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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , a BaMC -Challenge Household S Fall 1 Instant City Household S, Fall 1 PowerPoint Presentation: It‘s been a loooong ro-hoad , going from there to here … - ‚ Ehr , Won‘t you to say your usual ‚hello and welcome to the Instant City BaMC ‘ stick like all the other times?‘ - hey, It‘s the last household S this Season, and I can say whatever I want… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but okay – hello and welcome yadda yadda what TCO said… and here is our last apartment on the island, 2 the Bridge, again made by itas84 at – took some time to fit it in with running out of space and so…and perhaps this time I overdid it with leaving out the CC, as it retained little resemblance to what the original lot actually looks like… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and here is once again TCO‘s favorite Landlord… - ‚…okay, I give up, you ARE the landlord… what did you do, murder the old one…?‘ TCO! – ‚I was just asking, it‘s not like anybody cares, where these guys come from… frankly, after all the oblivious, the paranoid, drunk, brainwashed, crazy or otherwise ridiculous explanations for them, I might as well imagine, that they were spontaneously generated by some computer algorithm, as if all this would be a game…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And with that, the last 7 servos were placed… - ‚ I‘ve travelled so long with them… feels strange having an empty inventory for a change..‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and since his energy was halved – actually, it‘s been this way since household A – TCO took a short recharge… inside, after blocking the exit…- ‚So you really did it…. Entrapping all the other households just so…‘ I entrapped some of them, not all…- ‚Doesn‘t matter, you‘re still a horrible person…‘ Thanks… coming from you, that‘s actually a compliment…- ‚ Yeah, yeah… so, since you‘re gonna do it anyway, may I ask how this household will earn his…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: * place * - ‚Forget I asked …‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… and for the last time this season , Servos were activated … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and already the first member of the household came with a bronze robot badge … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and it‘s worth mentioning, that the first Serva of the household got 4 badges in total… I don‘t think I ever had a Servo with more than 3 badges… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and here another treat: Serva S-2 not only comes with a Silver Robot, but also a Silver Flower badge… - ‚Snapdragons, right? Oh, spare me the answer…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… and so everyone started… wait, TCO, there is one left…- ‚ Correct, I reserve that one for later…‘ Why?- ‚Well, the others already got their numbers for their Serva / servofriends , so this one… actually, I‘ve become used to be called TCO, changing it to ‚Servo S-4‘… meh, I don‘t know…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and so the robot making really started… - ‚ Ta-Da – a perfect miniature of myself!‘ Oh, quit clowning around, TCO… you were activated with a silver robot badge as well, so make something appropriate - ‚* grmbl * fine…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And so, TCO – actually, his name is still Servo… - ‚It‘s TCO and that‘s final!‘ -… TCO built something appropriate to his Silver Robot Badge… though it smoked a bit … - ‚It‘s the second robot I‘ve ever build, cut me some slack…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… also, just for fun and to show how often he has moved, TCO‘s memory gallery… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and since I just realized, that his single Investment perk raised the household income by 108, I decided to even out the risk of actually losing money by getting everyone the perk… - ‚ To earn even more money, right?‘ - It‘s the last household, let‘s not fight over that now… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and while I missed it because of Perk adjusting, we already got a bronze badge… not wonder, with 10 mechanic, robot badges can be earned much faster… - PowerPoint Presentation: … okay, finally, we decided to switch the last Serva on anyway…- ‚ Are you my new Servo friend, oh Chosen One?‘ ‚ Ehr …. I don‘t know yet… let‘s make some robots first, okay?‘ Ouch… that was harsh…- ‚ Oh shut up…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - …meanwhile, the first silver badge popped up… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then another one…. - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and on the very first day, another recharge for TCO was in order… inside of course… - ‚ This really IS a prison… ‚ PowerPoint Presentation: …. And after that, we got our first Gold Robot Badge! Congratulation, S-3! – ‚Yes, congratulations… you know, you can make me a Servo now…‘ ‚ I thought, you‘re already have a Serva -friend?‘ ‚ … just make it, a guy like me deserves two…‘ TCO ! – ‚ I explain later… by the way, isn‘t it time already to pay the bills for Tuesday...?