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Published on July 18, 2018

Author: cdkeydeal


slide 1: Buy Battlegrounds Key Today to Enjoy New Sanhok Map Released The new Sanhok map updated really looks amazing for players who are more aggressive for a challenge than they usually are. The new Sanhok outline PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is updated and it is a really big update than that of the last time. The new map for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds was earlier called as Savage has another official name - Sanhok. The maps areas now all have their last names and theyve all got different changes to give them a reasonably different look. It also consists of four new zones namely: Tambang Na Kham Lakawi and Cave. You must have already known about this open cave that players can parachute straightforwardly into and itll be playable later today. Here are few screenshots of new Sanhok Map of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. The current weapon balance update has been connected with new adjustments in accordance with thing produces in Sanhok itself for example expanding the proportion of the AKM and M16A4 and decreasing the M416. There are likewise changes to the red zones therefore now for the most part wont show up inside safe zones. The player numbers are likewise set to remain the same at 100 for each round which implies the most huge impact on the time to time is certainly the density of the opponent. Or else its all hypothesis for the time being however the above additions and outstandingly the latest changes appear to be particularly in accordance with requests from the three-seat-motorbike-hating and three-seat-motorbike-hating community.

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