Instant City BaMC: Household Disc Fall 1

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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint Presentation: Instant City , a BaMC (Build-a-Metropolis-Challenge)-Challenge Household Disc, Fall 1 Instant City Household Disc, Fall 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Hello and Welcome back to the next chapter of Instant City – a BaMC Challenge…. And in case you are crickets, a fair warning: I still have the Thai Cook Book… - *Laugh track* *Applause* Thank you very much, I knew you love me… but let‘s get back to Professor Disc… Professor, how‘s it going? – ‚Quick, man, run him over…‘ ‚Ehr, I can‘t do that…‘ ‚Look, I don‘t know you or how you came on that island, but I‘ll give you a million, if you…!‘ Professor, you can‘t hurt me, I‘m not really here… also you‘d be late for work if a corpse would block the street… - ‚CURSES!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and while the Professor is at work… ‚something naughty this way comes‘… - ‚Still with the Simspheare? *Sigh* It is not nice judging others…‘ Well, I‘m not the one calling himself infallibly good while making out with the guy who wants to conquer the world… - ‚ *Ahem*… I hope you realize, that I‘m just a fictive character you made up in your mind, so it is in fact you who…‘ *PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST* - stop ruining the illusion… !!! – ‚ Again: it is you alone that could ruin…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: CHANCE CARD!! *Phew, saved by the bell* – ‚… Huh?...‘ - *Ahem*: ‚Professor Disc is the newest member of the Online puzzle gamer club, the currently fastest growing community for hobby players. He currently plays: destroy Blue blocks with even more blue blocks, when CrzyPz13er, the club president challenges him. Challenges are common within the club, as rule nr.1 ‚rule through strength‘ confirms. Is Professor Disc ready for this excellent Player, or should he continue to train first?‘ - ‚ Hmm… Interesting – he should go for the challenge!‘ - Okay, here we go! - PowerPoint Presentation: And… YES!.. *Ahem*: Professor Disc stretches his fingers and writes: ‚Let‘s do this!‘ in the Chat. Blue blocks are flying over the Screen, and Professor Disc frantically clicks left and right, to destroy them with other blue blocks. It doesn‘t look good for him, until he manages to land a Super-Combo, which unlocks the Omega-block. Professor Disc immediately fires it at CrzyPz13rs Screen and wins the game. CrzyPz13r quickly disconnects, before the other club members take notice, and Professor Disc is promoted to Button Masher! ‚ Don‘t tell me, you‘re gonna translate all the chance cards from now on, just because nothing else happens!‘ *Shush*, you… fictive person in my mind, you…‘ ‚ … you realize that it‘s your own mind then you just tried to silence…?‘ - D‘oh! - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… and you should also realize, that by that same train of thought…‘ Oh, just shut up, Vonnie, the Professor is home and you‘re already gone… Hello Professor, how was work? – ‚Outrageous! I, Professor Disc, probably being the richest Sim in Sim history, and yet I still didn‘t get immediately promoted to the highest rank of… wait, what is the highest rank in the gamer career path again?‘ Game Designer. – ‚Why wasn‘t I promoted to Game….?! Aw man, that sounds ridiculous… why did I apply again for that? Because you‘ll end in jail, if you don‘t have a Gamer Alibi… or so… - ‚Oh, right… never mind, I have to build skills now…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Aah… this is so relaxing…‘ Aren‘t you forgetting something, Professor? Like your guest from last chapter respectively season? – ‚Are you still going on about that? I already shooed her out first thing in the morning…‘ Awww… so no Disc Juniors? – ‚ Oh for… stop meddling with my love life!‘ Okay… but don‘t come crying, if you die old and alone… - ‚Speak for yourself…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… because I‘m anything but alone…‘ *receives gift from Vonnie* Aw man… life‘s unfair… you go on a simple outing and get an expensive stereo while I don‘t even… ehr.. Vonnie, you don‘t happen to have a younger *shmexy* sister… ? – *SLAP* - Ouch. - PowerPoint Presentation: … alas, no sister…. Oh well… - ‚What is that?! A bill?! This is a deserted island, how could there be…?!‘ Oh shut up, Professor, if I can‘t get a date, you can take on a little Bill… heck, that‘s 253 Simoleons, and you own… - ‚That‘s beside the point – how can there be bills?!‘ - Death and Taxes, Professor, Death and Taxes… - PowerPoint Presentation: - … thankfully Vonnie knows how to make the Professor forget about the evil taxes… - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and then… hey, wait a sec… what is that?! – ‚Thank you all for coming here tonight…‘ Professor, what are you doing?! Are you cheating on Vonnie?! – ‚Well, your ‚Disc Junior‘ rambling, while being really childish… well, it got me thinking at least, so I invited all my female customers… to see if I can find a potential… well…‘ And Vonnie? – ‚ We already established last time, that she was open to an open relationship…‘ - Open relationship isn‘t the same as orgy, Professor… - PowerPoint Presentation: … but then things developed a bit differently… - ‚ Oh Professor Disc… you‘re so charming… *teehee*‘ ‚Well, thank you… so are you with your high charisma… *mental note*, and she cooks good, and she is creative… definitely a potential mother for a future…‘ ‚ Did you say something, Professor *teehee*?