Instant City BaMC: Household Disc Summer 1 Part 2

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Information about Instant City BaMC: Household Disc Summer 1 Part 2

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , a BaMC (Build-a-Metropolis-Challenge)-Challenge Household Disc, Summer 1, Part 2 Instant City Summer 1, Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Hello, and Welcome all back to part 2 of the first Summer of my BaMC-Challenge… - *Crickets chirping* Ehr, Hello? Anybody here? – *crickets chirping* Wow, so many crickets… and I just bought this cookbook for Thai Cuisine… - *crickets fleeing* - Hehehe…. Well, where were we?...- PowerPoint Presentation: … ah yes, the Professor and his Servos had just returned from the Busine.. from the Secre… from the Lab and back to the Home Base – where a bunch of stuff had already been placed for unlocking Gamer… - ‚Gamer? Don‘t tell me you want me to become one of those Gamer nerds… I‘ll soon reign over the world, I don‘t have time for games… well except the fact that I am in one…‘ ‚Ehr, why are you telling me this…?‘ ‚Oh sorry, I was talking to the Player of this Game, not you… anyway, who are you?‘ ‚Oh I am from the garden club – do you have a garden?‘ ‚Garden? I don‘t even have a house!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Note: if this would still be the BaCC-Challenge, we would now move all the Servos out, but since this is a BaMC now – back to the Lab! – ‚ H… Hey, I just made my first appearance, and now you just go again?‘ Mr. Garden Club guy – you aren‘t important… unlike all the gullible people last time who gave millions away just to play Mahjong… but if you were willing to give us a few millions… - ‚ Ehr, no I‘m good… I‘ll just stay here and… well, watch some North Pole Penguins or so…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and…. back… now, since professor Disc knows the entire telephone book of Instant City, let‘s see who is living here… - ‚Hey, wait a sec – didn‘t we establish in the first part, that me and Von… I mean the infallible good Witch are the only inhabitants on this island and everybody else are rich, gullible people who spend all their money to come here and buy tickets?‘ Well, yes, Professor… but considering how long they stayed, and considering, that rich, gullible people have an entire flock of servants, assistants, managers, maids, gardeners, lion tamers, clowns, sheriffs, ninjas, astronauts … I mean, they have good reasons to take these peoples with them to show how important they are…. – ‚Oh… didn‘t thought of that…. Oh well….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… Hey, wait, what about the burglar and the little kid… and the police officer and…?‘ - Well, they are rich, so they definitely have some connections to the criminal underworld… and connections to the police are important as well… as for the kid…. I know, it‘s a harsh reality, but – rich and gullible people actually have kids, they aren‘t just spawned from some hellish black hole to torment the world…. - PowerPoint Presentation: … and – done already! That‘s 91 Townies and NPC‘s in total! – ‚Hmmm… that‘s all?‘ Shouldn‘t there be a bit more?‘ - Yes, probably – but since to many since make my game usually go kablooey, I have a ton of anti-spawning-hacks installed to keep the population small… I mean, this makes it actually harder, less people showing up to buy your tickets… - PowerPoint Presentation: anyway, let‘s move on and… hey, what are you doing here? – ‚Oh, I just thought, since this so-called Lab is only a few steps away from the Professors so-called home, might as well walk here…‘ You‘re trying everything to play a role here…?! Well, okay – Professor, new Customer! - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Hello Mr.…. Garden Club Man, wasn‘t it?‘ ‚ Ehr yes, but my name is….‘ ‚Doesn‘t matter – Would you like to purchase a dragon scale for 9999 Simoleons?‘ ‚Wha… No, why should I…?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: …. And besides, I don‘t have enough money, so how should I buy something for 9999…?‘ ‚You - don‘t - have? How is that even possible?!‘ ‚Who do you think, I am – a rich gullible person? And besides, as I said , I don‘t need a…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - A few moments later: - ‚…and because you‘re a favorite customer – and we only need two more stars to get a level 10 Business – you can get the Scale for a laughably cheap price!‘ ‚ Great, how could I resist… wait, I already told you I don‘t need a Scale, how come I‘m thinking about buying….?