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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , a BaMC -Challenge Household N Fall 1 Instant City Household N, Fall 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Hello and Welcome back to Instant City, a BaMC Challenge, and another household is established on the island…- ‚ Don‘t forget to say how boring it will be and how you‘re now wallowing in your own shame…‘ Heh , joke‘s on you, because this time, it actually gets a bit more interesting again…- ‚How‘s that?‘ - Oh you‘ll see, you‘ll see… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… Now todays apartment building will be ‚The Zone‘ again by itas84 at … - ‚ Again without CC?‘ Yes, it can actually feel really fulfilling, replacing stuff and putting up Wallpaper on empty spaces… ‚You forgot the fences at the front, there are some fence lights just floating in the air…‘ … yeah, well, so I might have screwed up a little… - ‚ a little…‘ - Shut up.- PowerPoint Presentation: … and after some bird watching – seriously, what‘s with Sims and immediately bird watching once moving in? … - ‚ Have you chosen your apartment yet?‘ ‚Oh, a vulture…‘ ‚WHAT?!‘ ‚ No, I meant the bird… also, no I haven‘t, because I‘m still waiting for the Landlord… but since you here now, boy, can you look where he or she is? You can‘t miss them, they are all grey haired Coots or hags…‘ ‚…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … so after sorting out the misunderstanding with the young Landlord – again -, we activated our new Servos and… HOLY… Gold Flower Badge on the very first try – and just to avoid any misunderstandings, N-1, you – have – no – nose, so you can‘t have allergies… - ‚… I could rust if I water them…‘ - *groan*- PowerPoint Presentation: … also, N-1‘s Servafriend N-1 has a Gold Toy Badge… too bad you weren‘t activated in the last household.. – ‚ So what are we doing instead…‘ - I‘m coming to that… - PowerPoint Presentation:  -… let‘s get the rest online first and… another Gold toy badge? What‘s with the Competence all of a sudden, usually it‘s bronze, bronze, silver, bronze, silver again… - ‚… blablabla , I‘m bored, I‘m gonna do rope-jumping autonomously now… *thump* *thump* thump*‘ Hey, that‘s a good start, the athletic stuff, because you‘re going to do that for a long time… - PowerPoint Presentation: … because, since with the N household we are now 16 households strong in this neighborhood, it‘s time to place another unowned Community lot, which will be the soccer stadium by CC Designs or simply Charisa1114 at It is a 6x5 Lot, has a worth of 370.339 Simoleons and houses a wide array of all kinds of fitness equipment and sporting goods, so – you guessed it – it hereby unlocks the athletic restriction. – ‚Why didn‘t you use the Football stadium, it looks good too!‘ - Yes, but unfortunately the CC goal posts for football can‘t actually be used, while the Eaxis soccer goals can… too bad Eaxis never bothered with trying to build working football animations… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … anyway, it seems everyone in the household is pumped up to get into the athletic career, since everyone wants to get the job… which is probably, why it doesn‘t show up, I‘m suspecting that there is some kind of code in the game that says ‚ if there is a career want for a certain career, said career should not appear ‘ or so… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but let‘s not dwell on that, instead let‘s go with the usual routine: for a warm –up, snapdragons… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … then some fitness (also please disregard the rain alarm on the screen, it just pops up whenever it wants… also also , it was a gloomy sunday , should anybody wonder about me playing Sims 2 in the morning… *whistles* )… - PowerPoint Presentation: … though we ran into a small problem… - ‚Oh, such a nice smell…‘ - GET BACK ON THE FITNESS EQUIPMENT! THAT‘S THE THIRD TIME YOU JUST GO UP TO SMELL THE ROSES… ehr , Snapdragons… yes, they got up again and again, it really took a while to get them down again… perhaps the Snapdragons were a reason because of all the maxed stats, so I took them to another room for the time being… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … okay, so after doing fitness for an entire night and day, everyone got a bit exhausted, though unlike Sims energy, Servo Power doesn‘t go down by constant training. However a quick recharge inside – yep, locked them up again - took care of that… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then – since athletes have to be charismatic beyond belief… seriously? – a mirror room was set up, so everyone could show themselves from their best side… also, here the snapdragons worked without breaking the concentration, if that had been the case with sporting equipment, so we made a few more… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … so after practicing throughout the night… PowerPoint Presentation: … we finally got an opening in the athletic career, as a Sports Mascot… ah, come on, don‘t we get at least a bit higher level, like 2 or 3 ? Oh well, so the Instant City Servo Sports team… - ‚ GO, I-C, I-C, GO…!