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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , Deluxe * Metropolis Version Household Disc, Summer 1, Part 1 * Disclaimer: Unlike I promised (please don‘t kill me….), this is not a ‚Deluxe‘ Version – so no beautiful P hoto Shoots, no compelling narrative or captivating and intriguing Plot Lines; Instead you‘ll get cheap humor, bad grammar, uninvested Pictures, boring and excruciating rulebubbling and German text… enjoy! PowerPoint Presentation: IT‘S NOW A BAMC (BUILD-A-METROPOLIS-CHALLENGE)- CHALLENGE! RULE MODIFICATION TO BACC: REACH A POPULATION OF 500.000! ** Special Thx to LorinsV60 for introducing me to the BaCC and the suggestion for the new challenge name ;) PowerPoint Presentation: Okay, Let‘s get this started – by the way: Hello and Welcome to the Metropolis Version of my Instant City BaCC Challenge! Since I was able to achieve a population of 50.000 in my BaCC after three days playing, I‘m gonna raise the stakes and try for ten times the number! Note: I apologize if the text in the pictures is in German, but I was to lazy to reinstall everything in English - don‘t worry, I‘ll give you a short translation when needed! PowerPoint Presentation: And here is the neighborhood terrain, Insel-16 (Island-16) made by Sumisha at Blacky‘s SimZoo - I prefer playing small neighborhoods , as the ones with long roads and lots of space between them usually give me trouble because I have no idea how to fill out the void… PowerPoint Presentation: - And now: everyone, please welcome our Founder, Mr …. - *AHEM* - Oh, sorry, I mean of course, ‚Professor‘ A.Smitten Disc !... Ehrm , Professor Disc, please tell me, aren‘t you the one from…? - ‚ Hrng … Yes, that‘s me in that music video with this three-times cursed band…‘ * - Didn‘t you have a different name then? As far as I remember, your name was… - ‚ Pssst ! After this fiasco, I had to go into hiding, change my name, my aspiration, my facial features…‘ …but keep the clearly visible villain monocle, the villain head paint and the villain scientist coat with the villain claw? – ‚…. weeeell , I never said I was a master of disguise…‘ * - watch Prof. Disc doing ‚ Fa Fa Fa ‘ here: PowerPoint Presentation: ‚…Anyway, there is a lesson to be learned from this: just building a giant robot army to conquer the world is not enough, if a bunch of musicians can beat you… so this time, I will build a giant robot army to conquer the world – but I will also found an entire city where the robots will live and work, so this time they will have something to fight for! Defending your home, doing your patriotic duty and all that stick…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … And so it begins… - ‚ Oh, a penguin… shouldn‘t they live at the north pole?‘ Professor, are you sure this is a…? – ‚Shush! Who is the expert with nature as his favorite hobby here?!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: okay, all foolery aside, let‘s get to business – ‚Ugh, I hate telephones…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… my claw always gets stuck between the buttons…‘ - Why don‘t you use your other hand then? – ‚…. CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚…Ehr yes, is that the land registry for deserted islands with Space-time-distortions? No? Look, I just want to purchase a plot of land on this… completely deserted and therefore unowned island… … where I can build my new secret laboratory and don‘t have to deal with what weekday it is or the seasons or aging … a community business? Okay, if that‘s how it‘s called, I‘ll take one!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Ladies and GentleSims: Welcome to Professor Disc‘s (kinda) secret Lab! – (Also, the population of the future city just rose to 2) (= {Playables = 1} X {Sim-Multiplikator = 1[Starter] + 1 [1st Business]} = 2) ‚ Two? This is a deserted island, I should be the only person here…!‘ - Not for long, Professor… - PowerPoint Presentation: - To ensure the Professor‘s survival, we first purchase a few necessities, a shower, toilet, fridge & stove, tent… - PowerPoint Presentation: And, for some kicking fun, also a… - ‚Argh! A vulture! Run for your lives!‘ - A… seriously, Professor? PowerPoint Presentation: … whatever. We also purchase … - ‚… the most powerful tool for world domination! FLOWERS!‘ … I was trying to make a snarky comment here about how silly that sounds, but since I‘ve already played this challenge once, calling it silly would be the silly comment… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Aaah , a rose by any other name…‘ Professor, without a badge, all you can make are bouquets of daisies, not roses. – ‚CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Okay, daisies, daisies… tell me, which one of these are daisies?‘ Why don‘t you ask ‚the expert with nature as his favorite hobby‘? – ‚CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Eventually … - ‚ MUAHAHAHAHAH! Finally! Behold, a bouquet of daisies! ‘ Wonderful, Professor. Now, what are you going to do next? – ‚ Haha , now I will… ehr … make another bouquet of daisies?... CURSES!