Instructions for Elearn Lesson - Sec 1 Exp

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Information about Instructions for Elearn Lesson - Sec 1 Exp

Published on March 23, 2009

Author: PinkPeppercorn



Instructions for Sec 1 Exp Lit classes - URLs, etc.

E-Learn Lesson for Literature in English Level: Sec One (Express) Dear Sec Ones, There are 2 parts to the task set for you and it is based on Poetry. There are many poetic devices that can be included in any poem. Two of them are ‘similes’ and ‘metaphors’. You will learn more about what they are, tell the difference between the two and to identify them. Task One: You are to access the URL below by clicking on the link in the Elearn Portal OR you can copy the URL below into your browser. Go through the PowerPoint presentation on Introduction to Similes and Metaphors. Understand fully what they are and then attempt the questions based on what you have learnt. Task Two: Attempt questions to gauge your understanding of what you have read. Please access the URL allotted to your classes to attempt the questions: [Just click on the link specified for your class in the Elearn Portal] OR you can type the URLs given below: 1D: 1E: 1F: sm=tPKYXTu0cHYBM7KRhNeLmA_3d_3d 1G: 1H: sm=rOs5_2fyKFU52Nebjo8W4YyQ_3d_3d Have a fruitful learning experience and a good day ahead.

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