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Published on October 20, 2008

Author: anastasia


INTERACTIVE OR SMART BOARDS : INTERACTIVE OR SMART BOARDS 1st Lyceum of Menemeni- Thessaloniki-Greece What is an interactive board? : What is an interactive board? An interactive whiteboard is a large, touch-sensitive panel that connects to a digital projector and a computer, displaying the information on the computer screen. It resembles a traditional whiteboard and is used similarly. The computer connected to the interactive whiteboard can be controlled by touching the board directly or by using a special pen. Such actions (inputs) are transmitted to the computer instead of using a mouse or keyboard. Which are the benefits of the IB in teaching ? : Which are the benefits of the IB in teaching ? Interactive whiteboards are incredibly easy to use. An Interactive Whiteboard can ensure that any kind of presentation from training sessions, meetings, briefings to any other discussions such as seminars etc can be delivered in a more efficient and effective way than is possible with other more traditional methods. People choose the electronic white board because it adds an extra element to presentations and helps motivate. The Interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. How we can use the smart board in the classroom? : How we can use the smart board in the classroom? Interactive Whiteboards are becoming one of the most powerfull interactive learning tools in education. An interactive whiteboard allows a teacher to use prepared materials for the lesson allows the students to interact with that material. Using web pages in class Showing video clips to help explain concepts Demonstrating a piece of software Presenting students work to the rest of the class Creating digital flipcharts Practising handwriting Why is it better than the blackboard? : Why is it better than the blackboard? The interactive electronic whiteboard is great for demonstrations. It is a colorful tool. The board can accommodate different learning styles. Tactile learners can benefit from touching and marking at the board, audio learners can have the class discussion, visual learners can see what is taking place as it develops at the board. All ages of students respond favorably to board use. Distance learning is an excellent setting for interactive whiteboard use. Slide 8: One-computer classrooms can maximize the use of limited computer access by using the whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard is an excellent tool for the constructivist educator. The boards are clean and attractive tools. Students with limited motor skills can enjoy board use. It is interactive. Users can be contributing directly by input both at the computer and at the board. The combination was for the teacher to be stationed at the computer, with students at the board and in the class offering suggestions and physically contributing ideas and actions. The interaction that transpires between the person at the computer, the users at the board, and the computer itself is a unique and very adaptable arrangement. It can interface well with other peripherals. The board is great for meetings or lessons where the participants need printed copies of the proceedings. It is a kid magnet! Is there any experiece in school education? : Is there any experiece in school education? In some schools yes. In Greece only one public elementary school and some private have their own board. In Europe schools often use smarts boards Let’s watch some videos! We saw it and we want it! : We saw it and we want it! Slide 11: Thanks for your listening!

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