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Published on December 31, 2013

Author: endress



Overview of common and best practice instrumentation and measurement applications in food and beverage industry.

Products Solutions Services Food and Beverage One partner for all your needs Your safe choice for food & beverage measurement solutions

2 One partner for all your needs Your safe choice Food safety is your main concern – and ours Why Endress+Hauser? A family owned company, Endress+Hauser stands for innovation and quality – for more than 60 years. Endress+Hauser is a full line supplier of measurement solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry for safety and reliability. We help you with cost reduction and productivity improvements. We offer you the process connections, materials, coatings and special finishes, required for your process. Instrumentation for:  • CIP control • Pasteurization & aseptic systems • Blending/mixing concentration • Tank level (silo, day & balance tank) • Plant utilities • Bulk solids & liquids • Inventory monitoring • Inline quality measurement Endress+Hauser applies decades of application knowhow to help our customers increase up-time and production repeatability while minimizing product loss. We work closely with companies like yours, universities, research institutes and organizations around the world, including 3-A, FDA and EHEDG to promote an exchange of information and technology. Third party verification and certificates issued prove this for every sensor. We support you through the life cycle of your plant, including certified service teams providing startup support and traceable on-site calibration. Learn more about Endress+Hauser

3 Services Supporting your audits and maintaining product quality Endress+Hauser’s Services portfolio is comprised of a broad selection of services, solutions and tools for you to optimize your plant’s performance. • Startup • Help Desk - available 24 hours a day • Calibration • Training • Spare Parts & Consumables • Factory Repairs • Field Service • Maintenance Agreements Calibration Our calibrations are conducted using standards traceable to NIST and our calibration certificates meet the requirements of ISO 17025. Calibration is a basic requirement to ensure process safety and quality when: • a new instrument is installed • the defined time (quality standard) has elapsed • a specific usage (operating hours) has elapsed • an instrument has had a shock or vibration which potentially may affect the calibration • there are unexpected readings • you need information about the performance - predictive maintenance • factories are audited following IFS, ISO 22000, BRC, GFIS Our network of service professionals are trained to calibrate various instrument types and brands – so all of your calibration needs are covered from one supplier. We also offer consultation services to determine cost-optimized calibration intervals and we can assist in developing specific standard operating procedures for your facility. Calibrations can be performed at our calibration labs or at your facility.

4 One partner for all your needs Flow instrumentation Proline Promag H electromagnetic flowmeter • Food safety and cleanability ensured by crevice free design – internal diameter of sensor matches sanitary tubing standard, eliminating hard to clean step change • No problems with collapsed or cracked sensors with reinforced PFA liner, even in vacuum • Accurate and repeatable measurement • Built-in batch function eliminates need for separate batch control • Meets FDA, PMO requirement for meter-based pasteurizer control “legal device” Promag application examples • Mixing and batching of various raw materials • Product reception • CIP control • Flow control to packaging • Timing pump replacement for milk pasteurization • High solids - fruits and meat High solids applications Dosimass – Coriolis based filling system Dosimag – Electromagnetic flowmeter • For high speed filling and batching applications • Compact designs to fit multi-head filling machine • Sampling rates reduce filling times and improve accuracy and repeatability • Robust meter, insensitive to vibration High speed filler application

5 Proline Promass Coriolis meter • One meter to measure mass flow, density, temperature, °Brix, °Baumé, °Plato, % concentration, viscosity and more. Measure process flow, batching, additives and flavors from 0.003 lb/min to 29,400 lb/min • No need to spend money for supporting brackets – simply clamp Promass in place • Improve production yield and consistency – Coriolis mass flow provides the highest accuracy and repeatability • In-line cleanability and food safety is ensured by fully drainable measuring tubes Promass application examples • Mixing and batching of various raw materials • In-line blending • Density measurement • CO2 injection for soft drinks • Viscosity measurement in-line Overflow protection with Liquiphant M Salvage/ Rework Water Concentrate Optional CO2 line VFD CO2 flow measurement with Promass Level measurement Deltapilot Balance Tank °Brix and flow measurement with Promass °Brix and flow measurement with Promass To pasteurization and packaging