‘ - Nobody ever said, that the way to world domination was easy… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and the forces of good never sleep … well except, if they do… Professor, it seems that the second inhabitant of this island just arrived … - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚HEY! What are YOU doing here?! This is private property, no trespassers allowed! And what‘s with that preposterous Outfit?!‘ ‚ *Ahem* A warm welcome to you too, neighbor… also, this is a deserted island, so there is no private property, otherwise it wouldn‘t be deserted…‘ ‚There is no…? But… I just… purchased this…. CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… Oh well, anyway, from now on, this is MY Island, okay?! So remove yourself from my presence, wicked woman, or I‘ll,,,‘ ‚HEY! I‘m not wicked! I am the infallibly good witch Yvonne Angel* (Engler) , Mister… Mister… what was your name again?‘ ‚PROFESSOR! I am Professor A.Smitten Disc, not Mister Mister! Watch your tongue, witch!‘ ‚YOU…‘re name is ‚A.Smitten Disc‘?‘ ‚PROFESSOR A.Smitten Disc!‘ ‚… A Smitten Disc, an anagram of ‚Mad Scientist‘, which indicates that you are up to something evil like ‚conquering the world?‘ ‚ For the last time, PROFESSOR Mad Scie… ehr, Disc… but the last part was correct, yes... So go away, or I‘ll…!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: One not-so-infallible-good magic spell later – ‚….OoOooOoooh…‘ ‚ Apologies, ‚Professor‘… but as an infallibly good witch it is my duty to reign evildoers like yourself in…‘ ‚Hnf….hnf… hOow…. is this…. supposed to be good, giving people diarrr…. Uohhh….‘ ‚Ah, the old ‚you‘re the good guys, you don‘t do that‘ speech… well ‚Professor‘, I‘m well known among my colleagues for sometimes… stretching the definition of ‚good‘….‘ ‚CUUuur… oooh….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Much later… - ‚… uff… hnh… finally… the nightmare is over…‘ ‚ Sooo, ‚Professor‘… how‘s it gonna be? Still wanting to conquer the world?‘ ‚ Ehrrr, actually, yee… NONONONO, PLEASE, NOT THE WAND!...Listen, since you‘re okay with stretching definitions, what if…. If… if I conquer the world, but for Good, for GOOD, huh? I mean, I could be a benevolent dictator, ending hunger, pestilence, wars… that does sound good, right? Right?! Aw, come on, I‘m entirely in your hands here – see, I‘m placing mine symbolically into yours to show that…ehr.…and after all, do you really think, anybody would take a dictator seriously, who can‘t get off the toilet?!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Hmmm…. let me consult my familiar … you see, a familiar knows, if a persons lies…so Mrs. Tubbypuffs, did the ‚Professor‘ speak the truth?‘ *Meow* ‚That means ‚yes‘, right? Right?!‘ ‚Hm… will the ‚Professor‘ keep his word?‘ *Meow* ‚Yesyesyes, of course… because *Meow* means ‚yes‘ in cat speak, correct?‘ ‚… soooo Mrs. Tubbypuffs, does the ‚Professor‘ think that I‘m irresistible, hot and totally shmexy and totally go on a date with me anytime?‘ ‚... W-what?! What does this have to do with….?!‘ *Meow* ‚But I… ehr…. oh, boop… well, *maow* means ‚yes‘, so… you conniving, devious, manipulative… you know, that actually does turn me on….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚*Hehehe*… *whisper* thanks, Puffy… it‘s been a while since I had a date…‘ *Maow* ‚*whisper* Aw, come on, don‘t be such a sourpuss… he‘s not that bad… and you know, I always had a weakness for the megalomaniacal goofballs….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Soooo….‘ ‚Soooo….‘ ‚How about a date?‘ ‚It‘s the toilet again, if I say no, right?‘ ‚I‘m afraid so…‘ ‚ … I‘ll get you for this…‘ ‚Hehehe… bring it on!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And so began the relationship between the not-so-infallibly-good witch … - ‚HEY!‘ … and the not-so-evil Professor…. – ‚HEY!‘ … look, it‘s either this or a titanic battle between good and evil that will be anything but pleasant for both sides, so how‘s it gonna be? – ‚Hm… why not….. both?!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚AAAARHAAAH… take this… and this… and this… ‘ ‚Hahah… is that all you‘ve got? Here, I‘ll show you how it‘s done!‘ *Piff* *Paff* *Puff* PowerPoint Presentation: Much later – ‚*Hfff*, *Hff*… it‘s a draw, okay?‘ ‚ O… *Hff* -kay… but only because I got feathers in my mouth…‘ ‚… you‘re evil, you know that? Evil, treacherous, conniving, a cheat and a liar…. ‚familiars know , if somebody lies‘… yeah, right… and you have the nerve calling yourself infallibly good… and… and….‘ ‚and?‘ ‚… and I totally find you irresistible, hot and shmexy…!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Hehehe… and you are such a lovingly megalomaniacal goofball, ‚Professor‘…‘ ‚… you don‘t have to put the word ‚Professor‘ in apostrophes all the time… I actually have an academical degree, you know…‘ ‚ Awww, ‚Professor‘…‘ ‚Stop that.‘ ‚….‘‘‘‘‘Professor‘‘‘‘….‘ ‚Sto… no actually…. Say it again, you shmexy minx…!