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Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Sigismondo


Intercollegiate Sports:  Intercollegiate Sports Dr. Jack C. Watson II SS 271 Thematic Outline:  Thematic Outline History of Intercollegiate sports Control of Intercollegiate athletics Athletic Departments Budgets Problems Paying athletes Education Probability of moving on Thematic Summary Discussion Questions Intercollegiate Sports:  Intercollegiate Sports 1852 Rowing race between Harvard and Yale 1869 football between Rutgers and Princeton 1881 Faculty athletic committee formed at Yale 1895 Big Ten formed 1905 National Organization for controlling collegiate sports was formed 1910 NCAA formed Intercollegiate Sports:  Intercollegiate Sports Women’s sports came under NCAA control in 1981 Initially formed by the students Took the form of private secondary schools in England Now considered corporate sport Who Controls Collegiate Athletics?:  Who Controls Collegiate Athletics? NCAA projected Revenue for 2001-2002 was over $345,000,000 NCAA tournament rights bought for $6 billion. BCS television rights cost ABC $930 million BCS championship teams will receive $17 million Promotion of Heisman Hopefuls costs over $1 million Notre Dame contract with NBC $45 million NCAA Coaching Salaries:  Coaching Salaries In excess of $2,000,000 Shoe endorsements Merchandise endorsements Television, Radio and Print Ads Athletic Departments:  Athletic Departments Division I: Budgets commonly around $20 million High end is $73 million Are not on average making money 70+% of division I athletic depts. operate in the red 4.9% of all departments operate in the black Winning does not increase academic funds Actually increases athletic funds Charging thousands of dollars for seats and boxes Budget Decisions:  Budget Decisions What teams are most visible? What teams make the most $? What teams are essential to the university? What teams are most expensive? What teams must be kept? What teams are most likely to get cut or under funded? Problems related to the emphasis on money in collegiate sports:  Problems related to the emphasis on money in collegiate sports Winning is important for making money Coaches cheat to win Decisions are affected by donors Television, less and worse seats for students Who are intercollegiate sports for? Cheating coaches are still revered Focus is away from education Universities prostitute themselves to make money cheating, corporatization, have students cheat or take easy majors, work around eligibility, bad recruiting Ath. Depts. take money from the general fund Are Collegiate Athletes Amateurs?:  Are Collegiate Athletes Amateurs? Is collegiate sport considered corporate sport? How much money can schools generate from sports? From athletes? Are athletics separated from academics? Is a scholarship a contract to work? Are collegiate athletes amateurs? Should Student-Athletes by Paid?:  Should Student-Athletes by Paid? What do student-athletes get? Commitment length What do student-athletes give to a university? Commitment length Who makes out better on this deal? Payment is below the poverty line. Athletes are exploited. Would decrease profits!!! Would prevent tax exemptions!!! NCAA Control over Athletes:  NCAA Control over Athletes Enforce Amateurism Tax free status of athletic departments Athletes work for coaches and schools to make money Scholarship commitments for players and schools NCAA Educational Performance:  Educational Performance H.S. Preparation of athletes Academic Performance Easier majors Less prepared Low for revenue sports Graduation Rates higher for whites, women and non-revenue athletes than non-athletes What holds athletes back from performing well? How can it be Improved? Hold coaches and administrators responsible Hire coaches as faculty members Don’t let freshman play varsity sports Enforce admissions requirements Decrease time commitment Bring athletic departments back to the university Moving to the Next Level:  Moving to the Next Level Thematic Review:  Thematic Review History of Intercollegiate sports Control of Intercollegiate athletics Athletic Departments Budgets Problems Paying athletes Education Probability of moving on Discussion Questions:  Discussion Questions Respond to the following statement: “Intercollegiate athletics thrive on the exploitation of athletes” What would be the effect of cutting major endorsement deals from sneaker, and TV companies on university athletics?

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