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Information about Insights from Shopify's State of Commerce Report 2019 - 6DegreesIT

Published on June 12, 2019

Author: 6Degrees-IT


1. SHOPIFY STATE OF COMMERCE REPORT - 2019 of North Americans agree they stick to the brand or product once they find it worth it! Almost 62 million buyers have brought from the same store twice, which is equals 14% of the total buyers globally. SOME INTERESTING FACTS BRAND LOYALTY 73% 86% Returning buyers 14% SEASONAL SHOPPING N O V E M B E R November is the most popular shopping time worldwide. F E B R U A R Y February is predominantly the least active shopping month. Number of buyers that made purchase from Shopify merchants is 25 times the total population of New York City. ONLINE PURCHASING HABITS CONSUMER IN GERMANY MAKE FASTEST SHOPPING CHOICES ONLINE 0 min 10 min 20 min 30 min 17.68 MIN 18.97 MIN 19.32 MIN 23.47 MIN 26.90 MIN 27.60 MIN 28.23 MIN CONSUMERS IN JAPAN SPEND THE MOST ON AVERAGE PER TRANSACTION $0 USD $50 USD $100 USD $150 USD $141.72 $100.66 $72.43 $65.04 $67.13 $81.26 $91.09 5 PM EST is the Peak Transaction Time in US and Canada. Peak browsing time in� Canada is 8 PM EST Peak Browsing Time in US is 12 AM EST SOURCE Shopify - State of Commerce Report '19

2. The above facts and figures are based on the data collected during Shopify Merchant Survey and covers the globe. PREFERRED DEVICE Indians make more purchase over Desktop & Tablet in comparison to Mobile phones. On the other hand, Mexicans prefer Desktop over any other medium while making purchase online. US, UK, Canada, China, and people of Australia prefer all three mediums for purchasing online. MARKETING GAP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Over 30% of merchants state that marketing is one of their biggest challenges. * Building a brand is another big challenge for nearly 22% of the merchants. * * AVERAGE ONLINE ORDERS IN-PERSON Sales ONLINE Sales $62 VS $75 ONLINE STORE FRONTS ARE TWICE AS LINKELY TO BE THE MAIN SOURCE OF REVENUE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE NORTH AMERICANS PREFER RESEARCHING ONLINE THAN IN- STORE, BUT SIGNIFICANTLY MORE BUYERS PREFER BUYING IN-STORE THAN ONLINE. THE OMNI-CHANNEL APPROACH Shopify merchants have experienced more in-store sales with 100,000+ retailers using Shopify POS software to sell-in-person in 2018. more merchants have started using Shopify POS from 2018 to 2019. 14% Shopify - State of Commerce Report '19 SOURCE:-

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