Integrated, flexible system streamlines instrument management

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Published on March 11, 2014

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World leader W&H offers a complete hygiene, sterilization and instrument maintenance solution to streamline instrument management for your surgery. Using this system, handpieces can be cleaned, lubricated and sterilized, dried and ready for use in less than 30 minutes.

90 AUSTRALASIAN DENTIST World leader, W&H offers a complete hygiene, sterilization and instrument maintenance solution to streamline instrument management for your surgery. Using the W&H instrument handling and sterilization solution, handpieces can be cleaned, lubricated, sterilized, dried and ready for re-use in less than 30 minutes! The system comprises quality W&H instruments, the Assistina automated handpiece mainten- ance unit and the Lisa Fully Automatic sterilizer, complete with choice of data logging and traceability options. W&H Product Manager at A-dec Australia, Shal Hafiz, said W&H offered the ultimate in flexibility, practicality and economy for all surgeries. FEATURE: HANDPIECES AND HANDPIECE MAINTENANCE Integrated, flexible system streamlines instrument management because only the optimum amount of lubrication fluid is used.” Sterilization Using the Lisa Automatic steriliser’s unique ‘made-to-measure’ sterilization cycles, small loads can be completed in as little as 20 minutes which is perfect for rapidly turning around a small load quickly to make vital instruments available. Even larger hollow loads can be turned around quickly with a typical load taking just 33 minutes (on B Universal 134 cycle). Mr Hafiz explained that the Lisa Automatic’s made-to-measure cycles deliver customised programs for each load, thereby providing the shortest cycle times possible for each load. This saves energy, prolongs the life of handpieces and provides a quicker turnaround in the sterilisation room. The Lisa Automatic also features a flexible tray system for common tray and drawer systems, which means more efficient instrument handling from cleaning to sterilization and storage. Full Traceability options W&H also pioneered the concept of streamlined instrument traceability, giving a documented history of all sterilization protocols, with built-in steps to ensure the entire process is carried out to the required infection control standards. “The traceability concept is the link between the sterilization cycle and the patient file. This ensures seamless traceability for your hygiene protocol, improving both your clinical staff’s safety and that of your patients’” Mr Hafiz said. The Lisa Automatic guides staff through the entire sterilization process and documents all cycle history to provide proof that infection control protocols have been met. When coupled with a LisaSAFE label printer and barcode scanner and using LisaWARE software, the process is further automated and streamlined, allowing proof of instrument sterilization and batch data to be attached to individual patient records and automatically captured on an attached PC. Further information on Lisa sterilizers and W&H instrument maintenance units is available from A-dec Australia Phone: 1800 225 010 or visit STEP-BY-STEP LISA STERILIZER OPERATION: 1. Risk-free cycle selection The simple menu guidance makes it easy to select the appropriate sterilization cycles for the size of load. Lisa uses exclusively Class B cycles, meaning no errors in cycle selection. 2. Safe cycles The process assessment system monitors each cycle to ensure required parameters were achieved. 3. Check and release of load The sterile load is checked and released. The cycle protocol is automatically saved to the memory card or downloaded directly to a PC. Password-protected load release is also available. 4. Simple labelling The printed barcode labels are attached to the package with the sterilized instruments. 5. Storage The packaged instruments are used according to the first-in, first-out principle (FIFO). LisaSafe generated pouch labels also contain date data to assist in this process. 6. Transmission of data Data from the batch code is read into the patient file with the barcode scanner or input via keyboard. In paper-based systems the barcode label is simply peeled off and attached to the patient card. 7. Seamless documentation The Lisa Automatic comes standard with built-in automatic traceability using the touch screen, giving staff more time for their patients. All sterilization and test cycle data is automatically saved on an integrated memory card with a USB data read-out device for downloading and archiving the data. No software for the PC is required (although some practices choose the added advantages of LisaWARE software to automatically log this data on an attached PC). Lisa also features password-protected load release, so your staff can take personal responsibility for the hygiene process and verify sterilization parameters are met for the sterilized instruments used on each patient. The Lisa Fully Automatic steriliser sterilises handpieces in just 20 minutes. The new W&H Assistina 3x3 cleans handpieces inside and out. Handpiece maintenance “Handpiece maintenance with the popular Assistina unit provides full internal cleaning and lubrication of handpieces and turbines, and does so in a way which is not only fast, but also very economical

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