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Published on October 20, 2017

Author: yusupov8


slide 1: Inspirational Short Stories About Life /Yusupov8/inspirational-short-stories-about-life/ Of all inspirational short stories about life mine begins while I Sergei was merely a child as real life awaited me and with it the end of my early youth the conclusion of a life past in carelessness and joviality in the outdoors under the sun and the livid clouds where the freshness of the countryside and the little woods all vanished along the great and inaccessible dreams that I had. The Iron Curtain I was still so naïve full of illusions and candor but everything began to change very quickly on a fateful summer day when we nervously walked my mother and I through the ice-cold entrance of a high massive and greyish concrete wall. When a little bit further down the path we halted at the edge of a thick barrier I noticed a small surveillance bunker I then pictured two soldiers posted on front one of them was pulling on a cheap cigarette while the other had launched a flamboyant discussion about some round girl imitating the imaginary shape of her feminine body with a gesture of his hands. The first one a large man with hands two size of my skull lifted his head and saw us walking their way and with a swing from the back of his hand knocked at the chest of his noisy companion as to bring him back to reality. “Look out someone is coming” “What…oooh” Squealed the other soldier a young man with huge eyebrows that complemented each other to 1/4 slide 2: form a single stripe over his bulging eyes. As my mother and I approached them the man with the cigarette began to speak in a horrible Russian surprising the newcomers. While my mother tried to describe our situation to the German sentinel being a bit curious and with a movement of my head I looked around and I perceived there on my left parallel to the wall a ditch and some fences made by a hard-to-climb sharp metal mesh. So here I stood hazily and unsuspectingly in between two worlds seized by a profound apprehension. I was in what was called a no-man’s land inside the infamous “Iron Curtain” a “miserable tomb” as my mother would often call it later on. Throughout my immature boy’s eyes and thoughts it was scary suddenly all of my body started to tremble and as I turned my head around again I remarked a huge dog tied to a chain nearby and on my right two tanks gathered at diverse places. But in this unfriendly scene I noted something strange I hadn’t noticed yet an odd picture…strange as it may seems several rabbits were bouncing free along the lengthy no man’s land. In my fresh mind I Sergei had not fully understood yet the extent of what was happening or where we were. A few minutes earlier at the first corner in the company of my mother I had already passed a military barrier without any real difficulty under the concerned look of some American soldiers but on the other hand here at the end of this short street the atmosphere felt extremely different almost unkind. We were in the early 70’s and my mother and I had entered into the Soviet zone of occupation. And what frightened me the most in this context was not being able to comprehend the cause of this gigantic wall or even anything else around for that matter but fear would really settle in because of the words my mother had pronounced: “Don’t say a word and please don’t move don’t give them a reason to hurt us” had she whispered to me very anxiously with the mimic of her index finger over her mouth while we entered the border bunker. Therefore every gesture every word shoved me hailed me as this new place was suddenly becoming the terror of my world as a child. It looked as if I disappeared into the darkness losing my consciousness in it it seemed that right then I could feel in my neck the breath of another realm and every step I made towards this unknown confinement with my mother’s hand holding mine brought in me therefore a strange and inconceivable sorrow. And at that point I became convinced in my tiny childish mind that life was not going to be so tranquil at all from then on. When the questioning from the border police was nearly done with a man behind the officer on duty that had a very severe aspect and sat on a chair in a feeble light against the back wall of the room suddenly stood up and approached the desk: 2/4 slide 3: “Oh Gospodi a KGB agent “ Thought nervously my mother. There taking over the ranking officer he looked sturdily to the document then towards the blond woman followed by his eyes on me alternating between both of us in silence. After minutes feeling like being hours he then took a seal stamped the passport of my mother and as he laid the document back in her hand the man brushed his fingers slowly across her skin then raised his head and gazed at her with a murky grin: “Welcome back home comrade Mariya Grigorievna” said he with a throaty tone. Obviously the agent wasn’t insensitive to my mother’s beauty but right there and then his eyes revealed such malice that my mother worried grabbed my hand promptly and with a noiseless “Thank you” to the man slipped her passport in her pocket and hurried out pulling me her young son with her. Meanwhile as we both marched away in silence the weather had changed into a drizzle we walked away as fast as we could from this frightening and enigmatic place deeply into the dreary depressing East-Berlin. More about inspirational short stories about life next week-end. For those who are interested in wanting to follow my inspirational short stories about life so they may know a little more about me I will be posting them once a week. Join me for another story and check the rest of my blog to read articles such as self-development success business lifestyle. You may click this link to get yourself a new life. Thank you for following Sergei VanBellinghen Founder CEO of First-Class Lifestyle laptop lifestyle educator consultant coach digital marketer counselor in East-West relationships a passionate Globetrotter and an avid audio booker. 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