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - But eventually, he bought it – only one more star to go… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then finally – Level 10 Business! You know what that means… - PowerPoint Presentation: Yep, last Perk! – PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then, another star… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and that‘s it. Happy now with your participation in this challenge, garden club guy… - ‚Well, it wasn‘t exactly fun….‘ OUT! – ‚ Nonono, I mean it was great and I would like to…!‘ -OUT!!!!- PowerPoint Presentation: - Okay, finally gotten rid of Garden Club man, we set out to the next goal… how much money can a Single Sim own???! - PowerPoint Presentation: - But first: some more servo dating… - PowerPoint Presentation: And then there was the return of the great and powerful wizard Link…. – ‚Ehr… couldn‘t you just give me a little discount on that ticket…. ?‘ ‚No, why would I do that?‘ ‚BUT I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL….‘ ‚Out.‘ ‚… but…‘ ‚OUT!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - Another Note: The daily Output – and remember, we are still on the first day at the Home Base – for the Lab is round about 3,5 Million Simoleons on a good day! Now, on a High End Computer (and being even more micromanaging than I am), this outcome might even be topped, but this is as good as it gets… or so I thought…- PowerPoint Presentation: and… Hey Look, a Sim celebrity is on the Lot – Hello, Komei! – ‚Me am not Komei!‘ - Well, okay, no red hair, even more ridiculous clothes… but still, admit it, you‘re Komei Tellerman! – ‚NO, ME AM NOT!‘ Okay, if you don‘t want to be… just stay away from the trashcans and don‘t pinch people and we will get along… - (I‘m sorry – but ever since I‘ve seen the Pleasantview Bully Komei in Candies Uglacy years ago – read it here: - I‘m always imagining Komei with a Cro-Magnon accent…) - PowerPoint Presentation: - Another interesting thing: I think, some of the rich and gullible people around here have stopped leaving the lot, they just go into the tent, continue playing Mahjong later, go back into the tent…. It‘ s like a money-making perpetual mobile… - PowerPoint Presentation: And then, there is Vonnie… - *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOCH* ‚ Woa… ‚Professor‘… does that mean, you‘re feeling better?‘ *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH* ‚ *Gasp* … I guess that means yes… sooo, how about our totally non-romantic Outing then?‘ *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH* ‚…*GASP* *AIR*… does…. does that mean yes… or no…? *Gasp*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: And a few Dream Dates later… - ‚Oh Yeah!‘ ‚WOOO!‘ ‚I love this Club! Mahjong and Photo booth action – another star from me!‘ ‚Ooooh, ‚Professor‘… my, my… you really know how to use…‘ - [Censored: no magic wand jokes allowed] - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Oh, the Not-Komei like this, like Public Woohoo. The Not-Komei wants to join…‘ Sorry, Not-Komei, no Not-Komei‘s allowed - and no Komei‘s either … - ‚Bah, the Not-Komei angry – the Not-Komei will give bad press for that…‘ What, you are a tester? Ehr… wait, maybe we could build you a servo, then you could… - ‚Bah, the Not-Komei feels insulted! The Not-Komei will leave now…‘ - Aw come on… look, I apologize, you‘re alright, Not-Komei… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Hemp… okay, the Not-Komei does not bear grudges . The not–Komei will give prize but will expect photo booth lady for him next time…‘ Yay! You‘re the best, Not-Komei – Professor say thanks to the nice tester… - ‚Oh, I‘ll say thanks, but I think there is somebody else I need to thank first… hehehe…‘ *Hff*… oh my…. I think… I think I created a monster…!‘ *SMOOOOOOOCH* PowerPoint Presentation: Meanwhile: - ‚Aw man, all this action here… I‘m tired, I should go… but perhaps another round of mahjong first… naw, too tired… but okay, one more round… no, I‘m too tired… no Mahjong, tired, mahjong, tired…‘ - In short, this was the first time that I suspected that something had gone awry, as the customers were constantly showing, that they were tired, but instead of leaving or using the tent, just sat back at the table, several times over and over… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … so I finally sent the Professor into a tent asking the tired ones to join him. That seemed to solve the problem… for now, because more problems were to come…. - PowerPoint Presentation: Like for example this guy, who sat there for like 3 hours… - ‚FOR THE LAST TIME – this is my chair, go away!