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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , a BaMC -Challenge Household L Fall 1 Instant City Household L, Fall 1 PowerPoint Presentation: … okay, hello and welcome back to… oh heck, you read the text under the first picture, the gray one I mean so you know what that is… yeah, well if you read the last chapter – really? – you‘ll probably notice, that it wasn‘t that interesting… sorry… to be honest, the others were neither…. … … and this one will probably not be an exception… - ‚ Way to start this one…!‘ - … yes, okay, whatever…. In any case, this time the apartment lot is Darlingroad 43 made by Shann116 at . It is actually also part of a bigger series of Darlingroad houses, but was the only one that was small enough to fit in here. I placed it next to the Simiety Vintage Theater, as the luxurious style deserves a worthy spot next to the hippest lot in town…. – ‚ Which is why it is directly placed next to the slum- ber apartments….‘ - …Shut up…- PowerPoint Presentation: - … okay, let‘s get to the boring we have to face each time…. Moving in… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … moving out… and activating some placeholders first , of course …. - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. Annd – money ! This time we take sewing …. And another silver flower badge waiting to get upgraded … - PowerPoint Presentation: … and oh hey – apparently, Serva L-1 was already activated with a Gold Sewing Badge, so she will be paying the bills Tuesday and Thursday… - ‚ I hate you.‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - . Of course, at all other times, the way will be blocked so we don‘t have to leave the room and recharge inside… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and dating, let‘s not forget dating… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and eventually, Bronze is reached… but since I‘m playing this Household mainly at Speed 3, I never get a floating Badge, only these numbers over their heads… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … also, more dating… - PowerPoint Presentation: …. And ALIEN BUNNY INVADERS ATTACKING AGAIN! TO ARMS, BRAVE SERVOS, TO ARMS…! - ‚…. Wait, what?‘ Household K established, that the Social Bunnies are actually Alien Invaders. You have to fight them off, now! – ‚…. Fine, I guess I can throw oven cloths at them then…‘ -….- PowerPoint Presentation: - … and so, the Alien bunny invasion continued … - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. and continued … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and continued…. *snore* (well at least these are the rose and the yellow bunny, so instead of fighting, they do romance with each other…) - PowerPoint Presentation: … but aside from that, life continued rather normal, with the usual recharging…. Perhaps being trapped in here with all the servos stopped the Alien bunnies from extending their grip of terror on the neighborhood… - ‚ This. is. ridiculous. And you know it!‘ - … if you have a better idea, feel free to tell me, so I can point and laugh at you… - PowerPoint Presentation: …. But eventually the days of the bunny invasion were numbered, as L-4 discovered the power of the dragon to defeat them… also, another Komei clone with a kilt showed up… - ‚ HEY! I resent the fact, that I am in anyway related to that Neanderthal, or even look like him!‘ - … yeah, right, sorry Komei clone, but your slightly changed looks don‘t fool me…!. Ah, I‘m so smart… now go away! - PowerPoint Presentation: - … with the threat of the Alien bunnies and Komei something-Clone resolved, the sewing continued…. And eventually everyone got zoned out again… also, I don‘t know any sewing quotes, so I won‘t even try… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ a rose by any other name …‘ … I‘m not buying you a bowling alley! – ‚ Awww ….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Ehr Hello, I‘m the intern for the artistic atelier, so I don‘t wear the outfit but… anyway, I can‘t get through and give you your plaques for artistic…. Help?‘ … Haha , nice try, Komei -Clone, but that disguise isn’t fooling anybody… ! Now go away!- PowerPoint Presentation: - … Well , finally , after sewing for days , slowly the Gold sewing badges were popping up … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … just one more recharge … - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. And now, everyone had Gold in sewing …. come to think of it , that went surprisingly fast, some Badge take almost the entire season to achieve , but this – we have almost half of Fall left ! - PowerPoint Presentation: - …in any case , to keep spirits high, this wind chime becameone of the most deired objects … they rolle dthe want for a 1500 sculpture repeatedly till winter … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … also there were bills – exciting , isn‘t it ? - PowerPoint Presentation: - also, L-4 caught up with the others with the Sewing …. Oh hey do you hear that sound ? That ist the sound of the grass growing outside… or if you live in the city , the sound of the asphalt withering away … - PowerPoint Presentation: -… more recharge … why did I take pictures of this again ? - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and while it slowly became winter – that ist actually the first snow I saw in Instant City so far , and we don‘t even have winter yet – more clothing was produced…. And as much as I attempt to ridicule it, clothing brings actually a lot of money – the custome -made clothing brings 675 Simoleons and can be produced so fast, that we‘ve already earned up to 100.000… - PowerPoint Presentation: … okay, anyway, it is winter now, this chapter ist over, we‘re all bored, and I‘m moving on to the next household now, in the hopes of finding something interesting in it… - ‚ Does that mean, we‘ve won?‘ Won? What do you mean? – ‚ Oh nice try, Alien bunny Komei Clone impersonator, you don‘t fool us… tell you what, we‘ll bore to death if you don‘t leave…‘ - … … … see you hopefully next chapter again… -

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Cool article, It was funny. The Jewelry Store

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