6 One partner for all your needs Level instrumentation Liquiphant® and Liquipoint – The point level team Reliable point level detection is important for control and overspill protection. Or, to protect pumps and minimize entrained gases when used for empty pipe detection. • Easy installation, no adjustment/ calibration to the application necessary • Self-monitoring with fail safe mode ensures protection of equipment and process • Limit detection of foam, optional • Independent of flow velocity in pipes, - turbulences from agitator, foam or air bubbles in the liquid • Not affected by buildup Levelflex M Guided radar for measurement in liquids or bulk solids • Guided radar provides safe and reliable measurement, especially for level measurement of grain, flour, sugar and other bulk materials • Range: up to 148 feet in length • Works in dusty environments • Cable, rod, or coaxial versions to accommodate any application • Coated version allows measurement of processes with high sanitary requirements such as oils, beverages and milk products Prosonic M Compact ultrasonic level transmitter • 2-wire loop-powered system installs quickly into existing systems Prosonic application examples • Continuous, non-contact level measurement in fluids and bulk materials • Open channels and measuring weirs • Water tank, CIP detergents • Bins and hoppers Levelflex application examples • Process control or inventory/storage applications • Bulk solids and liquids • Vacuum vessels and filler bowls Liquicap M Capacitive probe for continuous level measurement • Ideal for fast moving levels such as filler bowls and buffer tanks • Build-up compensation provides stable measured value • FDA listed materials PTFE/PFA/FEP • Innovative flush process connection ensures cleanability at inside of tank ceiling

7 Micropilot M Smart radar level gauge • An ideal alternative to hydrostatic devices in troublesome applications, especially for measurement of beverages, additives, syrups, aseptic storage and filler bowls • 2-wire, loop-powered level gauge installs easily into existing systems • Menu-guided setup • Measurement unaffected by changing media, temperature, gas blankets or vapors Micropilot application examples • Continuous non-contacting level measurement of liquids, pastes and slurries • Buffer and process tanks • Storage tanks, stilling wells and bypass pipes Deltapilot and Cerabar M Hydrostatic level measurement • Minimal temperature effects and fast recovery after CIP cleaning • Measuring range down to 10” H2O, ideal for balance tank level measurement • Full protection against moisture, condensation, and wash down • Industry-standard process connections available to retrofit in existing hydrostatic measurement weld spuds • Easy accessibility with optional remote mountable transmitter Deltapilot and Cerabar application examples • Receiving tanks • Balance tanks • CIP storage tanks • Raw ingredient storage tanks • Process tanks • Cookers • Milk silos Raw Milk Storage Tanks Overflow protection with Liquiphant M Flow measurement with Promag H To process/ pasteurizer Level measurement with Deltapilot FMB70

8 One partner for all your needs Analysis instrumentation Liquiline CM42 2-wire transmitter for pH or conductivity • Alkali/acid concentration control • Monitoring and control of bottle cleaning systems • Interface detection • Leak detection on cooling systems Liquiline CM44x Multi-channel transmitter technology • One solution for multi-channel and multi-technology installations like pH, conductivity, chlorine and oxygen in one unit Conductivity measurement in the return flow CIP - Return flow 1 CIP - Return flow 2 Y Drain Make-up water Conductivity measuring for % concentration with CIP- line 1 CLD134 Acid Sanitizer solution Caustic Water CIP- line 2 To heat exchanger

9 InduMax and Smartec Conductivity measurement ideal for CIP divert control and makeup tanks • Jointless design has no crevices, construction of highly resistant virgin PEEK ensuring long life in demanding applications • Integrated temperature sensor provides fast temperature compensation t90 < 26 s • Inductive conductivity sensor with broad measuring range 100 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm • Standard concentration tables for common CIP solutions (CLD134) • Compact design for easy installation • Alarm contact for error signalling • CIP chemical concentrations IsFET with Memosens® Sterilizable non-glass sensor for pH measurement • Non-glass sensor for direct installation into the process, no need for sample or bypass • Measurement is possible in cold media, yet suitable for CIP/SIP • Secure, watertight connection between probe and cable IsFET application examples • Processes with cold media • Acidification • Control and quench fermentation/ starter cultures with continuously updated information • Cheese vats UniFit H - fixed pH holder CleanFit H - retractable pH holder OUSAF11 Optical absorption sensor • Hygienic and CIP/SIP-resistant • Up to two sensors with one transmitter (OUSCVM40) • Submersible sensor • Insertion sensor with Tri-Clamp® or Varivent® connection • Color independent measurement with optional NIR detector • Stainless steel body and fouling resistant sensor head made of FEP OUSAF11 application examples • Product loss detection in effluent • Phase separation milk/water • Interphase detection yeast/beer • Milk detection in CIP solutions

