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Published on June 8, 2017

Author: hanapinmarketing


1. HOSTED BY: Insider Social Strategies from Experts at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn

2. Anastasia Oulianova – Agency Partner at Facebook – PPC Hero Blogger – @facebook AJ Wilcox – LinkedIn Advertising Consultant at B2Linked – Hero Conf Speaker – @wilcoxaj Ashley Gestrich – Agency Partnership Manager at Pinterest – @pinterest Presenters

3. Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.

4. Who is Hanapin? – Run the world’s most popular PPC blog and conference. – We manage and optimize global paid search, paid social, and display programs. – Within 12 months, brands can expect a 250% increase in their growth trajectory.

5. Our Clients

6. Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years

7. &HOSTED BY: Join the Visual Conversation Anastasia Oulianova, Agency Partner at Facebook

8. Join the visual conversation

9. Anastasia Oulianova ​AGENCY PARTNER MANAGER 9


11. Reach people where they spend their time of time spent on mobile apps 6% Over 20% of all time spent on mobile Source: US ComScore data, Media Metrix June 2015 F A C E B O O K A N D I N S T A G R A M

12. VR/AR Text Photos Videos

13. People now expect communication that is… Mobile is how we interact with the world EXPRESSIVE & IMMERSIVE 13

14. Sources: 1. “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015–2020” by Cisco, Feb 3, 2016. 2. Facebook data, Dec 2015. ​Of all mobile data traffic will be video by 2020, compared to over half now1 ​75% ​And 100,000,000 hours of video are watched on Facebook daily2 ​100m hours Mobile means video 28

15. 15 In our TL;DR world, visual formats like video make us pause and engage 5x longer looking at video than static content across Facebook and Instagram. People spend Facebook IQ Source: "Video in Mobile Feed" by Kantar Media (Facebook IQ- commissioned research lab of 114 people ages 18-30 in UAE and UK who watch short form online video (<10 minutes) including ads and non ads at least monthly), July 2016

16. seconds 2.5 seconds 1.7 Source: Facebook data, Q3 2015

17. DISCOVERY STARTS ON MOBILE 74% ​of millennials take action after after being inspired by a post on mobile1 1in3​people said they purchased an item from a local business based on an ad they saw on Facebook last holiday season2Source: 1) Instagram user survey, Poll of 2995 respondents in the US ages 18+, March-November 2015; 2) G/O Digital, “Holiday Purchasing Habits: A Digital Advantage for Local Businesses, Aug 17 2015

18. E V E R Y T H I N G C O M P E T E S W I T H ​Everything T H E G A P B E T W E E N C O N T E N T C R E A T I O N A N D A B I L I T Y T O C O N S U M E C O N T E N T W I L L C O N T I N U E T O W I D E N Content Time Content created Ability to consume content

19. Instagram

20. A place for businesses of people learn about products and services on Instagram60% of people take action after being inspired by a post75% Source: Instagram user survey, November 2015.


22. What’s New?

23. Lead Ads on Instagram

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25. INSTAGRAM STORIES •150M+Instagrammers now use Stories every day Source: Instagram Internal Data, January 2017.


27. HOW Brands are starting to use stories organically 1/3of most viewed Stories are from businesses

28. And now, introducing ads in stories Instagram’s first full-screen, immersive ad experience 70%of stories video views are played sound-on 1 IN 5Stories on Instagram gets a direct message Source: Instagram Internal Data, January 2017.

29. What’s New On Facebook

30. Placeholder And we’re building support for ads in longer length videos In-stream video ads on Facebook AD BREAKS

31. C O L L E C T I O N S A D From product discovery to purchase intent • Prominent in-feed ad unit featuring a photo or video and products 31

32. Video Photo + Carousel, Product catalog Tilt to Pan CTAHeader ​CANVAS ​We’re providing advertisers with an even richer and more immersive storytelling medium

33. ​360 VIDEO

34. 34 Then re-ignite interest with sponsored messages Use News Feed ads to spark demand and a conversation News Feed Ads Sponsored messages

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36. HOSTED BY: Insider Social Strategies from Experts at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn

37. &HOSTED BY: Ashley Title Ashley Gestrich, Agency Partnership Manager at Pinterest

38. Hello! I’mAshley

39. People come to Pinterest to discover and do the things they love

40. 40 Ideas are possibilities

41. Ideas inspire people to act 41

42. 42 And people use those ideas to plan for everyday and big life events

43. Pins are ideas 43Source: Internal data Personal Future-oriented Actionable Personal Future-oriented Actionable

44. The best ideas come from brands and businesses on Pinterest 44

45. 45 75% of the content on Pinterest comes from a brand or business website1 45 Sources: 1. Pinterest analysis, 2016

46. 46 How many people are open to your client’s ideas?

47. Morethanyoumaythink 70min the US 105moutside the US 40%of new signups are men 80%of people are on mobile 75m1 Source: Pinterest analysis, 2016 people use Pinterest each month 47

48. 48 Home feed Drive your client’s business objectives through both Home Feed and Search

49. Pinterest is about the future 4 9

50. 50 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 D J F M A M J J A S O N D Mother’s Day Father’s Day Valentine’s Day Back to College Halloween Christmas People on Pinterest plan early for key seasonal events

51. Big life moments Everyday tasks …and they’re always on to plan for life events, from big to small Source: Pinterest Internal, 11/30/2015 – 11/30 /2016. Audiences based on 5 keywords per category. New Baby = baby, baby shower, nursery, baby boy, newborn photography. Wedding = wedding dress, wedding ideas, wedding hairstyles, wedding rings, wedding invitations. New Home = bathroom remodel, moving tips, kitchen remodel, packing tips moving, remodeling kitchen ideas. Gifting = christmas gifts, DIY christmas gifts, fathers day gifts, fathers day gifts from kids, birthday gifts. 70M Gifting Pinners 45M Wedding Pinners 29M New Home Pinners 49M Baby Pinners 61M Meal Planning / Recipe Pinners 42M Hair Care Pinners 16M Pet Pinners 23M Laundry Pinners 21M Cleaning Pinners

