Integrating Project Management with Service Management Best Practices, Feb 27th 2014

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: sureskills


Integrating Best Practices 27th February 2014 | DoubleTree Hilton SureSkills Canada 1 Rideau St #700, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada +1 855 278 7555 #SureSkillsEvents #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills SureSkills USA 7000 N. Mopac Expr. Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78731 +1 855 278 7555 SureSkills Ireland 14 Fitzwilliam Place Dublin 2, Ireland +353 1 240 2262 SureSkills UK Callender House 58-60 Upper Arthur St. Belfast, BT1 4GJ, UK +44 28 9093 5565

Corporate Overview Strategic Solution Pillars IT Solutions and Consulting #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Global Learning Services Service, Project & Process Management SureSkills is a rapidly growing multi-national services company offering a range of Technical IT, Business Skills, Service Management and IT Infrastructure Training and Consulting to some of the world's leading companies since 1993.

Project & Service Management 1. Traditional Methods 2. Agile Perspective Bill Heffernan | SureSkills #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Traditional Method Perspective #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Lifecycle Stages Strategy Design Transition Operations #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills •Relationships between Projects (Portfolio Management) •Understand TCO -> ROI (Portfolio Management) •Measureable Value as Project Success •Policies & Standards •Reusable Design & Architecture documentation •Service Quality (SLM) as a measure of Project Success (Quality)? •Utility & Warranty Requirements (more later) •Planning & Coordination of resources (Transition Planning & Support) •Management & Quality of Test environments •Configuration Management – what works in test, work in production •Release Windows & release models •Monitoring & Reporting Requirements •Request Types and procedures •Reporting Requirements

Project Planning Activity by Process Extract from White paper from ThirdSky – access to paper in portal after the event. #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Project Planning Requirements Gathering Utility & Warranty #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills 5 Aspects of Design 4 P’s of Design Service Acceptance Criteria

Project Planning Build & Test Testing • Creating & Managing the Test environment • Creating Release Packages • Release Documentation Requirements • User Testing (Functionality) • Service Level Tests (Warranty) • Service Operation Tests (Operational Management) • Service Management Test (monitored, measured, report) #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Deployment Planning • Release Windows • Knowledge Transfer • Known Errors and workarounds Early Life Support • Exit Criteria – Service Acceptance Criteria

Stakeholder Management Identification Customers v Users CSI Manager Functions Motivation Process Owners Identify Stakeholders Business Relationship Managers Service Managers Service Owners #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Product Managers Role / Interest in Lifecycle Stages

Risk Management ITSM Risk Register help to identify Project Risks #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills • Service Provider Risks • Contract Risks • Design Risks • Operational Risks • Market Risks

Other Considerations Service Evaluation to identify Project Risks #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Agile Perspective DevOps #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

DevOps according to Wikipedia DevOps (a portmanteau of development and operations) is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. DevOps is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT operations. It aims to help an organization rapidly produce software products and services #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Inserted from <>

Drivers Use of agile and other development processes and methodologies Increased usage of data center automation and configuration management tools #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Demand for an increased rate of production releases from application and business unit stakeholders Wide availability of virtualized and cloud infrastructure from internal and external providers

Depends who you listen to Teams: Reduce friction and increase velocity Tools: Automating release management to improve efficiency Tools: Developing operational monitoring systems for intervention Methods: People: #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills Agile going the extra mile Specialist Roles!!

My Perspective? Tangible example of trying to address age old problem Agile going the extra mile A logical extension A services, not team perspective #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

My Concern #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Great to See Progress But Same Challenge IT Management #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

SureSkills Comment • Simon Campbell – SureSkills Corporate Account Manager • Statistics • Recent trends • SureSkills Knowledge Transfer #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Join The Debate on LinkedIn SureSkills Service Management & Project Management Group #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

#SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

#SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

#SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Thank you for attending #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

Dublin: 14 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland Belfast: Callender House, 58-60 Upper Arthur Street, Belfast BT1 4GJ, Northern Ireland Ottawa:,1 Rideau St #700, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada Austin: 7000 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78731, USA Phone: +353-1-240-2222 Email: #SureSkillsEvents © SureSkills

#sureskillsevents presentations

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