‘ ‚Aw, but it‘s so comfy…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … eventually, he decided to tamper of… - PowerPoint Presentation: But then he had a change of heart and wanted to buy something… so far, everybody was just sitting down at the table, never taking a look at the shelves unless somebody presented them the goods… you can‘t just change your behavior all of a sudden, you stupid Sims! – ‚…. Unless…. Unless we are developing a conscience, become autonomous, self-aware… this could be next step in evolution, we could be….‘ - Oh, just the buy the stuff and bugger off, dude… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… Oh, come on , another one? Stay away from the Professors Seat! – ‚But it‘s…‘ - Do you want a comfy coffin?! That can be arranged…! - PowerPoint Presentation: … and just when he finally stood up, his first urge was to…look for the goods… - ‚What are these goods… well, good for?‘ ‚Oh, they are powerful magical ingredients that will help Wizards like myself to perform powerful spells…‘ ‚And what should ‚I‘ do with them?‘ ‚You can put them on your coffee table as a nice decoration that will make your guests very jealous..‘ ‚Awesome! I‘ll take it!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… and right after the first item… - ‚Ehr… hello, I‘d like to buy some more of these magical ingredients… I need something for my stone garden…‘ ‚In a minute – I have to go into the tent again, to make these morons stop complaining about falling asleep but not wanting to stop playing mahjong….‘ ‚ Ah… okay, I‘m still so rich and gullible, I‘ll just buy the entire stock then…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … well, okay, he didn‘t, but since the business was running low on stock anyway, professor Disc created a little reserve… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Meanwhile, the sleeping problem also seemed to had ceased to exist… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and in the morning, everyone was rested and back in shape… so I never suspected, that something could be wrong, when they never left the premise… really, they just stayed here, paying the ticket, raising our income further and further… we‘re at 85 Millions right now… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Had another fire by lightning , that went out in the rain rather quick as well… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and right after it was out, everyone just sat back like nothing happened… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and then there is Vonnie… you just can‘t stop with it, you infallible naughty witch, right?! – ‚ Hehe… well, the ‚Professor‘ isn‘t complaining, right, Prof?‘ *big grin* - PowerPoint Presentation: And another night passed - and yes, they are all staying, playing mahjong… okay, this isn‘t just rich and gullible anymore, you people are addicted to Mahjong, aren‘t you? – ‚We could stop any time we want!‘ Okay, then go now, Business is ov…! - ‚What my friend means, just carry on – after all, I am the owner here so I say when it is closed…!‘ - you‘ll regret this… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and so, the Lab stayed open… eventually, Professor Disc‘s earned 90 Millions Simoleons… - ‚WOOHOO!‘ - Okay… are you happy about all this money, or just because you did it again…? - PowerPoint Presentation: … and then we had 95 Millions… Professor, nobody has bought anything since the last guy, and your stocks are filled, why more… - ‚That‘s just for personal use…‘ Ah, okay… well look at this, we‘ve earned 4 Million Simoleons per day for 5 days straight! – ‚Great, isn‘t it?‘ No… well yes, but this definitely not normal anymore, this looks like the Lot is glitched… - PowerPoint Presentation: … oh, hi, Link… - ‚…‘ … and No, you‘re not getting a discount… - *cries* … look, it‘s not my fault, that you wizards have to pay a ticket for being on this lot… at least we can avoid roaches this way… - ‚Waaaaaaaah!‘ *runs away* - Aw, poor guy… it‘s not easy being green… - PowerPoint Presentation: - 99 Millions – I was sure, that there must be some limit, like 99 Millions 999.999 or so…. - PowerPoint Presentation: - 99 Million 900.000 something – oh hey, Mr. Tubbypuffs, we haven‘t seen you in a while ..- PowerPoint Presentation: OH! MY!.... 100 Million Simoleons! It can be done! – ‚Haha – I‘m the richest Sim alive now!‘ … and once we gifted all this away for Universities… - ‚ KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM MY MONEY, DO YOU HEAR ME?!‘ - *Pfft* fine… keep it for now… last time I added all those unis the hood became slower than a paralyzed turtle anyway, so no need to waste it now… - PowerPoint Presentation: … but it‘s time to go home now… this first day is still not over, and earning more money would be redundant… - ‚For once I agree… *ahem* dear customers, thank you for visiting my humble business, but we're closed now. Thank you and Goodbye…. …. I said: Thank you and Good Bye….!