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Published on May 20, 2009

Author: ketankhakharia


PowerPoint Presentation: The Concept of Financial Planning PowerPoint Presentation: What is Financial Planning? Financial Planning is a process of identifying and fulfilling money needs in a Systematic and logical manner. PowerPoint Presentation: What are the steps of Financial Planning ? Identifying future cash needs. Taking charge of current financial situation Examining the investment choices Choosing the right alternative. Implementing and monitoring PowerPoint Presentation: The Process of Financial Planning STEP 1: What are our future cash needs ? Needs such as: Money for a child’s education Money for a wedding Money to buy a home Money to buy a car Income for comfortable retirement Money for a better standard of living Money to support travel Money to pursue a hobby Money for wealth creation and so on ……….. PowerPoint Presentation: Step 2: What is our current Financial situation? Income and expenditure account Assets and Liabilities PowerPoint Presentation: Step 3:What are the Investment Options ? Investment Choices PowerPoint Presentation: Most of us understand the investment concept by doubling the Money Few years before: Money invested in post office doubled in 6 years Money invested in banks doubled in 7.5 years. PowerPoint Presentation: What is happening today? POST OFFICE INVESTMENTS = 9 years (at current rate of 8%) BANK DEPOSITS = 14.4 years (at current interest of 5%)  Money doubles in : PowerPoint Presentation: When interest rates come down by another 1%, that is at 4%;   Investments in Banks will take 18 years to double.   We also surely know that: Post office cannot continue to give 8% for a long period of time. PowerPoint Presentation: Example : Interest on Savings : 10% Period for the Investment to double : 72 /10 = 7.2 years To double the money in 6 years The interest at which the money should be deployed is : 72 / 6= 12% The Rule 72 The Rule of 72 is to measure money’s velocity. This rule measures the interest / annual percentage growth. PowerPoint Presentation: The Compounding Power of Money How to achieve a Financial Goal of Rupees ONE CRORE @12% Return p.a Investment Principle : 1 The Basics: The Basics Earn Legally Spend Judiciously Save Regularly Invest Wisely Spread your investments. Reinvest for compounding PowerPoint Presentation: Income Tax Vs Capital Gains 1) Income earned : Interest, Rent, Salary Taxation : Income Tax : 31.5% 2) Capital Gains : Capital Appreciation on Financial Assets Capital Gains : Long term : Nil Financial Assets : Short term : 10% Investment Principle : 2 Tax Advantage PowerPoint Presentation: Asset Allocation Investment Principle : 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Life Insurance Step 1 : Invest in Yourself - Insure adequately WHY LIFE INSURANCE ? 1. Life Insurance alone is capable of replacing Your Income 2. Life Insurance is the only solution for Future Income Protection 3. Life Insurance covers Liability How much Life Cover you own ? PowerPoint Presentation: Health Insurance Life Insurance Step 2 : Health Cover - A Healthy Cover WHY HEALTH INSURANCE ? Health Insurance Safe Guards your hard earned Savings and Investments Are you covered by Health Insurance ? PowerPoint Presentation: Emergency Funds Health Insurance Life Insurance Step 3 : Create Cash Reserve EMERGENCY FUNDS 1. Take Risks 2. Maintain Six Months expenses, as Cash Reserve What is your Monthly Expenses ? PowerPoint Presentation: Secured Fund Emergency Fund Health Insurance Life Insurance Step 4 : Invest your Income in step with inflation SECURED FUND 1. Invest in Inflation edged Secured Funds 2. Take advantage of Tax Efficiency What is your Safe and Steady Savings ? PowerPoint Presentation: Growth Fund Secured Fund Emergency Fund Health Insurance Life Insurance Step 5 : Growth is Life - Invest in Growth GROWTH FUNDS 1.India is most Promising Country for Investments in the World 2.Equity is the Highest rewarding Financial Product 3.Invest Regularly 4.Invest for Long Term How much you want to invest in Equities ? What is the proven way to get return from equity ?: What is the proven way to get return from equity ? Keep long-term horizon, preferably more than 3 years. For example : In one year, the chances of making loss is 10 out of 25. It decreases with the span of time and becomes Nil in 15 years. Why people usually make losses in equity ?: Why people usually make losses in equity ? Investing lumpsum money when market is at peak i.e. ‘timing the market’ Not tracking their investment Lack of knowledge about Stock Market Anticipating high returns in short period, i.e. speculating. PowerPoint Presentation: The Complete Financial Plan for achieving Money Harmony Growth Fund Secured Fund Emergency Fund Health Insurance Life Insurance Money Harmony PowerPoint Presentation: What you can expect from us ? We will prepare a plan with the help of personal financial review questionnaire filled by you. 2. We will assist you to execute the plan by offering the right products. 3. We will monitor the plan and make alignment as and when required. PowerPoint Presentation: Why we are ? We assist people to achieve their Financial Goal through right diagnosis and right recommendations with right reasoning. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you & Happy Investing We welcome your feedback “The Whole World gives way for a person, who knows where he is going” Johnie Walker

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