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Published on July 22, 2018

Author: jasminealkaram


Material/Tech Installation: Material/Tech Installation By: jasmine Al- karam Slide2: Content Standards: 1.5 Analyze the material used by a given artist and describe how its use influences the meaning of the work 2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design 2.2 Prepare a portfolio of original two-and three-dimensional works of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills 3.2 Identify and describe the role and influence of new technologies on contemporary works of art 5.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the various skills of an artist, art critic, art historian, art collector, art gallery owner, and philosopher of art (aesthetician ) Students will observe and recognize the different qualities of materials, while noting how those qualities effect their impression of the artwork. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role of new technologies in influencing artists and artworks. Students will explore the process of planning and creating an art installation. Students consider how new technologies influence artists, by observing how California Minimalists and contemporary artists use technology in their work. 21 st CENTURY: LEARNING AND INNOVATION SKILLS Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Communication Collaboration Assessment: Assessment Lesson Objectives Students will determine the effectiveness of different materials in achieving a specific effect and will share their opinions about the effectiveness of the artwork . Students will be able to identify ways artists can use digital technology in art making and write about ways they can use digital technologies to create art. By the end of the unit students will organize and create their own art installation, and will reflect upon how the materials and technologies they have chosen contribute to the meaning of their work. Assessment Students list and describe the physical qualities of different post-war materials used by light and space artists. Students will identify two different major ways that technology influences art, and will cite examples for each. Students will create a list of possible new technologies available to them for the purposes of art making, and possible ways those technologies can be used to make art. Students will successfully follow all steps for planning their installation and will give insightful reasons for their material selection and technologies. Student Activities: Student Activities Survey Class-wide questioning Lecture with Guided Notes Class-wide and Group Discussion Webercise I-Search or KWL chart Worksheet Planning Page Technology/ Material/ Installation/: Technology/ Material/ Installation/ The impact of technology on available materials to artists in is especially relevant today. The roles of artists are ever changing and the definition of artist seems to begin overlapping with the title of engineer, political scientist, architect, etc. Topics in this unit include an art history component, where students explore material and technology in works of post-WW2 contemporary artists and more recent artworks. Students will explore the role new technologies play in the creation of artwork, and will recognize that the materials accessible to artists often dictate the type of work artists can create. Students will also explore meaning in material, and how selecting specific materials contributes to the overall effect of the artwork and how people interact with the work. Learning about how artists approach experimentation with new mediums allows student to think about differently about media and explore new means of communication through their own artwork. Creating their own installation requires students to use higher level thinking and creative problem solving. https :// COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER:

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