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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: socialgg1


Install Wechat on Windows Pc: Install Wechat on Windows Pc By: PowerPoint Presentation:  Most exciting thing about android is the versions of it and the apps from the play store. PowerPoint Presentation:  Since the release of Kitkat, many apps take your heart away with its uniqueness and extravagant features. PowerPoint Presentation:  Well if you are talking something about applications, they are endless in android. PowerPoint Presentation:  The users use refer guide over here at present for their different purposes and entertainment. PowerPoint Presentation:  Kitkat creates a buzz in the world with the bright new features that makes it different from the other versions. PowerPoint Presentation:  Just have a look the apps given below that supports download plants vs zombies 2 for pc on Android Kitkat version. App in the Air: App in the Air PowerPoint Presentation:  Not many have heard about this app but it is useful when you visit airports or travel in flights. PowerPoint Presentation:  This app gives you the complete information about the hotels, café, wireless networks and many more that are on the airport and harder to visualize. PowerPoint Presentation:  Provides you with the latest information about the flights on the airport and gives you the details of the boarding of the flight. PowerPoint Presentation:  It pop-ups the notifications when its time for you to move to the flight. PowerPoint Presentation:  It gives you detailed flight tracking and finds you the location and helps you to share it with your loved ones on Facebook and Twitter. Cover Lock Screen: Cover Lock Screen PowerPoint Presentation:  Cover lock screen gives you the best experience to play the music even if the screen is locked. PowerPoint Presentation:  It enhances your chances to play the desired music on the lock screen with the help of this app. PowerPoint Presentation:  it understands the important apps that you are using and gets you on the finger tips even in the scenario of screen lock. PowerPoint Presentation:  You can easily view what is new on the device and easily launch the app by just swiping it. Smart setting can be done by setting different volumes, ringtones, wallpapers and many more at different places you visit or stay. Android Device Manager: Android Device Manager PowerPoint Presentation:  This is one of the best apps ever released by android for the Kitkat version. PowerPoint Presentation:  It helps you find the phone if it lost or replaced by the other one and keeps it safe. PowerPoint Presentation:  You can also manage the data and secure it from anywhere. You can easily locate the device with your Google account that is used for the synchronization of the app during installation. PowerPoint Presentation:  These apps are sensational and you cannot describe the uniqueness about this app in words. Helps you lot when you are in trouble and keep you entertaining. Thank you : Thank you Credit:

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