‘ - Well… actually…- PowerPoint Presentation: … today you are getting paid… now, while there already were Solar panels installed, I added a few more, because I thought, that with the money needed for robots… - ‚… Wow… that‘s actually cheating… somehow…‘ Well, since we are using custom-made apartments lots, that can be build with solar panels… and I have already build entire solar power plants and wind farms this way, so this is actually tame in comparison…- ‚Oh… anyway, I think, the others are in need of a recharge as well…‘ - Okay… solar power is a great thing, isn‘t it? - PowerPoint Presentation: - … so the others recharged too… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and in the meantime, Tco got his Gold Robot Badge… - ‚Great – and it only cost me all of my social reserves, after being imprisoned here, working like a slave and feeling like I‘m about to talk to a hand puppet just to have the illusion of social interaction…‘ - Look, soon we‘ll have snapdragons… eventually, at least.. - PowerPoint Presentation: - ... So another day slowly passed – and the investment perks were once again paying off… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and finally, it was actually TCO making the first Servo… hey, S-3 care to explain, why it took you longer then TCO to make one? – ‚… ehr , you never switched my routine working routine from Guard – Robo to Servo, that‘s why…‘ - Oops… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … anyway, we got another Gold Robot Badge… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and another one… and hopefully a Gold Flower Badge too soon .. – ‚ I‘m working as fast as I can , for crying out loud !‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then it was TCO‘s turn to get zoned out… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ do I have to make Robot Quotes now… because I‘m not feeling any desire to..‘ - Nah, that joke has a beard now, lets leave it at that.. - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and then finally, finally… we got the Gold Flower Badge … - ‚ Oooh … I don‘t feel so good… soooo Lonely…‘ - Oh noes… Quick, make Snapdragons, fast! - PowerPoint Presentation:  -… drat… - ‚ EEK. ALIEN BUNNY INVADERS FROM OUTER SPACE!‘ ‚ *Sigh* are we still doing this joke? Look, it‘s just one…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… oh.‘ Yeah, well apparently, this time, it‘s not just scouts…. We have an all-out invasion here! – ‚…. This is all your fault for letting us not socialize in time…‘ -Yes, and I don‘t regret it one bit, ‘cause otherwise we‘d never have an Alien Bunny invasion…XD !- *Groan* PowerPoint Presentation: … ín short , we ended up with 7 Bunnies, all intent on nibbling us to death.. – ‚ Oh please, they are just harmless little bunnies, what could they…?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… EEKS!‘ - Yep… I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew it all, didn't you? Oh, it's just harmless little bunnies, aren’t they? Well, it's always the same. .. – ‘Oh man… just go back to work, Serva S-1, the Social bunnies won’t attack you if you don’t interact with or get pranked by them, everybody knows that...’ ‘ Do the bunnies know that, too?’ ‘…. Oh for… S-2, do you finally get the Snapdragons ready, we need a social boost…?...’ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ I‘m working as fast as I can, give me a minute…‘ ‚ That was a minute…‘ ‚ … I mean a real minute, not a Sim -Minute, so I mean a Sim Hour… or perhaps 5…‘ ‚ Well, hurry! These bunnies won‘t stop…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … yep, the bunnies fought viciously… apparently, there were several warring factions among their troops, who decided, now was the best time to settle their supremacy over the other groups… perhaps they would have gone after the members of this household as well, but fortunately, the Servos used their Secret weapon… their ability to become completely invisible to the Outside world if they deactivate themselves…- ‚ This is just a giant load…!‘ *Ahem* Do you mind TCO? I‘m trying to bring some excitement in here…- ‚…S2…?!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Aw, come on, why are you picking on me all the….. OoooOooh …groovy!‘ ‚ If that isn‘t an Evil Dead quote but just a stupid reaction to getting zoned out, I…‘ Look! Something‘s happening! – ‚Oh great, what is it now…?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… well apparently, some of the Alien bunnies… are a more peaceful fraction… and are trying to appease the others with hugs and kisses…Bunny Hippies!- ‚ I don‘t see anything..‘ - … yeah, they seem to have some cloaking ability, that makes them partly invisible… but it is a rose bunny hugging a blue bunny… - PowerPoint Presentation: … ah, and now they are kissing and making up… yes, give peace a chance…- ‚How about : give intelligence a chance for once? This whole Alien rabbit thing is ridicolous …‘ -…. Okay, then how about this: all Servos Social motives had become red, so Social Bunnies appeared. The Servos are switched off except the one that makes Snapdragons to get the Social back in the green. The yellow bunnies start fighting, while the blue and rose ones start hugging and kissing – which in a legacy challenge would bring 2 Legacy points! … There, happy now? – ‚ … let‘s go back to the Alien Bunny invader thing…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … aah , the alien bunny peace movement is starting to get the better of the invaders…- ‚… go on…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… and is steadily spreading to all the troops…- ‚ … come on, I want to get this over with…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… forming alliances, founded through friendship and love…- ‚…. Go-on-Go-on-Go-on-Go-on… GAH!’ PowerPoint Presentation: -… even the yellow fraction, who seemed to be the most verocious fighters, at least among themselves, finally joined into the peace-lovingness… - ‚ * hrng * S-2!!!!! The Snapdragons…!!!