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - …. And so on and so on and so… you get the drill with these two… Oh look, a shooting star, make a wish! - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and then they had a dance… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and then…- Heh, Professor, remember, you have zero Outgoing points… - PowerPoint Presentation: … they…. kissed… PowerPoint Presentation: And then: - *smooch* ‚Ooooh… ‚Professor‘….‘ *grumble* (man, am I hungry… that spell really emptied me up for good….) PowerPoint Presentation: *smoooch* ‚Awwww…. ‚Professor‘…!‘ *grumble* *grumble* (I mean, REALLY hungry…) PowerPoint Presentation: *gruuuuuuummmmmmbbbbblllleee* '... soooo hungry....soooo weak... legs failing...‚ *Maow* - Pst…Mrs. Tubbypuffs, shut up… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‘Aw, Don't worry, ‘Prof’, some Mouth-to-Mouth-resuscitation...' PowerPoint Presentation: '...See? All better now?' PowerPoint Presentation: 'Better one more... can't be too careful...' PowerPoint Presentation: - Eventually: - ‘Hm….are you thinking, what I'm thinking, Prof?' 'I think so ...‘ ‘Soooo… I really have your word, that you ‘re going to play nice from now on?’ ‘ Does ‘Nice’ involve you-know-what-I-mean?’ ‘Yeees….?’ ‘… well, how could I say no to such an offer…?’ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Well, then…. Welcome to the good girls and guys club!‘ ‚Ooooh…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚…woh.‘ - … and thus, Professor Disc let go of his evil plans to conquer the world and instead started to devise benevolent plans to… conquer the world… ? - PowerPoint Presentation: It took some time to adjust to his new role, though…. – 'Uuuih , Lookat the pretty colors, uuuuuih...‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Thankfully, the infallible good witch Yvonne was there to help him over the first confusion… - ‚…and if you hold your wand like this and then put it there … hey, careful, if you shoot now, you‘ll ruin my makeup…‘ - … OKAY, it‘s NOT what you‘re thinking , you [censored]– in fact, it‘s either a glitch or something else, but the woohoo option in the tent didn‘t work, so everything stayed squeaky clean… ;) - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but at least, the Secret Lab eventually reached level 1… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and with the energy gained from his date (in Russi … real life, date exhausts you), the Professor soon amassed quite a number of daisy bouquets… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and also learned a bit about the witch Yvonne… or ‚Vonnie‘, how he started to call her… - ‚You know, you‘re actually quite skilled for *cough*an NPC*cough*…‘ ‚ Thanks… you on the other hand, have no skills whatsoever, ‚Professor‘… was it really necessary to loose them just to cover your tracks?‘ ‚…. Curses…‘ [Yvonne Engler is quite good in cooking, very good in Logic and excellent in creativity] PowerPoint Presentation: …but eventually, Professor Disc started to regain some of his abilities… congratulations, Professor, you got your bronze badge and have now the ability to make wildflower and tulip bouquets! – ‚…cur … oh, forget it…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … thankfully, Vonnie was there to keep the professor going… by going on dream date, after dream date after dream date – this method is called ‚Bullet dating‘, by starting a date right after the last one, which raises Aspiration, motives and aspiration points… oh, and sometimes you‘ll get random skill points… PowerPoint Presentation: - … the same goes even more for Outings – ‚Bullet Outing‘ can easily turn you from a talentless dork… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … to quite a skilled Sim. Especially if your Outing partner (like Vonnie) has decent skills, you‘ll end up with a higher chance of getting additional skill points. - PowerPoint Presentation: In any case, the boost to the motives is probably the best thing about outings/dates, as it allows more time for achieving more skills and badges – Professor, you got the silver badge, now you can finally make rose bouquets! – ‚YESSS!‘ Sooo… and what are you going to do with the rose bouquets? – ‚…‘ Curses? – ‚ I‘m so tired…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - Poor Professor Disc… no wonder, he‘s tired… I forgot to adjust the personality perks... - PowerPoint Presentation: - Another day, another skill point… - PowerPoint Presentation: - And another one… by the way, this twilight is actually the result of a dusk/dawn mod – feels a bit more believable than sudden darkness from one minute to another… - PowerPoint Presentation: - And another one… note, once your Sim reached a certain level of skills, getting more skill points this way becomes rare, and again depends on how skilled your date/outing partner is. - PowerPoint Presentation: And finally: Professor Disc got his Gold flower badge! – ‚…‘ What‘s the matter, Professor? – ‚… I forgot, what a gold flower badge is good for…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Aw, come on, Professor, you can‘t be serious – ‚No, really, I forgot… all this flower making, dating, outing… my mind is buzzing, and I feel hot… I mean, my temperature is heightened…‘ - Hm, if that is the case, then it‘s time for…. - PowerPoint Presentation: - SNAPDRAGONS! YAY! - PowerPoint Presentation: Yep, it‘s snapdragons, probably one of the biggest in-game game breakers – they refill all motives except energy within a 3-tile-radius and their effects even add up if you place several. 