‘ -… all became Sports Mascots, which means, that there should be no player on the field… I don‘t think, this season will be a success in any way… - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. So in order to avoid the upcoming disaster, everyone gave their best to train some more… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but to put their abilities to the test, it was time for a bit outdoor practice… - PowerPoint Presentation: … unfortunately, all athletes tend to be a bit … hormone-driven… - ‚ HEY! Is that somehow a take accusing us of doing drugs?‘ -… well you do have snapdragons, which kinda…- ‚ You‘re just jealous at our physical fitness and uncanny attractiveness, you… Couch potato…‘ - … shut up..- PowerPoint Presentation: - … okay, so I guess, dating can count as some kind of training, especially the smooching… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… but just to keep face, we‘re going to do some real exercising – by the way, the pay as a private trainer sucks, especially, if the respective Sim is a loser… - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. I mean, look at this guy, he trained for about 10 minutes, and is already crying about the burn… while Servo N-4 and… wait , is that Michael, one of the Angelos or Joshua Bigfoot? … in any case, they are currently training for the Iron Man competition, it seems… - PowerPoint Presentation: … oh anyway, everyone is ready and hyped now to go to work… - ‚GO, I-C, I-C, GO!‘ - yeah, I see…- PowerPoint Presentation: .. And ah, chance cards, the perfect excuse for having a story without having a story… unless it is that already appeared in earlier chapters, but let‘s try again: On his way to Lunch - … I don‘t bother anymore…- , Servo N-2 twists his right ankle (…) on the stairs. The pain (…) is bearable, but Servo N-2 is unsure, if he should still participate in the charity hike this afternoon. What should he do?.. Of course, a true athlete will bite his teeth and do all for Charity … - ‘ I don’t have teeth, and I won’t – because an athlete’s body is his capital, and I’m not letting this go to waist… ‘ The children, man, think of the children…- ‘ Children? I haven’t seen a single child on this island so far…’ -…. You’ll regret this… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… though unfortunately, not now… Always listen to your body! While the others are on their way, Servo N-2 uses the opportunity to talk with his boss about the plans for the future months. He makes some smart comments, and persuades his boss , that he is ready for the next stage on the career ladder. Servo N-2 gets promoted! – PowerPoint Presentation: … next card: The SimCity Heroes are looking for a successor for her popular mascot ‚Dummy‘, because the current Dummy has decided, to continue his studies in medicine. Servo N-1 is suggested, but since Dummy is leaving the spotlight for now, Servo N-1 might have the opportunity, to put the mascot he‘s currently portraying, the SimCityLlama , forward and make it popular instead. ‚ This card is all wrong – it‘s the InstantCityLlama , and dang it – I will make it the new brand name of the team!‘ … Not, you won‘t. – ‚ Wha … why not?‘ - Because you don‘t have a Llama costume, you Dummy as Servos… but you are a Dummy, soo …- PowerPoint Presentation: -… Finally, nobody is gonna tip out liters of Cola over Servo N-1‘s oversized Llama head, because he gets out of this costume and takes on the role of the all-popular mascot of the Sim City heroes. As Dummy, Servo N-2 can now make up his own slogans and gets a new behind. Servo N-1‘s ascent is honored with 1 body, and 1 creativity point. – ‚ Bah! I could have done it with the Llama…‘ … of course… Dummy… - ‚HEY!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … okay, same chance card for Serva N-2 … - PowerPoint Presentation: … and same result for choosing Dummy… - ‚ Ehr … actually, the card gives ‚ Schnulli ‘ as the name of the mascot…‘ Yes, but ‚ Schnulli ‘ comes from the German word for ‚ Schnuller ‘, which means ‚Pacifier‘ in American English… or ‚dummy‘ in British English, and I like that… ‚Dummy‘…- ‚HEY!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … Of course, everyone got eventually promoted, … Servo N-2 just beat them to punch via chickening out at the charity hike… - ‚ HEY!