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Hours later… - ‚GO! AWAY! NOW!‘ ‚Just five more minutes…‘ ‚NO!‘ ‚Pretty please with cherry on top?‘ ‚NOOOOOOOOOOO!‘ - I told you it was a glitch…. - PowerPoint Presentation: - Yep, the lot had become glitched – the customers just didn‘t want to leave, and continued to raise Professor Disc‘s pockets with money… so I finally broke out the big boolprop gun…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … and forced an error on each of them… that finally took care of the problem… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Okay, once they finally had left, we decided that It was time to change something about the Lab… just being an empty field had been fun, but we finally needed a real building… - PowerPoint Presentation: okay, let‘s do this… foundation… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… first floor… - PowerPoint Presentation: … rooms… - ‚Do you really think, anybody would find that interesting?‘ it‘s my challenge, I‘m can do whatever I want… - ‚… big child…‘ - HEY! - PowerPoint Presentation: - … next floor… (still have all of Numenor’s extra wall scripts in my game… ) - PowerPoint Presentation: … and done! – ‚This is supposed to be my Lab?! It‘s not even furnished!‘ I‘ll add a few windows, but in general: yes it is. As a business, you actually don‘t need more than 2 floors anyway, because the customer limit makes more just a waste of space… ‚ ‚It‘s fugly!‘ - Look, it‘s not my fault, that I have no idea how a Secret Lab should look like… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… anyway, after adding the windows, the old wall that originally carried the business sign was deleted… bye-bye, Mr. Wall… *sniff*…- PowerPoint Presentation: -… and the secret lab business was established once again… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and to test it, we had a grand reopening… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and everyone was happy… - ‚ Oh, it‘s great that this place finally has a roof… all these lightning strikes in the hot tub were really becoming a pain in the… well, a pain everywhere…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… and then, there is Vonnie… and the Photo booth ;) - PowerPoint Presentation: And then there‘s Link… - ‚WHAT! NO REOPENING DISCOUNT EITHER?! THE GREAT AND POWERFUL LINK…!‘ *snore* PowerPoint Presentation: Eventually – since this is also part of a DRED Business Strategy – we also tried out the rally forth ability… - ‚ *AHEM* DEAR CUSTOMERS! MAY I REMIND YOU OF OUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER OF… *ehr*… JUST STAYING WHERE YOU ARE AND CONTINUE PLAYING MAHJONG TO THE SAME PRICE AS BEFORE… yeah…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: With mixed results… - ‚Wow, your exclusive offer is great!‘ ‚Than why are you getting up?‘ ‚Because I want to tip you!‘ ‚Oh, thanks‘ ‚And now I have to go – bye!‘ ‚CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: okay, another try… - ‚OUR SPECIAL OFFER: STAYING INDEFINITELY IN THE HOT TUB FOR THE PRICE OF STAYING HALF INDEFINITELY IN IT!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Great business… but the owner is a goofball, right?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… the autonomous tenting was also working… PowerPoint Presentation: - … and another date from Vonnie… plus she gave the building her blessing apparently… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and then finally – finally – finally, the household could go home… - ‚Oh hey – You‘re already back? Guess what, an entire herd of North Pole Penguins just flew through and…‘ Aw, come on – you‘re still there? I thought we told you to go away, after promoting the Lab to Level 10… - ‚Huh? I never left the lot.‘ What….?... ever, we‘re now going to build the home base, so please step aside… - ‚Oh? Okay….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -… used a building cheat to build higher, by the way…- ‚Woo, you're really fast… are you planning to open a building company or so? Cause I really need a house…‘ No… but there might be few apartments around the island soon… - ‚Great, than I can…‘ All of them of course explicitly forbidden to special Sims like garden club members of course… - ‚Awww…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And – finished! – ‚That‘s even fuglier than the Lab!