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Published on June 30, 2009

Author: dmaas



Used with permission, the TPaCK gives us a good cognitive map for 21st Century learning.

Littleton Public Schools Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A new framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record. 108(6), 1017-1054.

Consider the diagram describing the intersection of Content, Pedagogy and Technology. The context is to consider the technology you have at hand. Examples may include netbook carts (EeePC), document cameras, clickers, SmartBoard or Mimio, flip camera, digital cameras, etc. Notes and initial ideas:

Inspired Learning Reflection Guide Master of classroom Initial impressions to seed your thinking Masterful 21st century strategies, application classroom focused on of learning theory, essential learnings, differentiation applying good learning techniques, grading theory supported by practices technology Engagement in the Masterful 20th Go ut classroom using d a od g b cted Century classroom te bu itin e technology, but d t Exc conn with strong content dis activities stray away and good from essential application of Modern learning or lack learning theory but relevance limited Master of the content Master of information in the subject area technologies and able Use of technology to enhance earning the to support use both by exploration of content, but designation “highly students and other incomplete application of learning qualified” staff theories and pedagogy

Learning Theory Inspired Learning Reflection Dialog Discuss the learning theory planned for your classroom and the essential learnings that are expected to be covered. Then consider what the classroom activities would look like in absence of using your technology. Good paper-based learning Go da od ut te bu g b ct ed d t itin e Exc conn d is Modern but limited Standards/Essentials:

Inspired Learning Reflection Dialog Learning Theory Discuss the learning theory planned for your classroom and the technology skills you plan to incorporate. Then consider what an engagement in learning activities using technology would look like if the lesson were disconnected from the essential learnings expected in the class. Engagement but off-target Go d a od ut te bu g b cted tin d t xci onne E c Technology Skills dis Modern but limited

Inspired Learning Reflection Dialog Discuss the technology skills you wish to incorporate in your classroom and connect the essential learnings expected for your class. Then consider what lessons would look like without fully applying your learning theory plans. Technology Skills Go da od ut te bu g b cted d t itin e Exc conn dis Modern but Innovative, relevant but incomplete learning process limited Standards/Essentials:

Learning Theory Inspired Writing Reflection Guide Synthesis Synthesize your previous dialog to create a guide for yourself to help focus on what a successful sythensis of these three domains would look like and what partial success would look like. Good paper-based learning Engagement but off-target Go ut d a od g b cted te bu itin e d t Exc conn dis Modern but limited Standards/Essentials: Technology Skills Innovative, relevant but incomplete learning process

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