4+ snapdragons around a Sim can easily keep all his motives at maximum indefinitely… - fun fact: Do you know, that in German, the name of the snap dragon or dragon flower is ‚Löwenmäuler‘, which literally translated means ‚Lion‘s mouth‘ – interesting, right? - *snoring sounds* PowerPoint Presentation: And now it‘s time for part 2 of Prof. Disc‘s Plan for world conquest - by placing some Mahjong tables and a ticket machine … and yes, that does sound silly, but you‘ll see…– PowerPoint Presentation: Now the crux of that plan is the ‚DRED‘ Business method, developed by CJX (link for the game faq explaining this method in the picture): DRED is actually short for: Snap DR agons E spresso D azzling The idea is that Customers will basically buy anything as long as their motives are maxed by the Snapdragons, even totally overpriced tickets, and by ‘dazzling‘ them, the strongest sales action that comes with a Gold sales badge. The espresso part finally was meant to keep the energy motive of the sales person up, but with Bon Voyage, using a tent is much easier - PowerPoint Presentation: Anyway, lets move up to part three of the plan , dazzling customers… or at least getting a gold sales badge first to dazzle them later … ‚Ehr… hello, I‘m here because of an Ad in the paper praising a super duper entertaining business on this deserted island, and since I‘m immensely rich, bored and totally gullible, I came here to check it out… is THAT it?‘ ‚Yes, that is correct. Welcome to Professor Disc Secret La… I mean super duper entertaining business, I‘m the owner Professor Disc, and since you‘re the first customer, you‘ll only have to pay our special opening price of 999 Simoleons per ticket!‘ ‚…999 Simoleons - for a few snapdragons and Mahjong Tables with Ikea Chairs on an open field?!.... Lemme think about it…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Some time later – ‚So are you gonna buy one now?‘ ‚… hm, still thinking…‘ ‚How about now?‘ ‚…still thinking…‘ ‚How about now?‘ - Well, Professor Disc is at least as persistent as his customer gullible – Bronze Sales badge - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… how about now?‘ ‚Please, don‘t rush me…‘ ‚Rush? We‘re on this topic since yesterday…‘ ‚Hey, it‘s not my fault that you only got your Silver badge and still can‘t dazzle me to accept any ridiculous price you wish… by the way, do you know, I‘m so gullible, I don‘t even listen to what I‘m saying… wait, did I say something?‘ ‚ Ehr … yes, you said you‘re gonna buy a ticket…‘ ‚Really? Oh well… you better then talk to my husband over there, he‘s the one with the money…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: And so, Professor Disc talked to the rich husband in the cheap discounter vest and the bargain bin shirt that looked like a runaway from the dj booth…. – ‚Awesome, man – your business is totally awesome! And I‘m not just saying this because you totally dazzled me with your – finally achieved – Gold Sales Badge dazzling sales option and because I‘m twice as gullible as my waifu …‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… in fact, it is so awesome, that I‘m offering you a chance to work in my multi-million dollar business – or so I‘m told - as a little accountant at the bottom of the pecking order with a meager income and horrendous working hours!‘ ‚Ooh, tempting…‘ Professor, No! – ‚ But it is soo tempting….‘ - Stop listening to the gullible people, Professor, you‘ll end up becoming gullible yourself! - PowerPoint Presentation: - So, after saving the professor from becoming a peon to the gullible people, he finally put his gold sales badge to use to dazzle more of the rich, gullible people with apparently the fashion sense of a blind bat arriving on the island… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and then raised the stakes respectively prices… - ‚ Yes, you heard right! You can play Mahjong all day – and all you have to do is to buy a ticket for 9999 Simoleons!