Integration of Intelligent Virtual Assistants with CRM

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Information about Integration of Intelligent Virtual Assistants with CRM

Published on June 13, 2019

Author: interfaceai


1. Integration of Intelligent Virtual Assistants with CRM = Happy Customers By Susmita Chakraborty Existing CRM can leverage Conversational AI for improving Customer Happiness Index The success and growth of any organization depend on the service it provides to its customers. An unsatisfied customer will never return to your organization nor recommend your business. Such circumstances make an enterprise dissipate an existing customer along with some potential customers. In order to keep enterprises away from those situations, enterprises are focusing on prioritizing customer care, loyalty and satisfaction of customers. In order to maintain a rich and meaningful relationship with customers, enterprises today are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has a huge potential in customer management as it can help enterprises the earn increased customer satisfaction. The AI CRM

2. combination is an effective way to create more customer-centric sales strategy. AI helps organizations to create more accurate customer profiles by automating data entry and sharper data analysis. The AI-based CRM can optimize a huge amount of customer data which helps sales representatives to streamline the sales process for faster closing of deals. The collection of customer data can be automated if AI combines with CRM. AI-powered CRM can collect data from various onboarding touch points like WhatsApp, social media, exhibitions, wearables and product usage with minimum or no human intervention. The sales reps can utilize their extra time to engage with customers with a better strategy to generate more revenue. 5 ways how AI in CRM can keep your customers delighted 1. Quick Response With the integration of AI into CRM, customers get can get a quick response for all their queries. The AI-powered virtual assistants work 24/7 which ensures no customer has to wait to get their problems solved. A-powered CRM allows businesses to improve customer support and customer experience with minimal effort. 2. Fewer Errors Machines eliminate the possibility of errors in repetitive tasks. Engaging AI assistants in customer service will reduce the scope for errors. Your customers will enjoy an error-free, quick and seamless experience while interacting with AI assistants. AI assistants have a lot of memory which reduces chances of misinterpreting a customer query or provide incorrect solutions. 3. Higher Customer Satisfaction AI-powered CRMs are programmed in such a way which can do a predictive analysis of customers intent. Such data enables AI assistants to communicate with empathy which is always expected by the customer. Enterprises can expect higher customer satisfaction by deploying AI assistants in their CRMs. 4. Omnichannel Interaction AI assistants give your customers an opportunity or medium to communicate on the channel they prefer. AI assistants are omnichannel and can be accessed via any channel of your customer's preference. Not only the channel of the choice of the customer but

3. customers can also opt for either text-based or voice-based AI Assistant to communicate at ease. 5. Increased Customer Engagement AI assistant can engage your customer in a better way than your human reps. AI enabled CRM engages customers with friendly interactions which are often enjoyed by the customers. Besides, AI assistants come up with solutions which ensures that customers spend more time on your website. Optimize your CRM with the power of AI When CRMs are integrated with AI, it does not require time to search results as humans need to do without AI. This integration makes your customer support team to reduce service time. The employees of your enterprise can be engaged in more productive work to drive higher revenue in your business. AI assistants help to reduce operating cost by 66 percent while service time by fivefold. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to hire and train staff which can give you a proactive service 24/7. Using AI-empowered intelligent assistant is one of the most effective solutions to save a considerable amount of money for the enterprises. Moreover, enterprises need to program the AI-powered CRM only once to make it function until enhancement in a change of process or response. AI enabled CRMs are enabled to learn from interactions with humans which eventually makes it more efficient. Join Hands with interface We are the platform for making AI-powered virtual assistants which can be the perfect match for CRM. We combine language, knowledge graph, business logic, and response models that help enterprises to create and maintain richer Intelligent Virtual Assistants or IVAs in no time. The duo of AI-powered IVA and CRM has the potential to bring the highest satisfaction to your customers.

4. The White Paper published by IDC advocates the same with the prediction that- "AI associated with CRM activities will boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021" The prediction above must have shown a clear picture of why enterprises must include AI in their CRM. So make AI a part of CRM by joining hands with Learn how IVAs can transform your yesterday’s CRM to a modern-day CRM with a demo by clicking here.

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