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Information about Input Hardware

Published on February 2, 2009

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Slide 1: Prepared By : ASM ASHIFASA University Input Hardware Input Hardware : Input Hardware Input: Information and programs are entered into the computer through Input devices such as the keyboard, disks, or through other computers via network connections or modems connected to the Internet. The input device also retrieves information off disks. Input hardware consists of devices that take data and programs that people can read and convert them (data and programs) to a form the computer can process. Computer readable form consists of 0s and 1s, or off and on signals. Types of Input Hardware : Types of Input Hardware Input hardware/devices are of two types. Keyboard Direct-entry device Keyboards : Keyboards In a computer, a Keyboard is a device that converts letters, numbers and other characters into electrical signals that are machine readable by the computer’s processor. The keyboard may look like a typewriter keyboard to which some special keys have been added. Types of Keyboards : Types of Keyboards There are two types of keyboards. Computer Keyboards Terminals Slide 6: Keyboard SymbolsThe following chart displays the character symbols, name and Latin-1 number on a standard keyboard in their approximate position on the keyboard. Most characters from any Roman based language can be created on any computer using the American Standard Code for Information Interchange or ASCII. Most computers and software also recognized American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) formatting standards as well. View the entire ISO Latin -1 Character Set. Components of Computer Keyboards : Components of Computer Keyboards Standard typewriter keys to type in text and special characters. Such as A, B Cursor movement keys to move the cursor. Such as Page up, Page down, Numeric keys to enter numbers. Such as 1,2 Function keys to issue commands. Function depends on software. Such as F1, F2 Special purpose keys, like for example Backspace, Del, Esc, Ctrl, and Alt keys. Terminal : Terminal A terminal is an input device that consists of a keyboard, a video display screen and a communications line to a mainframe computer system. Terminals are of three types: Dumb terminal Smart terminal Intelligent terminal Dumb Terminal : Dumb Terminal Dumb terminal is a terminal which is used to input data to and receive information from a computer systems. It cannot do any processing. Airline ticket is the example of dumb terminal. Smart terminal : Smart terminal A smart terminal can do input and output and has some limited processing capability. The examples of smart terminal are ATM and POS. Intelligent terminal : Intelligent terminal An Intelligent terminal is a stand-alone device with its own input, output, processing and storage capacity and its own software. It is essentially a full-ledged micro computer with a communications link. Workstation Direct-Entry device : Direct-Entry device Pointing device Scanning device Smart cards and optical cards Voice-recognition device Audio-input device Video-input device Electronic camera Sensors Human-biology input device Pointing Devices : Pointing Devices Mouse: A mouse is a small hand-held device that is connected to the computer (wired or wireless) and is used to direct the mouse pointer on the computer's display screen. Trackball: A movable ball that is rotated with the fingers or the palm of the hand to move a pointer on the screen. Pointing Devices : Pointing Devices Joystick: Joystick is a pointing device that looks like a gearshift (a vertical handle on a stationary base) with buttons. Video games. Touch Screen: A touch screen is a video display screen that has been sensitized to receive input from the touch of finger.ATM Pointing Devices : Pointing Devices Light Pen: The light pen is a light-sensitive stylus, or pen-like device, connected by a cable to the computer terminal. It is used by engineer, designer. Digitizing Tablet: A digitizing tablet consists of a tablet connected by a cable to a stylus or puck. It is used in design and engineering. Pointing Devices : Pointing Devices Pen-based Systems: Pen-based systems use a pen-like stylus to enter handwriting and marks into a computer. Scanning Devices : Scanning Devices Scanning devices enable the user to scan in text, graphics, handwriting, photographs, etc. The scanner makes a copy of the text or graphic and transfers the image to the computer’s short term memory that is interpreted by computer software. Scanning Devices : Scanning Devices Bar-Code Readers: Bar codes are the vertical zebra-striped marks we see on most manufactured retail products---everything from candy to cosmetics to comic books. Bar codes are read by bar-code readers. Bar-code readers are photoelectric scanners that translate the bar code symbols into digital forms. Scanning Devices : Scanning Devices Mark-Recognition and Character-Recognition Devices Magnetic-ink character recognition (MCR): used to read numbers printed on the buttons of checks. Optical mark recognition (OMR): used to read pencil marks like used in tests and converts them into computer-usable form. Optical Character recognition (OCR): used to read special pre-printed characters and converts them to a computer readable text. Utility bills, Price tags. Scanning Devices : Scanning Devices Fax machines: A fax machines (facsimile transmission machine) scans an image and sends it as electronic signals over telephone lines to a receiving fax machines, which re-creates the image on paper. Facsimile means “ an exact copy” Scanning Devices : Scanning Devices Imaging Systems: An imaging systems converts text, drawings, and photographs into digital form that can be stored in a computer systems and then manipulated. Smart Card and Optical Card : Smart Card and Optical Card Smart Card: Smart card contains a microprocessor and a memory chip. Telephone debit card. Optical Card: An optical card is a plastic, laser recordable card used with an optical card reader. Health card. Other Input Devices : Other Input Devices Voice-Recognition Systems: It converts human speech into digital code. Audio-input devices: Records or plays analog sound and translates it for digital storage and processing. Video-input devices Electronic cameras Still-video cameras Digital cameras Other Input Devices : Other Input Devices Sensors: Sensors is a type of input device that collects specific kinds of data directly from the environment and transmits it to a computer. Human-biology input devices: Characteristics and movement of the human body. Input Controls : Input Controls Input controls include a combination of manual and computer-based control procedures designed to ensure that all input data has been accurately put into computer-usable form. Input controls are necessary to ensure the accuracy of input data; otherwise the output may not be accurate. Slide 26: Thank You

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