‘ ‚ You don‘t have to yell, we‘re in the same room, TCO… also, have you looked around lately, there are snapdragons everywhere already….‘ - Yes, it was true… Snapdragons, a weapon most feared to the Alien Bunnies, were now slowly reducing their numbers one by one… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… some of them seemed to turn insane because of the danger, starting insane actions like juggling little dolls …- PowerPoint Presentation: - … others started blaming each other, getting into slap-fights which threatened the general peace… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … yet all their cries were in wane… Alien bunny by Alien bunny disappeared, leaving not trail of their glorious invasion, and the earth was once more saved … - PowerPoint Presentation: … or were they?! – ‚Aw come on…are we still going on with this? I thought the Snapdragons did clean up this stuff?!‘ -… well, apparently some Alien bunny terrorists…- ‚ No,No,No,No – We are not going with this…‘ - … okay, fine…- PowerPoint Presentation: - … so the Alien Bunnies terrorists, despite desperate attempts to wreak havoc, were powerless against the mighty camouflage the Servos achieved with their deactivation… - PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And so they left, beaten, to never return again…- ‚ Finally… I almost thought I wouldn‘t survive that…‘ So you admit, that they were indeed a deadly threat..? – ‚ NO, They weren‘t, they... GAH!‘ -…. Oh, I love this game… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and now back to our scheduled program: more robots! And since Servo templates are paying very good, selling them gave their creators a big aspiration boost…though to be honest, servos selling servos, that‘s kinda like slavery… or murder…- ‚Aw come on, the chapter is almost over, don‘t start another side story…!‘ - Sorry, I like side stories too much for my own good, I guess.. - PowerPoint Presentation: - … so the servo making and selling went on… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and I decided, that TCO might need a Gold Flower Badge too… - ‚ Yeah, whatever...‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… also, Serva S-2 was finally getting to work on her robot badge, and we got another payment of 662 Simoleons for more green energy…- PowerPoint Presentation: -… then TCO got his bronze Flower Badge… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… then silver … - PowerPoint Presentation: -… another financial infusion via the business perk… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… TCO getting zoned out from flower making… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… a gigantic financial infusion on Friday, over 3000… to be honest, this is a first glimpse of how powerful this investment perk is, the more money the household has… you‘ll see next season what I mean… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and finally, TCO got a Gold Flower Badge… also, I didn‘t make up any more side stories, aren‘t you proud of me, TCO? ? – ‚…‘ Heh , what‘s the matter, no insult all of a sudden? – ‚You know, I‘ve just realized, that this is the first week of my existence in this household… and all I did was making robots, flowers, had to beal with… Alien bunnies… sorry, but I have to pass, this household is not for me…‘ -… woh , mighty harsh words…are you going somewhere with that? – ‚…I‘m going home…‘ - Home?- PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Yes, Home…‘ You‘re moving out? Oh come on, I already said, no more households this season…- PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Sorry, but I‘ve made up my mind…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ for I am… The Chosen One!‘ - … oookay … that was actually a pretty impressive line… well as impressive as it could be for all the sillines so far…- PowerPoint Presentation: … and with TCO moving out with an unknown goal, winter began for the household… last thing we did, was to activate the Servo TCO originally made, Servo S-4, who thankfully came online with a bronze robot badge, so getting him on par with the others will hopefully be easier… - ‚* wrrt *… are you my servafriend ?‘ ‚ *Sigh*, yes… too bad, you‘re not TCO… I thought we had something there… well except, that we never spoke with each other after activation …and that I have three bolts with every Servo on this island… you know, now it doesn‘t feel that important anymore…‘ ‚ Sooo … wanna go on a date?‘ ‚ hm … okay.‘ - But not yet, this season is over, understood?! - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and with that, the first autumn of Instant City ended…*whew* I can‘t believe I made and wrote about a 1000 pictures for this season alone…- ‚ And we‘re just getting started…‘ -… yes. Perhaps just reading it is not as much fun as playing it, plus my playing style might be something getting used to… but I enjoyed it, and I thank everyone who beard with me so far… So see you hopefully next time for another season of : Instant City – a BaMC Challenge! PowerPoint Presentation: Epilogue – Current stats for Instant City: Playable Sims: 157 Playables (+1 TCO in the family bin) Sim-Multiplikator: 3 Population : 471 (+3 with TCO) Careers permanently unlocked: Military, Music, Athletic Careers 1+ unlocked: Business, Criminal (x2), Law enforcement, Architecture (x2), Intelligence, Adventure, Education, Slacker Other careers unlocked by personal abilities: Gamer, Oceanography, ShowBiz pets

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