‘ - Don‘t make me move in Garden Club Guy, Professor…. - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚*BRRZZZL* The Base needs some green… *STRZZL*… and red…. *SRRRR*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Hello Dear… I heard, many Sims in this city are looking for a partner, that‘s why I am here to help. With my excellent precognitive skills I will find…‘ ‚Scram!‘ ‚Beg your pardon?‘ ‚See these roses? A third of them are from my Servos, all of them have my exact personality, so any good triple bolt date you can offer me will make one of them appear – and the rest is from Vo… the infallibly good witch who worships the ground I‘m walking on… or so… so go away!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Jeebus, the nerve these gypsies have…‘ Well perhaps you shouldn‘t have sent her away Professor… the infallibly naugh… good witch is definitely a good catch… but she‘s also past her menopause, if you catch my drift… and you‘re not getting younger either…‘ ‚It‘s still the first day of my new existence….‘ Still… see? You‘re already losing friends … soon nobody will now know you, or what a good catch you‘d be for Fortune Sims… - ‚Look, I don‘t have time for this right now…. I have to implement the next stage of my plan for world conquest…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … and so, Prof. Disc next step to world conquest began… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… Arise, my creation!‘ ‚Yes Master…‘ ‚Great – your Voice box has improved as well… nothing more of this annoying *BRRRZL* Stuff !‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… and even better, you have an appropriate relationship score with me, so you can accept this gift package without causing a fuss…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚A… gift? For my birthday? Oh master, you shouldn‘t have…‘ ‚Nonsense, why should I care about your birthday? It‘s all the servos I made – because you will be the one to travel around and activate them…‘ ‚Ehr… beg your pardon, master?‘ ‚Look – you now have all these Servos in your inventory. With them, you will move to another lot, take eight of them out and activate at least one of them, then move out again, go to the next lot, rinse and repeat… got it?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Uh yes… got it… master…‘ ‚Great – so what are you waiting for?‘ ‚Ehr… these are 145 Servos…‘ ‚Yes, why?‘ ‚Does that mean, that I have to move … 145 through 8… 19 times to get them all activated?‘ ‚Again, correct… and again, why are you asking?!‘ ‚Oh nothing… the master is always right after all… *sigh*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Then go, my creation… and always remember, you are the One I have chosen to pass on this task to…‘ ‚The other Servos went on strike when you tried to delegate this… job to them, right Master?!‘ ‚Ehr yes, but… Hey, how dare you to speak afoul about your master, you worm…‘ ‚Sorry… oh well, I am ‚the Chosen One‘, so I guess I better start finding a new home…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Oh, Hello Guys – and Hello ‚Professor‘. What are you doing ?‘ ‚ Oh hello, Vo.. Ehr … hello, my dear just-professional colleague in the magic arts… my minions we‘re just leaving…‘ ‚*BRRRZL* We saw everything, creator… *SPRRRZL* ‚CUR…. Oh well… anyway, they are leaving, and now I‘m all alone here… so how about you and me… hehe…‘ ‚Oh I‘d love to… but unfortunately I‘m currently trapped in this ‚bring roses for all the dream dates we had‘ mechanic… we had a lot of Dates ‚Professor‘, so this might take a while…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚...especially, since you‘ve got to be more careful with all these strays around here appearing… apparently, someone here opened a business, and some of the someone's customers started littering the island…‘ ‚You‘re right, it‘s outrageous… we immediately need to start a petition to tell this someone… ehr… it‘s me isn‘t it?‘ ‚Curses?‘ ‚Curses…‘ In other news: the first pet has just appeared in the hood… - *Strzzzl*… I thought this was about us moving out, not about a stray dog… *RRRR*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Oh yes, of course, *ehem* … and so they left to fulfill the doctors demand of building a flourishing city – by the way, here‘s a picture of the city so far… what do you say, my building skills aren‘t that bad, right? RIGHT?! – ‚You. Suck. I hereby remove your right to build anything in my city… I‘m getting my own buildings from now on…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚But first…. After all this hard work I went through… I guess it‘s time for a night of… FUN!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Ha-ha… take this… and this… and this….!