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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: edgepr


PowerPoint Presentation: Market Your Moments Instagram Marketing PowerPoint Presentation: © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – Contact us 2 Instagram: the essentials Sources: Instagram Press Center , Business Insider , The Wall Street Journal , ABC News , Arend Jan Wonink @ flickr Instagram  is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that allows its users to take pictures and videos via an application on their smartphone and publish them online after applying digital filters. Instagram’s popularity can be related to the ability to create “Instant Art”: depending on the filters used, the photos get a creative, artsy look that takes seconds to design and share. Launched in October 2010 exclusively for Apple devices, Instagram had more than 150 million monthly active users by September 2013, available for all major smatphone operating systems. In 2012, the company was acquired by Facebook for approximately $1 billion. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 3 The benefits of Instagram for your business Sources: Digital Marketing Ramblings , Matthew Hurst @ flickr , John Morgan @ flickr , Frédéric Bisson @ flickr © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 4 Means of marketing on Instagram Source: _-0-_ @ flickr © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 5 Components of a great Instagram business profile Source: Social Media Examiner © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 6 Aggregating a following Sources: Social Media Examiner , Tint , Nitrogram 50 , nike on Instagram , Forever21 on Instagram , Red Bull on Instagram As of January 2014, Nike is the most popular brand on Instagram, with more than 3 million followers and nearly 21 million hashtag mentions. © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 7 Creating effective content Sources: Instagram Press Center , KISSmetrics , Social Media Examiner , Sage Ross @ flickr You don’t have to be selling visual products to make an impact for your business on Instagram. Instead of posting product photos, you can show your company’s staff, achievements, celebrations, or acts of goodwill: tell a story and make it all personal. Of course, there’s no reason not to add several photos of your products. Even if they seemingly aren’t photogenic enough, don’t forget that Instagram has a range of post-processing options – you can make a screw look like a work of art if you use a good filter. Be sure to be constant with your visual themes: as we mentioned before, your followers will have certain expectations for your posts. It’s okay to be playful sometimes, but Instagram isn’t just fun and games: you’re there to market your business. © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 8 The power of hashtags Sources: Social Media Examiner , Digital Marketing Ramblings , Michael Coghlan @ flickr Hashtags are probably the most powerful tool to get your business noticed by the crowd on Instagram. You should start with researching the most popular hashtags and start adding them to your photo and video descriptions. It’s especially important not to add all popular hashtags to your uploads – only the ones which are somehow relevant to the content. If you’re visiting an industry-related event, be sure to upload some photos from there with official hashtags – it’ll sure help to get your business noticed in relevant circles. While there’s a certain rule in social media not to use more than two hashtags in a post, recent research shows that it’s effective to add a couple more: 4 to 11 hashtags can increase the interactions per post by 77 on average. © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 9 Building a personality Sources: KISSmetrics , nike on Instagram , Media Temple on Instagram © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 10 A great place for contests Sources: KISSmetrics , Instagram Help Center © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us 11 Integrating Instagram with non-digital marketing Sources: Fornata on Instagram , Jean-Pierre Dalbéra @ flickr The availability of Instagram on every smartphone out there makes it very convenient to integrate it with your non-digital marketing efforts. For instance, Fornata, an Italian restaurant in London, UK, offers a free cup of coffee for anyone who takes a picture of themselves or their food in the restaurant and uploads it to Instagram with a #fornata hashtag. This way, the people visiting the restaurant are very happy as they can both employ their creativity and get something for free, and the business profits from the exposure to the visitors’ circles. A wonderful arrangement for everyone involved. © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us © 201 4 EDGE PR Agency – Still feeling lost in the colourful world of Instagram marketing? Then you might be in need of some advice from a professional! Edge PR organizes social media training courses which help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing staff to understand how all the major social networks work and how to use them for effective and successful marketing of their own business. Book a free consultation on our website or drop us an email at and we’ll get all the details to you right away.

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