52. Promoted Pin formats 5 2

53. ConfidentialConfidential 53 Promoted Pins are native A natural part of the experience Drive performance efficiently and at scale You reach motivated people as they express interest

54. Confidential Promoted Pins at a glance 54 The look Appears at the top of the feed, allowing for easy discovery The behavior Full screen view on close-up The destination Clicks out to the link of your choice

55. Confidential Pin Formats Standard Pins Bring your existing content to Pinterest Rich Pins Add extra details to your Pins to make them more useful Promoted Video A made-for-mobile motion format Promoted App Pins Drive installs right from Pinterest

56. More from P&G More from Burberry Promoted Video: autoplay coming this summer • Available in reserve and auction • Capture attention with an autoplay preview • Increase purchase intent and enable sequential storytelling by showcasing a selection of 6 related Pins below your video for reserve buys • Achieve efficiency with auction based promoted video • Expanded measurement offerings including Nielsen mDAR, MOAT, Millward Brown and Oracle Data Cloud • Retargeting is available: video starts, quartile views, completes

57. Auction bid types 57 Dynamics and how to bid CPM • What you are bidding on: impressions • Used for reach-based buying CPE • What you are bidding on: engagements [unique instances of a save, closeup and clickthrough – only charged once per unique action] CPC • What you are bidding on: clickthroughs to website [any other engagement is considered earned] How the 2nd price auction works • Only pay for actions you care about • Only pay the winning bid price • Bid and expected performance determine who wins

58. Targeting and Audiences on Pinterest 5 8

59. Add your footer/source here 5 9 Targeting aligns to Discovery through Home Feed + Intent through Search Home Feed Search

60. Basic targeting Refine your audience further by layering on: • Location • Device • Language • Gender Keywords Reach an intent-driven audience in search as they’re looking for specific things to make, buy or do Interests Reach people according to their implied interests using interest targeting, or persona & category Actalike Reach people who act similar to a seed list of audiences from your customer or retargeting list. Engagement retargeting Identify people who have already interacted with your Pinterest content and drive them to action Visitor Retargeting Identify and retarget people who have interacted with your website or on-Pinterest content. Alpha results saw 3X CTR. Targeting and audiences on Pinterest Customer List Reach existing customers by uploading emails, mobile IDs (MAIDS) or via data APIs (ie: LiveRamp, Epsilon)

61. • Engagement retargeting identifies people who have already interacted with your content on Pinterest • By utilizing Pinterest engagement data, you can more effectively target people who are already interested in your brand and drive them to action Engagement retargeting 61

62. Customer list targeting Reach your customers while they plan on Pinterest Create and deliver relevant messages Include or exclude customer list audiences from your campaign

63. Visitor retargeting Reach people who have expressed interest in your products by visiting your website or app

64. Actalike targeting Scale your audience and reach people who look like your customers based on their behaviors on Pinterest

65. There are millions of people on Pinterest ready to discover your clients’ ideas 65

66. Thank you!

67. HOSTED BY: Insider Social Strategies from Experts at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn

68. &HOSTED BY: LinkedIn Ads: Scalable, B2B PPC AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Advertising Consultant at B2Linked

69. Live Poll Question #3 What’s your experience with LinkedIn Ads? #thinkppc A. Wouldn’t consider it in a million years B. Maybe...we’ll see C. I’ve run some D. I rock LinkedIn Ads

70. Search vs. Social Paid Search produces leads high in: ● Need ● Timing How do you ensure your ad dollars are spent on quality leads with: ● Budget ● Authority ?

71. Who’s this AJ dude? ● Exotic car nut ● Triathlete ● Soulless ginger

72. B2B Challenges

73. Optimizing the Funnel How do you track ROI of social?

74. B2B Ad Options

75. LinkedIn Advertising - Pros

76. LinkedIn Advertising - Cons

77. Who Should Consider?

78. Ad Units - Text Ads

79. Ad Units - Sponsored Content

80. Ad Units - Sponsored InMail

81. B2B Targeting

82. Targeting Strategy

83. Content Friction Funnel

84. Social Retargeting Paid Search retargeting = Audience built around keywords Social retargeting = Audience built around persona Which do you think is easier to upsell?

85. Lead Form Ads New as of 3/30 ● Similar to FB Lead Ads and Twitter Lead Gen Cards ● Great if your offer doesn’t require a landing page to further educate/qualify ● Mobile only

86. Matched Audiences - Retargeting New as of 4/23 ● Cookie-based retargeting ● Triggered on landing page ○ No event tracking ● 90 day cookie expiration ● 300 user min audience size ● Blah!

87. Matched Audiences - Company New as of 4/23 ● Which are your dream logos? ● Create campaigns to target (or exclude) certain companies: ○ Upload list of up to 300k companies ○ Fun on FB as well, but not as scalable ● Pro-tip: Upload a list of all of your competitors to add as an exclude to all campaigns

88. Matched Audiences - Email New as of 4/23 ● Upload list of up to 300k email addresses to target (or exclude) ● Create campaigns to target only owners of these email adddresses Pro-tip: Got a company exec particularly well-connected in your target industry? Download her connections to csv, and target ads to their email addresses

89. Offers! A. Get a free 8-pt LinkedIn Ads Get Started Checklist B. Get an account analysis from the experts at Hanapin Marketing (15k+/month) C. I’d like all of the offers D. No Thanks!

90. Live Q&A Time!

91. Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc • Contact us Directly: » Hanapin Feedback:

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