‘ Yep, the guy actually bought that… - Note: here‘s another example of the power of a DRED Business: - Keeping motives high by Snapdragons, all you need to make a customer buy anything up to a price of 999 Simoleons is 1 Dazzle. For anything up to 9999 Simoleons, you‘ll need 2 Dazzles. For 19.999 Simoleons, you‘ll either need 2 Dazzles and a high relation score with the customer – or 2 dazzles, each from a different Sim. Unfortunately(?) it doesn‘t seem to get any higher then that… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Of course, all these dazzles decrease energy – while the snapdragons keep all the other motives high – so eventually the Professor needed either coffee or a good night sleep. While the espresso machine has a higher energy rating of 4, I prefer using a tent, as the number of espressos needed to fill up the energy bar requires so many commands… and using a tent just gives a whole new meaning to ‚earning money in your sleep‘… - PowerPoint Presentation: - And eventually , all the dazzled, snapdragon- dazed insanely –rich, fashion-devoid, gullible people decided that it was time to propel the business to level 2. The two Perks were then used on the motivation perk scale, as part of the DRED-Business strategy is also to use the ‚rally forth‘ ability at the top of the perks to refill your customers energy bar to make them stay even longer. Now, since this drains the Sims energy likes the sales action, it‘s either that or waiting till new customers arrive and dazzle them again, so like the espresso/tent thing it‘s up to everyone's preferences… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚You really like talking about all those game thingies, do you?‘ Hm? Well yes… I played an apocalypse challenge once, so the rule bubbling just got stuck… - ‚ Did you finish the apocalypse?‘ … no…. I still have it, but kinda had to put it on an elongated hiatus, as an evil villain tried to take control of it… - ‚ and now you‘re playing a BaCC-challenge with an evil villain trying to take control….‘ Oh, you‘re not really evil , Professor, you‘re just a goofball… - ‚HEY!‘ - Aw come on Prof, don‘t be a grump, rather start with the favorite part of your plan: building robots…. - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ HARHAR! He might not be evil, but I am! Shudder in fear before the infallibly evil wizard Gerd LINK!‘ Oh great, another green villain… why do I always get the green ones… ?- ‚*Ahem* Hello dear Customer, I am Professor Disc, the owner of this Business. How may I be of service?‘ ‚HAH! You can tremble in fear, weakly nice wizard, as I, LINK, will wreak havoc on your lot, create lightning, rain, roaches…!‘ ‚ …Very well, but first I must ask you to purchase a ticket – business regulations, you know…‘ HAH, very well, I‘ll buy one… 9999? Are you insane?! What do you think, that I‘m so gullible?!‘ ‚No – but if you don‘t buy one I‘ll have to ask you to leave!‘ ‚BAH! I never wanted to be here in the first place… you win this time, little wizard, but I will return and then…!!!‘ - Note: It never became clear, what ‚then‘ would happen, because he never could pay the ticket and just flew off discouraged…- PowerPoint Presentation: - In the meantime, we reached Business Level 3 – once your customers have seated themselves within the snapdragons reach, they‘ll automatically give you more and more stars. Furthermore, both poker and mahjong tables are a good way to occupy several Sims on a DRED Business to stay seated. - PowerPoint Presentation: - Once enough money was made, I also tried another object – hot tubs were originally a really powerful tool for a DRED Business to keep customers staying… - PowerPoint Presentation: - (…meanwhile we reached Level 4 …) - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but unfortunately, things have changed a bit since OFB, so not only Sims aren‘t that interested anymore to get into the pool on their own free volition, but also will get struck by lightning…. - PowerPoint Presentation: … Professor, I think, the pool doesn‘t really work out… - ‚Awww… but I like the pool… it‘s sooo relaxing after working on the robot bench…‘ - We‘ll keep one, okay? By the way: nice bathers ;) - PowerPoint Presentation: Annd: Level 5… - ‚You know, constantly mentioning the level is getting tiresome…‘ - Sorry, not my fault, if everything else is so uneventful… - PowerPoint Presentation: And: bronze badge! – ‚ Oh, shut up!‘ Again: I‘m not boring, you are! – ‚HEY!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Level 6… - ‚*snore*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: And: another network benefit… I think, it was cheaper furniture… at the same time, the business had already earned round about 300.000 Simoleons… - PowerPoint Presentation: Level 7… - *coma* - …really funny… - PowerPoint Presentation: Oh well… Of course, Vonnie, the infallibly good witch still showed up, going on dream date after dream date with the ‚Professor‘ to raise aspiration and energy – with 100/100 relationship and snapdragons really easy… of course, Vonnie was also granted free entry to enjoy the ‚luxuries‘ of the super-duper business… bit uptight, that bathing suit, Vonnie! – ‚Says the voyeuristic voice from the sky, heh?‘ … why do all my Sims always try to insult me…?- ‚part of your character, Hun… just accept it.‘ PowerPoint Presentation: whatever… hey look, silver badge! – ‚You‘re too slow, never catching the badge over my head…‘ sorry, but if I don‘t speed up time to level 3, I would fall asleep… - ‚ You know, I really have enough of you constantly accusing ‚Me‘ as bori…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… iAAAH – FIRE!