Inspirationslunch: DevOps och mikroarkitekturer - Marcus Ahnve

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Published on September 23, 2013

Author: valtechsweden



Sedan agila metoder slog igenom på bred front för dryga tio år sedan har många företag radikalt förändrat sitt arbetssätt. Idag ses lättrörliga processer som en självklarhet där teknikutveckling är en kärnprocess. Det har dock visat sig svårt att uppnå löftena om hyperproduktiva team som till exempel Scrum utlovar. En viktig orsak till detta är att man inte har en teknik som stödjer en lättrörlig process.

I det här seminariumet förklarade Marcus Ahnve från Valtech översiktligt devops och mikroarkitekturer, två kärnprocesser för att åstadkomma en lättrörlig process, samt hur man kan skapa värde genom att använda dem.

Devops AND MICROApp architectureS More than a choice of Technology Marcus Ahnve @mahnve

About ME ● Playing agile coach ● Professional developer since 1996 ● Polyglot programmer a.k.a web developer

Tldr; ● Agile methodologies require supporting technology to reach their full potential

What is ... Easy to implement Applicable to all kinds of projects Fully scalable ?

The Promise of Agile

What we forgot

Three Levels of Agility Technology Scrum Management

TODAYS FOCUS Technology Scrum Management

LOST XP Practices TDD Simple Design Refactoring Continuous Integration Small Releases

Lost Lean Ambitions DEFER DECISIONS


Platforms are oneway deadend streets

Software lifecycle Does not include Death Who pays for a system that is hard to replace?

ask “How will we replace it?” Smaller parts Implementation not that important Communication however is

Split into smaller part Login Admin Public Follow the Stories and actors

Example A B C D

What Data To Send? A B C D ? ? ?


Self describing services A B What do you want? X, Y and Z Here you go


Hypermedia Client Service <service> <...> <link rel=”” href=”...” /> </service>

Fault tolerance Login Admin PublicPublicPublic

Releasability Login Admin Public

Scalability Login Admin PublicPublicPublic

Splittability Login Admin Public Login Admin Public

Simple vs. EASY Time Functionality

Simple vs. EASY Time Productivity

The next problem

MANUAL Deploys

It can get worseIt can get worse

The Tail is wagging the dog

The cost of late releases

DEVelopers who like operations Operators who like development DevOps

Server provisioning should be repeatable

Tooling DevOps DevOps

Who is responsible? Hardware OS Infrastructure Application Logic

How to do it

How often can you deploy? Weekly? Daily? HOURLY?

Deploys should not be Scary

How to change organizations

Use Real States What used to be “Done” is now inventory

Agile should have been adaptive

"Most people Will be on one hyperproductive team in their life"

Thank you! Marcus Ahnve @mahnve

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