‘ ‚Wow, I give up, man… how did you get that good at this?‘ ‚Oh, I‘m a man of many talents… also, your controller is broken…‘ ‚… oh.‘ You‘re inviting Green Garden Guy for a night of …Gaming? – ‚Of course… It‘s the perfect alibi for what I really have in mind for fun…‘ - What…? - PowerPoint Presentation: *click* ‚ BREAKING NEWS! TODAY, A GIGANTIC SERVO HAS TERRORIZED SEVERAL MAYOR CITIES ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, WREAKING HAVOC! DURING EACH OF IT‘S RAMPAGES, THE SERVO HAS TAKEN AN ENTIRE BUILDING AWAY! THIS RAISES QUESTIONS OVER QUESTIONS, LIKE: WHERE DID IT COME FROM? WHAT DOES IT WANT WITH THE BUILDINGS? HOW CAN IT EVEN STEAL THEM IN ONE PIECE WITHOUT RISKING IT BEING BROKEN DOWN TO BITS DURING TRANSPORT? AND MOST IMPORTANT: WHO IS BEHIND THIS? ALIENS? CARMEN SANDIEGO? THE BLOODY COMMUNISTS?!‘ This… is your idea of fun? Insulting my building abilities? How did you even build that one? – ‚Bought it on Esim…and again, I have a perfect alibi, playing games all night with…‘ ‚Ehr, dude… I‘m not one of your gullible rich customers, remember?‘ ‚CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Hello, ‚Professor‘, I‘ve finally finished bringing roses for our da….‘ *SMOOOOOOOOOOCH* ‚Woo, that‘s a nice welcome…‘ ‚Oh, thanks for coming over, my Alib… I mean , my… All… y….glibly.? Ehr... Vonnie…‘ ‚ Hey, man… You do know, that there is no alibi if I don‘t…?‘ ‚Just a minute, Mr. Garden Club Man…. Vonnie, since I‘m pretty sure that we both want to continue our… good colleagueship… do you still know this Pottygoer spell…?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and after getting a… toilet-proof …Alibi… - ‚ I still can‘t believe, you made me do that..‘ ‚Look, I‘m sorry… I didn‘t think that completely trough… again, all in the name of benevolent world conquest…‘ ‚… never mind… is now everything okay?‘ ‚Almost… but just to be on the safe side, I‘m gonna take a job in Gamer.. So nobody suspects something, if I play the video games…‘ ‚ *Sigh* You‘re a goofball, ‚Professor‘… that‘s why I like you so much…‘ ‚… I‘m letting that ‚goofball‘ thing pass for now… and… likewise… ;)‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … a bit later… - ‚This game sucks… I‘m out of here…‘ ‚Aw, you‘re just a sore loser… and you want to become a gamer…?... well, good luck…‘ ‚Whatev… Hey – who the… what are you doing here?!‘ ‚Sorry, sorry… just need to finish that Email…‘ Hmmm… purty… *pst* be nice, Professor, perhaps you might get a chance at making a… Professor Junior…*hint* - ‚… well, you‘re right, she looks…. HEY, don‘t change the subject – what is this woman doing in my Hou… ehr Base?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Oh sorry… the door was open, and nobody answered the bell… so I let myself in to….‘ ‚… and that gives you the right to use my computer?! What do you want?!‘ ‚… Oh , I‘m just one of the Customers from your Club thingy over there… I lost the key for my private helicopter, so I sent a Mail to the Main Land to send me a reserve… ‘ ‚This sounds so ridiculous and silly… you must be rich and gullible. Okay whatever… now please go away!‘ ‚Ehr… might I stay here for tonight? They said, that the new helicopter won‘t arrive until tomorrow… and I‘m rich, I could pay…‘ ‚ No – not even for all the money in the world! I have enough!‘ ‚Oh please… I can cook… well a bit… or do you need something repaired…?.. I could recite a poem or so…‘ ‚Oh for crying out… okay, lay down in one of the empty rooms and just keep quiet… Now if you excuse me…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … one ‚excuse‘ later… - ‚Sooo… who was that? That woman?‘ ‚ A crazy rich person who needed a place to sleep… and saying it loud makes this suddenly sound even more ridiculous…‘ ‚Do you find her attractive?‘ ‚ W… What has that to do with anything?!‘ ‚Awww, ‚Professor‘… I might be an elder, but I‘m not dumb… and I know men…‘ ‚ … ehr… Look, just because I… look, doesn‘t mean that I… ehr…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Aww, you‘re so cute when you‘re shy…‘ *smooch* *mph* ‚… and to take a bit of the pressure from you… I have no problem with an ‚open‘ relationship, as long as it is mutual, hmm?‘ ‚W… what?!‘ She means you can… - ‚ I know what she means, but I… I…!!!‘ *mphh* - Annnd – that‘s it for this Season! See you back for the next chapter in Fall! XD -

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Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Plus, save 5% every day with a Target REDcard. Load Complete Content. ... grocery, household & pets opens a flyout; gifts, parties & holiday opens a flyout;
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