One partner for all your needs Pressure and Temperature instrumentation Cerabar Pressure measurement • Stainless steel or ceramic diaphragm • 4-20 mA HART®, Profibus® PA • Local display • Accuracy 0.2% at set span • Full range of sanitary process connections easytemp™ Compact temperature transmitter • Hermetically sealed compact Pt100 with 4-20 mA transmitter output is freely programmable • Completely potted sensor and transmitter with a variety of process connections Cerabar application examples • Pasteurizer back pressure • Differential pressure across regeneration section • Tank blanket pressure • Line pressure • Level and vacuum 7 times faster temperature response Sensor on Tip technology makes the difference. Quicksens, the fastest sensor on the market (t90 time of 1.5 seconds) for best performance in heat exchanging applications. iTEMP® Temperature field transmitter • Capable of single or dual sensor input for safety and redundancy or differential temperature measurement • Backlit display can be read easily from a distance; digital value, bargraph and fault indication • Minimum and maximum process value recorded • Sensor monitoring: breakdown information, sensor backup, drift alarm and corrosion detection avoids shutdown and enables a quick maintenance intervention iTEMP® application examples • Flash coolers and heat exchangers • Safety and redundancy in yogurt and cheese production • MIG “Mercury in Glass” replacement for retorts Strongsens is the most vibration resistance sensor - helps improve long term performance and reliability. ~ 7 times faster t90 Relative change of the measured temperature (%) 10 100 90 80 70 60 50 Endress+Hauser fast response sensor (Outer-Æ 6mm) 40 30 Conventional thermometer design made of mineral insulated cable (Æ 6mm) 20 10 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 Zeit [s] Time [s] 6 7 8 9 10

11 Recorders Memograph S Safety data manager • Alternative to maintenance intensive paper recorders and single digital displays • Conforms with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 issued by FDA for electronic records • Electronic signature and data security features help ensure process is properly recorded and measured values are tamper proof • Audit trail provided for operator entry and changes • Usable as a freely programmable visualization screen • Data communication to ERP via Ethernet • Integrated web server Ecograph T RSG30 6-channel, fully programmable display unit with recording, trending and alarm functions • Connects easily to plant network via Ethernet or RS232 connections • Keeps track of storage conditions, CIP systems or general process data • Integrated web server Legal Controls Back pressure measurement with Cerabar M Pasteurized milk Divert line Pasteurized temperature measurement Divert valve Recirculation valve Overflow protection with Liquiphant M Heat exchanger Holding tube Steam supply Balance Tank Raw milk Chilled water supply Control valve Level measurement with Deltapilot FMB70 Differential pressure across regeneration with Cerabar M Flow measurement with Promag H

Canada Mexico Other locations Endress+Hauser, Inc. 2350 Endress Place Greenwood, IN 46143 Tel: 317-535-7138 Sales: 888-ENDRESS (888-363-7377) Service: 800-642-8737 Fax: 317-535-8498 Endress+Hauser Canada 1075 Sutton Drive Burlington, ON L7L 5Z8 Tel: 905-681-9292 800-668-3199 Fax: 905-681-9444 Endress+Hauser México S.A. de C.V. Fernando Montes de Oca 21 Edificio A Piso 3 Fracc. Industrial San Nicolás 54030 Tlalnepantla de Baz Estado de México México Tel: +52 55 5321 2080 Fax: +52 55 5321 2099 ISO 9001:2008 Certified SO00001B/24/EN/13.12 USA

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