‘ ‚ Sorry, I‘m just thinking loud… now my dear, I know, since you are one my customers, that you are rich and gullible *andwillthereforeforgetthatIjustsaidthat*… sooo, would you like to get to know me a bit more… personal…?‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚ Oh I‘d love to…. because this will definitely make a hot story for the gossip column… *teehee*‘ ‚Wha….?‘ ‚Yes, because you know, I‘m actually an investigative Journalist. I only took the cover as being rich and gullible to get close to you…I even took acting lessons for acting as a rich and gullible person…. Wait, did I say that loud *teehee* ?‘ ‚I… I don‘t…‘ ‚ … and once I‘ll expose you, I‘ll get the Oscar…. I mean the Pooplitzer… wait, was that correct? I guess, all that acting went to my head… *teehee*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … and it didn‘t get any better after that… - ‚Oh, I‘m a real cleaner… I also like to repair cars and play chess and the piano… and I was the best at the police academy in…‘ ‚ … acting lessons for looking rich and gullible?‘ ‚Yes! How do you know *teehee*‘ ‚ I…. feel a headache coming… *groan*‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … in fact, it got worse… - ‚… Oh, I‘m just a small time crook… and when I heard about this business making millions…‘ ‚Hehehehe *insane laugh* lemme guess: acting lessons… hehehehe….‘ ‚Yes! How…?‘ ‚Meep! Meep! I am a car… Meep!‘ -Professor, get a grip…. See, that happens, if you don‘t listen to me… you shoo out the real deal and let in frauds… - ‚MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: Thankfully, the Professor managed to regain his sanity soon afterwards - ‚Hello professor, I am with the police…‘ ‚OUT! ALL OF YOU! YOU FRAUDS! OUT OF MY EYES! IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN, I WILL TURN YOU INTO TOADS, INFALLABLY GOOD OR NOT!‘ ‚But I‘d only like to ask you about this man… see, we think that that driver of yours….‘ ‚OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Hmpf… whatever… not my fault, if he skins you alive…‘ ‚Awww… that sucks, it was such nice Or… I mean party till now… can‘t we just go your club thingy and…‘ ‚NO! The Club thingy.. I mean the Lab is off Limits for Frauds, only the rich and gullible are allowed!‘ ‚ Oh, but I AM rich and gullible, in fact I am a professional party guest, I live on party going and…‘ ‚Yeah right… and I‘m Will Wright… OUT!‘ Ehr, Professor, I think she speak the truth… she IS rich and gullible, so maybe you should give her a chance and.. - ‚For the last time: OUT!‘ PowerPoint Presentation: … so, with the grim realization that he would die old alone, because he never listens to me… - ‚Shut up!‘ …. Professor Disc went to work again… and another chance card happened… I forgot to take a picture, but it was something about a Martial Arts Tournament, where professor Disc had to choose between a bamboo wielding chef or an ex musical theatre star as character… ‘ I choose neither! Both choices are silly and…’ - He chose the chef and – was promoted, yay! - PowerPoint Presentation: -… and when he came back from work, he immediately went back to work and then came back… with another promotion, yay...! – ‚Man, I‘m tired… I never thought Gaming could be such hard work… oh well… bye, Driver Guy…‘ ‚Bye-bye… hehehehe…‘ ‚Funny guy.. And the way he‘s staring at me … needs eye drops…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … another day, another Outing reward… sooo jealous… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and another chance card: Professor Disc and his group are just collecting gold and other loot on their favorite hill, when a group of Ogres appear . The Ogres start insulting Professor Disc and his Group, because they are in the majority and therefore feel really strong. Professor Disc can now order his group to leave the hill or to protect their rightfully earned loot. So, shall they run or fight? – ‚This is so silly, I…‘ Entire Group: CHAAAAAAAAAAARGEE! – *Professor Disc gets trampled* PowerPoint Presentation: ‚Ouch…‘ HAHAH! VICTORY!: Professor Disc hates it, if others pillage his favorite Pillaging places and orders his Men to fight. The Fighters move forward and the mages stay behind. Then they wait for the attack of the Ogres, who just storm forward, without thinking about a strategy. Professor Disc‘s Group can fight them off easily and take all their loot. A fantastic victory for Professor Disc, who earns a Logic Point. – ‚… Medic…‘ PowerPoint Presentation: - … and another promotion to flag capturer afterwards… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and another outing reward… - ‚Vonnie, please, stop giving me all that stuff...‘ ‚Sorry, ‚Professor‘, Game Mechanics… and you live in an otherwise empty house, you need some deco…‘ - She has a point… - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… But I don‘t need all that stuff… see, I can paint myself something… and I don‘t use any of the other rooms anyway…‘ Professor, you are a Fortune Sim – all Fortune Sims want… - ‚But the Lot will lag – ever thought of that?‘ - Hm… good argument… very well, in the inventory it goes…. Carry on…. - PowerPoint Presentation: ‚… Ah soo relaxing…. And here some happy clouds and colorful unicorns and…‘ - Professor Disc gets stoned… I mean zoned… - PowerPoint Presentation: … and another Promo to Platform Jumper and… well we got into winter already… I‘m making the rule, that if the next season starts, while someone is at work, I‘ll play till the person returns – don‘t want any ‚Sim is suddenly back home and gets scolded for not going to work‘ problems… - ‚Blahblah, you cheat, you just say that to… Oh , A guest, I wonder who that could …‘ ‚YOU!‘ - (to be continued… ) -

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