‘ Relax, it‘s just lightning… and the rain will soon extinguish the fire… - (and unfortunately, fire by lightning doesn‘t count towards the criminal restriction…*grmbl*) - ‚It‘s a metal workbench – how can that even catch fire?!‘ Who knows? Anyway, finally some excitement… - ‚… in that case, I‘ll now continue to be boring, just to spite you…‘ - Awww… - PowerPoint Presentation: Level 8 – ‚last time , I was in coma… guess, now I‘m in a coma‘s coma…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Despite the Professor trying to spite me, we finally achieved one of the greatest advantages the DRED business has in store for the BaCC Challenge – exploiting the University rules! To quote: There are three ways to go about raising enough funds for a university. […] 3) Have a wealthy Sim donate $1,000,000 to either build a public or private university.[…] You may earn multiple universities using any of the three methods mentioned. And now take a look at Prof. Disc‘s current fortune… muahahahaha… - ‚*Ahem*…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Yes? – ‚ I‘d like to inform you, that this is my fortune, which I‘ve rightfully earned and that I have no intention on donating it!‘ Professor, you‘re a good guy now. Good guys donate to charity. – ‚WHAT?!‘ Okay, okay… for now, keep the money, too many unis would slow the hood down, we can always add them later….- ‚But I have no intention to…‘ Oh look, Gold Badge – time for the part 4 of your ingenious plan, professor: build Robots… I mean Servos… - PowerPoint Presentation: Also: Level 9 – ‚I‘m dead…‘ - Still grumpy? Well, then it‘s time for… - PowerPoint Presentation: S-E-R-V-O! – ‚Yes! Finally! My plan is starting to take shape….‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - Unfortunately , we can‘t activate Servos on a Community Lot, so we have to return to the Home base first…. - PowerPoint Presentation: … where it is still Monday, 9 AM… - ‚*BRRRZL*… Servo Unit activated… *RRRZL*‘ ‚Very good… Servo, what are your directives?‘ ‘*SRRR*…  1. Serve the Professor; 2. Protect his immovables ; 3. Uphold the business level. *STRZZL*’ ‘Correct! And what are your special talents respectively badges , which I mysteriously can’t pre-assign to you?’ ‘*FRRRZL* I’m a world class Potter! *SRRRR*’ ‘… curs… oh well, lets go back to the Lab…’ PowerPoint Presentation: - Back at the Secret La… The Business, The Professor started working on another metallic minion, while the Potter-Servo took on the task to sell tickets to the customers… of course, it took a while, till he could sell something…. - PowerPoint Presentation: -… after acquiring a bronze … - PowerPoint Presentation: - … silver… - PowerPoint Presentation: -.. And finally a gold sales badge (took only11 hours…) - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and soon, the gullible people quickly submitted themselves to the metal Cyclops… their fashion sense didn‘t increase either, this woman for example was struck by lightning on this lot, left and returned still in her burnt clothes for another round of ‚Let‘s plunder the rich gullible people‘s wallets‘ … oh well, perhaps the ‚Burned look‘ is in somewhere… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Eventually, the Professor constructed a second Robot, returned to the Home base once more… - PowerPoint Presentation: And activated another- Serva - this time… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … before they returned once more to the La… Business to construct some more metallic brethren… - PowerPoint Presentation: - This time, both the Professor and Potter-Servo started working on Robots… or in Potter-Servos case, getting a robot badge, to aid the professors work later on… while it was Serva’s turn to take care of customers… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and again, it‘s time for Bronze… - PowerPoint Presentation: - …and another bronze … - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. Silver … - PowerPoint Presentation: … and finally Gold again. Also, Serva has a silver badge in styling… perhaps not the worst idea, giving these Sims a cosmetic overhaul later… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and another Servo activated – this one was activated with a silver sales badge already, so getting a gold badge will be easier this time… - PowerPoint Presentation: meanwhile, it became ten at the Home base, and Mr. Humble appeared… - ‚ You know, sometimes, just sometimes I wish people would appreciate it more, that I hand them an expensive computer for nothing…‘ - Mr. Humble, the only one you can blame are you yourself – since you are a game object that can‘t even be moved in without corrupting the game, why would anyone would have anything to do with you? Also – thanks for learning these things the hard way by destroying my test neighborhood … - PowerPoint Presentation: - Back to the… let‘s just call it the Lab from now on … , Professor and Potter-Servo continued working on the robots… also Serva tried out the flower station, though it wasn‘t really necessary. There were enough Snapdragons on the lot to keep the gullible well sedated… - PowerPoint Presentation: