) of Potable Water 24-Month Planned Construction; Began July 2005 70% of Funding Provided by GE Report on Progress:  Report on Progress Transparency Integrity Annually 4 ecomagination 3000

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