‘ - You don‘t need to yell constantly, we‘re on the same planet… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … anyway, as it can be seen, I sent everyone straight to the Fitness equipment then… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… so everyone could get their six-battery-pack… oh come on, N-1 you‘re the last who got her 10 body points… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and after that, the Charisma got upped to 10… I still don‘t see why athletes need Charisma… - ‚For the Ads of course, coming right from the Abs…!‘ - … one more reason to hate you… - PowerPoint Presentation: - .. Oh by the way, since I play at speed 3, catching the star skilling animation mid air ist really a challenge for itself…. – ‚Oh please no, I don‘t derserve all this price money, give it to the orphans and homeless… also, do not forget to click the banners on my new website if you want to be a winner…!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … so eventually, everyone got all the skills needed to be an athlete… or slime bag… - ‚HEY!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … now all that was left was to get connections… I mean friends.. Here’s our first one… and I think, this networking right now was about getting promoted next time…- PowerPoint Presentation: - … friend Nr.2… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… some dating in between … - PowerPoint Presentation: … then Nr. 3… some magical help in a game will probably be needed … cheaters … - ‚HEY!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… Nr. 4… okay, an elder punker in military suit… that‘s bizarre on so many levels… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … Nr. 5… hey, it‘s Vonnie / Witchie ! Haven‘t seen you in a while ! - PowerPoint Presentation: - … also, Link showed up… yep, they might not like each other, but a friend is a friend I guess, … Nr. 6… - PowerPoint Presentation: … Nr. 7… and since It‘s becoming too boring to count, let‘s say 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and get on with it…- ‚What was so interesting with counting them to begin with?‘ -… because. Now go dating again… - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. So everyone plat now, let‘s go home …. - PowerPoint Presentation: … he, by the way, look at this nice color contrast with the Dusk & Dawn mod, you look like terminators now… well, silly terminators but…- ‚ You know, we‘re slowly getting the suspicion, that you don‘t like athlete‘s…‘ NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE… *mumbling*unless they appear on TV and make me self-actualize… - ‚‘What was that?‘ - Oh, go to work, will ya ? - PowerPoint Presentation: -… The coach asks Servo N-4 , to transport a piano for one of the more experienced Players of the team. Servo N-4 isn‘t really interested to do labor, but on the other side he could score with the coach and the other players. Should he agree or try to find an excuse? – ‚ OH, I would love to help, but unfortunately I made an appointment with my eyebrow specialist to look better for the toothpaste commercial I’ll be starring in…’ -… you didn’t really search hard for that one…- PowerPoint Presentation: - …. Servo N-4 tells the coach, that he has muscle cramps again – that‘s not better either – and needs therapy and additional training, to be ready for the next game against the Red City Hammers. The coach understands and orders professional movers to do the job. For his brilliant excuse, Servo N-4 earns 2 Logic points. - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and the same for Serva N-1 … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and apparently using the same silly excuse still counts as smart….- PowerPoint Presentation:  -… and promoted again… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and we still had a bit time on Saturday, so one more promotion is it – oh it‘s the charity hiking card again… lemme guess, you‘re gonna sit that one out too? – ‚Nope, I‘ll go – only to show you, that I am a better man – ehr , servo, than you are..!‘ - Wow, that‘s mighty generous of… wait, you‘ll be getting promoted anyway, and there‘s not enough time to send you again on… oh whatever… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Servo N-1 decides to ignore his pain for the duration of the hike. The event becomes a complete success, all her colleagues are there, and the atmosphere is great. Servo N-2 feels great, and his fitness enthusiasm grows !... Hurray… I guess. - PowerPoint Presentation: -…- ‚ Something the matter?‘ -… why hasn‘t it become winter yet? It‘s supposed to be on Saturday… oh… no… - PowerPoint Presentation: yes, this time… it became winter on Sunday… * urgh *… so I basically threw away a potential promotion card in the wind with the charity hiking… - ‚ Hehe , so you are constantly bubbling about charity, but when something like this happens.. ‚ - … yeah , yeah, whatever… bloody weather… anyway, that was the athlete household, next time, things will get educational, see you and good bye! -

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