But for a change, the professor started to learn a bit more about magic… Professor, you‘re a man of science, why would you… ? – ‚ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…‘ - Ah yes, Clarke‘s third Law… I walked right into that one, didn't I? - PowerPoint Presentation: - … meanwhile, Potter-Servo got his Silver-Robot-Badge… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and Serva gave up on the flowers and started making robots too… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and since in the meantime Servo 2 got his gold sales badge as well and there were now the maximum number of customers my computer can handle (8) present, he started working on a third robot bench… robots building robots, it‘s kinda like reproduction for them… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Serva eventually got the Bronze Badge… - PowerPoint Presentation: – …and Professor Disc got an eczema… - ‚ This isn‘t an eczema – it‘s the magic sparkly skin!‘ - look, I‘m grasping at straws here just to make this at least a bit interesting, okay…? - PowerPoint Presentation: - Oh well, Guess I can‘t do anything against boring … anyway, then Servo Nr.2 got his bronze too… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … then Serva her silver… - PowerPoint Presentation: - …. And then Servo 2 his one… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and finally, Potter Servo got his Gold one… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and then Professor Disc got a Bug infection… - ‚THIS. ISN‘T. A. BUG. INFECTION! It‘s the magic sparkling of an infallible good wizard!‘ It looks like a bug infection, we should better spray you… - ‚ DON‘T YOU DARE!‘ - Okay, okay, but don‘t tell me later I didn‘t warn you… - PowerPoint Presentation: …. And another Gold… - - (Note: All of this was much more interesting, when I played the game… *sigh*)- PowerPoint Presentation: Hey Prof, What‘s cooking? – ‚ If you‘re looking at a joke here, you‘re looking at the wrong place.‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … aaand – Gold for everyone! – ‚*STRRZL* Error – there is only one Gold medal possible in a contest *BRRRZ*‘ No, I mean Badges. – ‚ *SRRRR* Statement withdrawn… Proceeding with making more noises in asterisks *BRRRR* *RRRRRING* *RATATATA*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Aaaah… now that is relaxing…‘ Wait – you made that chair – in the cauldron? – ‚Yes, why?‘ Who has ever made a chair in a cauldron? – ‚Magic.‘ - … walked into that one too, darn… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … so with the Professor now having his magic chair, a tent wasn‘t necessary anymore… however, as it turned out, customers can autonomously sleep in tents (see the Zzzzs ) – I knew, that with the DRED Business, you can earn money in your sleep, but money with the sleep of others? Guess, a hotel in Sims 2 is not as possible as I thought… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ HAHA! Shudder in fear, puny little wizard, because I, the great and powerful Link, have returned to… wait… THAT‘S OUTRAGEOUS! HOW CAN YOU DEMAND SO MUCH MONEY FOR…?!!!‘ ‚ Hey, keep it down – you‘re waking up the customers!‘ ‚YOU DARE TO…?!. Ehr…*whisper* you dare to …?.*end whisper* darn… it‘s not the same if you can‘t say it loud…‘ *leaves* PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Wow – you really know, what, you‘re doing! Your Secret Lab has impressed me so much, that I‘m giving you the Crème de la Crème Pri…. Wait…. Secret Lab? How can it be secret? That doesn‘t make sense…‘ ‚Are you gonna give me the prize or what?‘ ‚Well, I‘m going to get second thou…‘ ‚ I‘m gonna turn you into a toad if you don‘t hand over my prize!‘ ‚… aaand there you go! Congratulations!‘ ‚Great! Now leave, you‘re occupying the slot for other customers… dang visitor limit…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and finally, Professor Disc reached the maximum knowledge and orientation there is for a good wizard… - ‚Oh, I feel sooo good… I love everyone… I wanna spread happiness and rainbows…. Ooh, Sparkles…‘ Professor, keep yourself together- remember, you want to conquer the world! – ‚Awww… but I just waaaant… to…. Feeeeel…. The love toniiiight….‘ ‚Did someone say love?‘ Ah, the Infallibly good witch… well, the professor is a bit beside himself… any ideas? – ‚Hehe – you betcha!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: One photo booth/public woohoo later… - ‚…‘ Well, Professor, feeling better now? - ‚ *Snif*… She…. she deflowered me…‘ Oh right, you‘re not a virgin anymore…. And with zero Outgoing points and in public… welll… - ‚… I wanna go home…‘ - And he did, mid-date … - PowerPoint Presentation: Later: - ‚Aw ‚Professor‘ – I‘m sorry… frankly, I never thought at your age… and you didn‘t seem that inexperienced when we just kissed…‘ ‚…‘ ‚ Tell you what – I‘m gonna go now, and you‘re gonna go back to your world conquest… and once you feel like it, we‘re gonna have a nice relaxed Outing without any romantic interaction, okay? ‚…‘ ‚Well then… bye Sweetie...‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … okay, eventually the Professor recovered… okay, Professor, cards on the table, what was so bad about it?! – ‚It… it was… all these yucky fluids… and… and the smell and… it was just terrible…!‘ Hmm…Sounds like you have issues… – ‚Well, I AM a Mad Scientist…‘ touché! - ‚ Anyway, Vo… the witch is right – back to world conquest… and I need more Servos!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: And with that, 3 more Servos respectively Servas were activated… and to prevent them from getting into aspiration failure, each of the Servos started dating one of the Servas – and since they all had Professor Discs Personality, they all had a triple bolt attraction, so no problem here… - Note: the reason, why I didn‘t arrange any same-se… wait ,is that the right word? Or is it ‚same-servo‘ or ‚same-serva‘ relationship? Anyway, the reason why not is since the Servos and Servas all look the same, dating a robot of the different gender at least allows me to reduce the risk that I accidentally click the wrong robot s, leading to furiousness, mayhem and chaos… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … of course, the Newbies first had to learn how to sell our overpriced tickets, but since we already have 2,5 Million in the sack, no problem here either… especially since the price was now raised to 19.999 Simoleons per ticket… and yes, these gullible rich people did in fact pay that much for Mahjong tables and tents…- PowerPoint Presentation: - There was also an attempt to sell stuff the professor had created in his cauldron for the same price of 19999 Simoleons.. - PowerPoint Presentation: - … but in the long run, it didn‘t really work out, because unlike the tickets, these single objects were much harder to sell and too much of a hassle to restock them to keep it up… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and while one of the Newbies had a silver cashier badge so the customers couldn‘t complain, in the end the business continued to rely on the income from the tickets …. - PowerPoint Presentation: - … soon we had earned 10 Millions (that was my personal record until then…)… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … by the way, ever wanted to see how a household and business look like, that earns millions of Simoleons? Well, have a good look… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and while more and more millions were now pouring in, the number of finished servos grew – here we are at 44… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and here we had 91 Servos and 40 millions… and the whole time there was dating and public woohoo and… yeah, really should have taken pictures of that and not this stuff… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … or rather not, because that was uneventful too… see the Platinum aspirations all over the place? Dream dates between playable triple bolt Servos… it doesn‘t get easier then that… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … the only annoying thing was, when the customers left the lot just to return a few minutes later… again, it need 2 dazzles from two different Sims to buy a ticket for 19999, so micromanaging was necessary here… - PowerPoint Presentation: - Aah, this is actually a special snapshot – it was rather rare having more then 3 three Sims in the remaining hot tub, so this is really special…. - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and this is actually the first time, 2 customers were sleeping in the same tent… originally I thought, it only worked autonomously, if nobody else was in the tent, but alas…. - PowerPoint Presentation: -…. And another Creme de la creme prize… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … and now and then, a customer was interested into buying one of the magic reagents… also, we now had earned 52 Million Simoleons and built 114 Servos… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and here my last big goof up… I forgot to recharge the Servos during Sunlight, so a whole night was wasted… and no, I didn‘t knew, that Servos can regain energy when using a bed… - PowerPoint Presentation: And then the big moment came… STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!! – ‚W… what? Oh, you… we didn‘t talk with each other for some time… last time was 2,5 Millions, right? Wow, how time passes…‘ Yes, whatever, Professor, but now it is time to go home… - ‚Home? Why?‘ Because the challenge is finished… - ‚Finished?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Yes look at the numbers, we have enough money and Servos to finish the BaCC Challenge – so it‘s over… - ,W… wait – what about my World conquest?!‘ Don‘t care, Bye… - ‚CUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!‘ Hehehe – just a joke Prof. – while it couldn‘t be seen in the pictures, it was so much fun with you, I decided to continue this BaCC – or rather, turn it into a BaMC… so we will continue… - ‚Phew…‘ But it‘s the end of this part… and will continue in part 2… C U L8er!

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